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Postlude to Holocaust VI: Strangers - Part 2


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*Orthos thinks again*


Orthos: Well, I hope they'd be able to try to listen to everyone's opinion and get it through to the Aesir...and be able to get along well enough with the group, Aesir especially to do that...I think a fair few of the group could do that

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Orthos: I used to be a flight leader in an X-Wing squadron. I remained the leader until I left the Fleet after the war had all but ended. I won't lie and say I was the best leader, I've lost good people under my command.

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Orthos: I don't know. Most of those things I can't change, it all resolves around combat decisions, which fighter to target, stuff like that. Maybe it'd be different not in a war situation, where the good of an entire squadron was insignifcant to the whole war effort. I don't know. Now is this Q and A over?

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Orthos: Not really. I trust you'd all do what you thought was right for the group if you were made a leader. I can't ask any more than that. Way I see it, you either lead well, follow well, or get the hell out of everyone else's way. I think everyone's comfortable with doing the first two of those.

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[edit: eep, WJ replied while I was typing this... rewording now..]


*Before Tanara speaks up*


Marin: *looking past Orthos to where Raschel is listening in* So what about you, Raschel? Same questions.


Raschel: What would I do if I were chosen leader? I would be at a disadvantage. This isn't the world I grew up in. There is so much I don't understand, things that most of you grew up with. I don't know how well I could lead. But I would never shirk the responsibility. If someone else was chosen, I would hope they thought the same. But I don't think it matters who we choose. We need to unite, and this is one way of forcing it. Why? Because if we don't, all we'll do in the end is fight with each other and accomplish nothing. We all have to do the work to accomplish that, not just one or two of us that the others pick.


*to Tanara* That's why there's going to be three leaders, right?

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((Since Deac has gone to sleep, and I want to finish this scene, I am going to assume that Orthos just took a little while thinking about the answer to the question, so Raschel answered. If Deac does not approve, he can reply with Orthos' answer and I can edit. ^_^))


Raschel: If the majority is wrong, then our mission suffers. If the majority is wrong or right and we clash rather than accomplish anything, our mission suffers. If the majority is right, then our mission does not suffer. Perhaps you disagree, and perhaps you're right, but I was once a soldier, and I will always be that soldier in some way. *She looks at Orthos* And Orthos was a soldier once too.




Asgardried Cargo Bay


*Guy runs his fingers over scans, cords connecting his blind eyes to ship readouts*


Guy: There. There!


K'Warra: *from the back of the ship* So you've got it too?


Guy: Yes.


K'Warra: Someone else found them first.


Guy: Yes.


K'Warra: Mucrae. Blades. Hunting the shadow casters. *He pauses* Your friends will all die.


Guy: *presses comm* Asgardried. We've found the others.

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Asgardried Lounge


Asgardried: Wonderful, everyone knows how people feel about leading. Now if you could all vote so I can go back to spending my time planning out ways to embrass my masters I would appreciate it.



Asgardried Cargo Hold


Asgardried: Great I know where the others are to, some of them are in the lounge, others are on the upper deck, a few more are being held in a nice cosy resort by kidnappers and yet others are in my cargo hold. Care to specify who and where these others are?

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Asgardried Cargo Bay, Guy's Ship


Guy: Transmitting coordinates, and I'm sure you know who I am talking about, Asgardried. *Guy presses a few buttons*


K'Warra: I think I like their ship.


Guy: Put me through to Heimdall. I need to explain the situation.




Shadow Base


*Aren listens to her comlink*


Aren: We're under attack. You'll have to excuse me.


*She lowers the hovering platform back into the vast guts of the base, landing it near the area where the captives had first been brought in. Machinery and ships and robots surround them. Workers are running to and fro wildly. People are swarming to ships, taking off and leaving. The base shakes with the sound of distant explosions.


Two hunched creatures of humanoid form but moving eerily like extremely fast spiders appear on top of a ship, swinging bright, glowing blades. They are both entirely covered, every inch, in a black, armored bodysuits. Glowing infinity symbols decorate the tops of their hands. Their only details on their faces amount to the axe-blade symbol around the glowing slashes where their eyes apparently were.


