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The Force run (Taking out ISDs the easy way)


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Tactic created by Force-Flow. And refined by Gremlin

How to destroy a Large Capital ship with one TIE/Fighter


Bugging a ship like a gnat.

a.k.a: The Force-Run


This tactic utilizes the Trench-Run-Defense (TRD) so effectivly used in the Battles of Yavin and Endor. When using this tactic you never need to dodge or jink. The best thing to do so you will not get hit is to never give a turret a Zero-defection shot. Never attack a capital ship from the top or side, it is suicide biggrin.gif . the Capital ships in XWA are made to have Hellish broad sides. Anything closer then .5km is crusing for a bruising.


Basic Run-thru for the Force-Run:


1. At about 5 km, the Ship will start attacking you with inaccurate Flak from its Turbo-lasers. As long as you do not give the ship a zero deflection shot, and keep your speeds above 85 MGLTs you will not have a problem.

2. Aim your craft about 1/2 or 1 Ship length in front of the Ship. And also Aim either Above or below so that you will start with an AoA (angle of attack) of about 30-50 degrees.

3. As you come to the front of the craft, turn to face it, and line up to a stucture near the rear of the ship (Shield Generators, Bridge, Blister, or weapon Hardpoint.

4. The longer you strafing run. The better your attack was. A good run in a TIE/fighter should be able to take out 33% of one of the Shield generators. But don't get too greedy.


this is what your flight path should look like:





5. As you close to about .3km of the structure, move the joystick to the left/right and down. Continue this motion until you craft rotates 90 degrees. Then Continue to Pitch up and try to line up your nose with the nose of the spacecraft. this will be your referance point for the Extend.


6. Straighten up, and fly along the same flight path as you begun the attack. make sure you rotate your fighter so your aligment is the same as the spacecraft.


7. once you have extended about 1.1 km reapeat the same motion as you left the attack. remember the longer the strafe, the better your attack.


8. Repeat as neccsary, until the ship goes boom, then get the heck out of the blast.


Note: Be aware when the craft turns. It will ususally do 2 45 degree turns to the side when ever it reaches it "way-Point". If you see this happening try to shorten your attacks so that you stay in the "safe-area directly above he craft.





Have fun...my record is 1 VSDII in 8 minutes in a TIE/F


If you want a film of me doing this.. feel free to give me an E_mail warlordkinnison AT hotmail DOT com


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Guest Redwing

Kool, yay, pics biggrin.gif thanks K_k



At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.

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TRD is what the Rebels used in both DS battles.


The main weapons of Imperial Capital ships is the TurboLaser. now this is a great, and powerful weapon against large ships. The problem occuars when you use a large number of Fighter scale ships agaisnt it.


TRD takes in account of the inaccurate fire of the Turbolasers combared to other smaller ship based weapons. By flying close to the enemy ships hull, or surface. THe T-Lasers havea hard time tracking the fighters.


It makes it VERY difficult.. but not impossible. That is what happened to a fwe of the rebel piltos at Yavin. Hit by inaccurate T-laser fire, and went Boom.

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Interesting tatic. Not what I personally use against an ISD, is what I thought the TRD would be.


I go about 6km from the ISD. At this point the fighter should be level with the end of the ISD. This is where I begin my approach. There will be some dodging but to avoid this pitch your fighter up and down.


Now once you reach the ISD you will notice a trench more or less on each side. This is the runing part of it. The guns cannot reach you will your in there so you have a nice straight run in which to straife. However if they block your weapons don't worry this isn't the main part of the attack.


Now after flying through the trench I come to the engines. You will take very little damage (if your in a Tie Defender or advance you don't have to worry), with Regular T/F, angle the fighter so that it is just above the engines you should take no damage if you do go a little higher. the Guns won't target you. Then there is a sweet spot right behind the command tower. from there you match speeds with the ISD rotate your fighter, and you will see the top of the shield domes. you then can knock them out at your leisure. Then site back and blast the ISD with no fear.


With a shielded craft usually I fly along the hull taking out the gun implacements and engines.



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(Sweet is war to those who have never experinced it.) Roman Proverb

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How does this work when there is the Executor next to the ISDII and fighters coming to target you? When doing this in battle 4 mission 5, I will do fine until imperial fighters and interceptors come in. When I start to dogfight with them also Avenger and Executor gets shots on me. Should I just train more dogfighting?

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Admiral, the problem with that idea is if the ISD turns your screwed, and there are some hardpoints that are very near to that area. Especially in the nose and tail. Maybe the Executor class SSD it would work, like The M. Falcon did in ESB


the key to Dogfighting in XWA is to keep your speed around 90 MGLT. If you notice the AI does not do deflection shooting very well, the faster you are the more innacurate thier fire is.


The idea behind deflection shooting is to fill the area your enemy is going to occupy with Lasers. When the crosshairs light up that means your in the spot.


A good training is to fly an X-wing against 3 individual TIE fighters. THink of it as a game of tag. When a TIE fighter spawns he will come straight for you with lasers blasting, this is when you need to start doing a little moving. NEVER go Head to head withen 1km.


now as far as your scenario... if there is the executor and a fleet if ISDs i would extend to about 5 to 10 km away from them and let thier fighters come to you. Whittle down each squad down to 1 fighter, and then kill one to bring in the next wave. With this tactic if your against 3 squads of 6, instead of 18 fighters you are going after a maximum of 8. once the waves of a squad are done, the odds just get better in your favor. and after about a half hour of dogfighting all that will be left is the capitol ships.


remember 80 to 90 MGLTs.


another trick of the trade is what i call a Throttle flutter. When your in a Dogfight you can quickly go to 1/3 throttle (Maximum maneuverability) back to full or equal to gain an edge and turn inside your enemy

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