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Tour 4, Mission 6, Protect Imperial Computer


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I'm wondering if there is a glitch in this mission? I get the escape pod safe and sound, the Liberty(?) heads off and the mission is declared a victory....until I just about get into the hangar and then I'm told that the ship that rescued the pod has been destroyed and the mission is a loss!! So I play again and when I target the ship (I really can't remember the name)it's status is "waiting" for 20+ mins!! Everyone has hypered out of the area, sitting on the liberty having a beer and talking about their kills, this ship sits there, close to the Star Destroyers, getting pounded until they blow up.


I finally beat the mission by becoming invulurable (sp, I know) and sitting in front of it for 20+ mins. The Star destroyer will shoot you instead of the ship. Twenty mins later the ship finally hypered out of the area and I could finish the mission.


Anyone else had this problem?

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