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hey everyone


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yo i am here in honesdale...........


photo lab is alright...6.90 an hour sucks and biweekly pay doesn't help any. >=\ umm....koji...lol i drive by your village like every day dude...umm i think i gave u my number, but its like long distance....=\ so if u wanna see me stop by photo lab and i'll be the one with the blue vest on with 'louis' on my nametag.


umm my galaxies subscription ends tomorrow, so i came to the library to get the number so i can call them and ask if my character will be screwed over. :( the thing that really sucks is that i get payed the day AFTER the subscription ends. =\ and i dont have a bank account yet cause it costs like $100 or so to open one i think. so i think i'll cancel it and hope for the best....


i have to move out before august 2....the people that i'm staying with are MOVING. and the one must've scared her land lady so i won't get to continue the rent. i'm inches from depression, but i'm sure everything will work out within the month.


trying to find a place that allows pets (2 cats) that is uder $500 a month, and in honesdale. it's pretty nice up here...more woods than where i used to live, and lots of freakin wildlife. just need to get a gun.


o btw..koji u could also pm me your number if u want.


cya guys in a month if all proceeds as i have foreseen. :p I'll prolly get nuked by the sith the day i log on. been playing xbox too much...almost beat halo 2 on legendary, working on pandora tomorrow. the boredom of not having internet sucks.


hopes and prayers are appreciated as me and my sister go looking for a place. :)


-Kioet out

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sooner than expected we found a place last night. :joy: like 5 miles from where i work, so its pretty cool. not sure if there's cable access...but i'm sure i can work something out. we just need to put a down payment so the lady doesn't show it to anybody else, and we can move in august 1. :)


i tried cancelling my account......lol i didn't know i NEEDED to be on the game to cancel it.....lol so i called sony and the automated thing only has everquest and i think ultima. bleh. no galaxies? wtf. anyway i guess i got the wrong number, or i'll just email them. heh.


hmmm if anybody feels like calling me, the phone sometmes works. 717 808 0296 its my cell phone til i switch over to verizon. cingular one sucks. -_- text messege get used more than the minutes. XD and one time i went over and the bill doubled. that was fun.


umm.....i beat full spectrum warrior a few nights ago...and i beat pandora tomorrow last night...did not expect it to end at that part lol i was talking to my sister, half-ignoring the cutscene, and then the credits came up and i was all 'wtf?!'


listened to the new system of a down cd....it's pretty cool....


i miss rping in the cantinas so much...


koji i know your general location just dont know what house it is!

(and i forgot u screenname so i can't pm u augh)


this library's pretty cool. least it has the internet. i just wish...we had an internet cafe around here with galaxies hooked up. :( that would so make my day.


ok i gotta go cancel the account somehow. XD laters!

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you're right! I KNEW I SAW THAT BEFORE. thank you so much. sucks that i gotta cancel....i hope kioet' doesn't get vaped. *crosses fingers*




Canceling your account does NOT affect your characters, only your billing information. If you cancel your subscription and then re-subscribe to Star Wars Galaxies within 3 months, we guarantee that you will still have access to your game characters. Unfortunately, after that period we can no longer guarantee the validity of the characters. As we do not actively purge accounts, most characters will remain available. If you wish to reactivate your account in the future, you will need to use the same Station Name and Password that was used before canceling your Star Wars Galaxies subscription.


*wipes sweat off forehead*


*does the happy dance*

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Your characters do not get deleted. But they are doing a Char Purge that will get rid of all the empty houses and harvestors everywhere. But I dont think that is on recently cancelled subscriptions, cuz anyone that uses gamecards have cancelled subscriptions... I think it is for an extended period of time like over a year or something. So dont worry about that.


Cant wait to see ya back in game :)

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well guys, we did get the apartment, and the landlady said we'd have to contact blue ridge (cable company) and get set up for it. hopefully they deliver out there. :D


work is getting boring already, it's been about a month since I started. already discovered that i don't like working with 2 of the people......meh.


my left hand is recovered and i can do pushups again, so i may end up enlisting (for the 2nd time, as the first i ELS'd cause the damn bronchitis i couldnt get rid of and the stupid doc thought i had asthma and that ****ed things up for me) in the army in the future. but.we shall see. the wage up here is pretty ****ty...can't find anything that pays over $7 an hour that doesn't involve a pain in the butt.


anyway. i cant wait to get back in the game.

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Originally posted by lil_dude

aren't you an "uber 1337 J3d1"? I see you in Theed waving your glowstick around :p


Hey wait a second here! You won't catch me in Theed dueling....but you may catch me in Theed engaging in the "galactic civil war" such as it may be. But my first time as a jedi in Theed was only on Thursday night....I've just never been a big pvper *shrugs*

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my only pvp is in duels and marks, as jedi own the game. -_-


anyways, i'm back at my old place til tomorrow. might get on galaxies after lunch. XD prolly has updates.


heh. can't wait til next weekend when i can move in to my own place!!!!!!!! XD


edit: awwww crappies. my subscription apparantly has ended. -_- anyway...see you all in a few weeks! :) hopefully we have no probs getting electric and cable hooked up. :D

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