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The Aftermath


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A great war was just fought, the Mighty Orcs and thier allies agaisnt the HUmans and their allies. The HUmans won which sent the Orcs into hiding and they broke off into smaller resistance groups. The HUmans celebrate thier victory over the orcs, but some do not for they are in charge of hunting down the rest of the orcs.


This thread will start literally right after the orcs lost, which means if you are an orc or an orc ally you are currently running. literally. if you are the humans you are either chasing after them or screaming, yelling and heading back to your barracks.


For the Orcs and thier allies, they include:

Orcs (very brutal and valiant fighters, clever tactictions(sp) too)

Ogres (very dumb but incredible at taking damage and dealing it)

Trolls (very fast and accurate, although weak)

Goblins (very weak, but excellent at blowing stuff up)

Minor demons (can use certain spells and magics, average fighters)

half wolf/bear/bull and half human/orc (very brutal fighters, similar to orcs, but usually bigger)


For the Humans and thier allies, they include:

Humans (the equivelant of orcs)

Elves (the equivelant of Trolls)

Dwarves (very tough short fighters)

Minor spirits (the equivelant of Minor Demons)

Centaurs (very noble creatures, few in numbers compare dto humans or orcs, but very good fighters and very fast)







Side: (orcs or humans)










Name: Kirn

Age: 38

Side: Humans

Race: Human

Appearance: http://www.jeux-strategie.com/upload/warcraft/Paladin.jpg

Weapon: Hammer

Other: 210 lbs, 6'4", blue eyes, light brown hair.

Bio: Grew up in the castle, his father was a knight, he joined as soon as he could and has been training ever since.


I'll start when i get some people.

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(('Ey? Why would you think that. It's a whole different RPG.



Oh yeah CUrt, one question, ELVES AREN'T STUPID! How are they the equivilent of Ogres? You'd think they'd be the equivelint of Minor Demons or a whole new class... ELves are supposed to be the smartast creatures, that's in every telling of medevil sort of demons with elves, the only elves that aren't smart work for Santa... :D So ummmmmmmmmmmm, can I be a smart Elf?))

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((Ah, I see. Whoopsie, I screwed up. Whoopsie. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... OK, time to make a character. :D))


Name: Aeto Grunbga

Age: 35

SIde: O'c ((Orc. :D))

Race: Orc

Appearence: ((Errrrr, I forgot his name so I can;t get a picture, but like the lead Orc in the War Craft three prologue... Like I said I forgot his name.))

Weapons(s): Two small hatchets which he uses to be nimble and things, that which he keeps in special pockets at his sides, and a large Gaint Ware Ax, that which he has mounted on his back.

Bio: Aeto grew up in the Orc army, his father was a Colonel in it, and Aeto his ranked up to captain. He leads a squad of elite troops, but like all the other orcs, they're running.

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