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Our E3 LucasArts Tour

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So our E3 crew made it into the LEC dungeon to preview their upcoming titles this morning at 9:30 am PST. Despite only showing three titles (one of which was Galaxies), LEC had a very impressive room layed out for us. We passed through a hallway that on one side had Star Wars film items, such as an R2D2 unit and a Vader costume, as well as an Indy Jacket and fedora. All of these were locked behind glass and were very impressive. We headed forward to the appointment desk, which was se in a room that looked like a technological 70's pimp palace. Think about that visual.


We met up with Rhonda, the LEC PR lady, and we were on our way to see some demos. The room was very crowded, as it has been every year that I've attended the show. Rhonda was very excited about the fact that Battlefront was far and away the best selling Star Wars title to date. That got me to thinking about the reasoning for having a sequel so damn soon. But, we first we shuffled to the EMPIRE AT WAR demo.


We were all in awe of the presentation we were given. Three very kind gentlemen from Petroglyph showed us the game. Being that 80-90% of the Petroglyph developers come from the Westwood team that developed the original Command and Conquers, we expected a solid showing. That's exactly what we got. Empire at War will be hands down the best RTS ever set in the Star Wars Universe. We saw everything from a Rancor beating down on groups of rebel and imperial forces, to space battles between star destroyers and mon calimari crusiers, to the death star wiping out tantooine. Simply put: AWESOME.


We also saw Battlefront II, which looks a whole lot like the original (surprise surprise). There are some new features, including space battle, but fans should expect more of the same. But, that's not a bad thing.


So, get excited about EaW, I know I am and it will impress.



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