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Compiler optimization


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this is my CmakeLists.txt. this addlibrary bit was all on one line but i formmated it better. i also got this from hex a few years ago and have been using it fine ever since, but you may want to tweak the makefile that gets generated by this script

ADD_LIBRARY(jampgamei386 SHARED NPC.c ai_main.c bg_saber.c g_bot.c g_mem.c g_spawn.c 
g_turret_G2.c NPC_AI_Grenadier.c NPC_AI_Remote.c NPC_combat.c NPC_utils.c ai_util.c 
bg_saberLoad.c g_client.c g_misc.c g_strap.c g_utils.c NPC_AI_Howler.c NPC_AI_Seeker.c 
NPC_goal.c q_math.c ai_wpnav.c bg_saga.c g_cmds.c g_missile.c  g_svcmds.c g_vehicles.c       
NPC_AI_ImperialProbe.c NPC_AI_Sentry.c NPC_misc.c q_shared.c AnimalNPC.c bg_slidemove.c 
g_combat.c g_mover.c g_syscalls.c g_vehicleTurret.c NPC_AI_Interrogator.c NPC_AI_Sniper.c
 NPC_move.c SpeederNPC.c bg_g2_utils.c bg_vehicleLoad.c g_exphysics.c g_nav.c g_target.c g_weapon.c 
 NPC_AI_Jedi.c NPC_AI_Stormtrooper.c NPC_reactions.c  tri_coll_test.c bg_lib.c bg_weapons.c
  g_ICARUScb.c g_navnew.c g_team.c NPC_AI_Atst.c NPC_AI_Mark1.c NPC_AI_Utils.c NPC_senses.c WalkerNPC.c 
  bg_misc.c FighterNPC.c g_items.c g_object.c g_timer.c NPC_AI_Default.c NPC_AI_Mark2.c NPC_AI_Wampa.c 
  NPC_sounds.c w_force.c bg_panimate.c g_active.c g_log.c g_saga.c g_trigger.c NPC_AI_Droid.c
   NPC_AI_MineMonster.c NPC_behavior.c NPC_spawn.c w_saber.c bg_pmove.c g_arenas.c g_main.c 
g_session.c  g_turret.c NPC_AI_GalakMech.c NPC_AI_Rancor.c NPC_stats.c  g_jk2pp.c)

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ps. if you use the universal source from lucasfiles, there is a problem with a few lines on the client side .dll, if you need to i can post the fix for that too which lets you use the same tree on linux and windows, but you need to change some stuff for mac

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Quick question, why would you want to compile client side code for Linux? It wouldn't work anyways right? Linux can only support the server portion of the game I thought.


when you run windows binarys in WINE it automatically wraps windows system calls to linux ones. As a boon to this you can also manually specify what windows librarys correspond to what linux librarys


so, if you compile a cgamex86.so and specify that all calls to jampcgamex86.dll should wrap directly to cgamex86.so you will probably get a decent speed increase since the library isn't being run on top of wine but the .exe still is

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