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NCAA football


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ARRGGGHH JG your mean, I was gonna post this thread eventually:D and now you taken it away from me:(


Got OHIO blood in my arty's, so you know I've gotta go with






I think I'm going to be rootin for


as well, because they seem to be making some good changes, and it doesn't hurt that I was born about a quarter mile from the stadium.


But anyway JG we're gonna beat you this year, all we gotta do is put GINN at QB:D Did you see our bowl game!!!?

As it stands I think he's our best QB:D

(yup we know how o pick em, but at least zwicks tough enough to play hurt)

If we don't lose any linebackers, then ain't nobody goin nowhere fast:cool:


P.S. these colors

are the darkside

destroy them wherever you find them

J/K I know there are some cool people here who are fans of that school up north:D (they could be cooler though if they converted)


And if your going to stick up for your team, put the colors up too:cool:

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That's why I said "this time":D

Have you seen GINN play???


Oh and when was the last time you won a championship;) 2002-2003 Champyuuns



Hmm I know there are a few MI (can't believe I actually said the name:mad: )

people here, So I'd say the Big 10 is pretty well represented here, so other than Stinger, who's team's in another conference???:)

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Hmm thanks that toughened me up enough to walk on as linebacker, see you in the fall:D


So have you seen anything for EA NCAA 2006, I haven't seen much, but it seems like they're giving you a full RPG mode, I wonder who'd play the whole four years as center???

And please don't tell me you've never played the series:(

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I actually played a demo for that, it was interesting, because I iz a frisbee nut, But didn't care for it to much.


And even if the new EA turns out to be crap, you should still get the 2005, picture this

You just called a stupid defensive play, and gave up a deep pass, now (that school up north) is on the 3 yard line, it's 4th down and the Shoe is rocking so loud that your 65 inch widescreen is actually making your house shake and your couch vibrate :cool::D

I guess you can insert the badgers in place of the Bucks, then it would make more sense to you.

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Seriously, if you look at Michigans team, they are going to dominate the big ten for the next 3 years straight. They have Chad Henne, last year was a freshman at QB, started every game. Mike Hart is going to be the next Barry Sanders and he too was only a freshman. Steve Breaston is a sweet wideout, and punt returner. Sure, we lost some defense to the draft (stupid Earnest Shazor (SS) was a junior, left for the draft, and didn't get drafted...duh!), but with an offense like we have, who needs defense? ;) And I'm trying to say this from an impartial view, but its hard for me :D


As for my prediction...I have no idea yet because I know nothing about state's team this year.

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"but with an offense like we have, who needs defense"

Teams who play against Teddy Ginn:D

And We actually won our bowl game, and our game against you last year, and have lost very few players, oh wait we actually dominated our bowl game last year:D

I miss nugent though, can I get one last...


"As for my prediction...I have no idea yet because I know nothing about state's team this year."

It's gonna be a streetfight, OSU vs MI

THE GAME two Big Ten teams that's about as good of a brawl matchup you're going to get (it's really annoying how the big ten is only looked at by our records, where there are less perfect seasons because we smack each other around so hard)

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I just have to proclaim my allegiance to the University of Michigan. When I was in high school (a long time ago) I watched some of their football games and have wanted to support them ever since. But I have to confess that I've never even been to Michigan...


Also, I love the tradition and the unparallelled rivalry of The Game.

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