The Blades leap from ship to ship, slicing their way through bodies, viciously slaughtering anything moving. People are cut down screaming as they run*


Aren: Hounds!


*One of the humanoids leaps at Aren, as the second moves away, killing fleeing figures. Aren stands perfectly still. At the very last moment, as the Hound's sword slashes towards her neck, she whips her blaster out of nowhere and fires in the Hound's face as it descends on her. Simultaneously, she blocks its blade with her staff and kicks it away with her boot. The blast leaves no mark on the face of the Hound's suit, but it doesn't move once its body stops rolling*


Aren: Change of plans.


*She tosses a canister on the ground. The weapons taken from Orthos, Ellela and Matt are inside. She then presses several buttons on her armband. A shimmering field surrounds the moving platform and the captives' bonds fall away*


Aren: If you want to die... feel free to try and run away.


*The platform begins once again rising*

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((Sleep was first invented by the early Germanic Tribes circa 1,000 BC, while the practice did not imidiately take off, by circa 750BC Greek writers tell us that even the Egyptians had adopted this "barbarian" custom. Since then sleep has gained world wide exceptance and remains popular to this day. However, with the prevelance of Coffee sleep has experienced a slight slump in popularity in the last hundred years, especially in America and in governments across the world. It is widely believed that poor decisions made by politicians are infact a result of a lack of indulgence in this ancient honoured passtime.))

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Shadow Base


Aren: This base is being systemically demolished. Yes, they are down. Count yourselves lucky that life support systems are still running.


*The platform rises to a landing set in one of the walls of the base and embedds itself there. The field disappears from around it.*


Aren: My ship is through those doors.


Aidan: You expect us to trust you just like that?


*A hole explodes in the center of the landing as the group approaches. Above them are several small, bike-sized, open crafts. Riding them, two to a craft, are familiar figures - the kidnappers. On one bike are the gray-armored man and the lizard-man, on another are the elf wizard and the man in white, on the third are the ork twins, and the fourth carries the blue-armored woman and a thinly built gargoyle that hadn't been present before.*


Blue-armored woman: Mrs. Aren. I could be mistaken, but it appears that you are trying to run off what is rightfully ours.


Aren: Are you insane? This base is compromised! Besides, your contract...


Blue-armored woman: I suppose I ought to have explained earlier, Mrs. Aren. I am one of the primary signers of the contract for these captives. I joined the mercenary group hired to take them in, regrettably neglecting to inform you. It appears I was remarkably prescient. Well, you know the saying... if you want something done right... *She waves to the others* Take them, kill her.


*The bikes open fire as their occupants leap off*

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Asgardried Cargo Bay


Asgardried: No, you didn't say please. I will not do as you ask until you learn some manners.




**While Marin was playing investigative reporter and quizing the group members, the Aesir were in the forward observatory, if you remember earlier they were dressed in their shiney cerimonial armor looking very pretty (never say I don't make fun of my own characters)**


Asgardried: Foward Observatory


*Heimdall approached the forward obsevatory pulling on his guantlets, right before entering he hears a cough and turns to see Idona striding towards him. She like the other Aesir is wearing her cerimonial armor, the red and gold glinting under the lights of the ship, her hair is in a traditional marriage braid*


Idona: Have you forgotten our customs so soon?


Heimdall: No one told me...


Idona: I see, being dense again, I'll fix that soon enough.


*Idona walks up to Heimdall and quickly adjusts her sword belt before taking his hand*


Idona: Now we go in together and...


Heimdall: I remember well enough.


Idona: Fine, shall we.


*Heimdall and Idona enter the forward Observatory, Vidar is standing at the far end facing the door as they entered. On either side were the other Aesir, all smiling at the couple. When Idona and Heimdall reach Vidar they turn and face each other. Vidar says a few words, before Idona and Heimdall recite traditional vows. Vidar then takes out a simple dagger that has runes running the lenght of the blade and hands it to Heimdall who takes the blade and cuts his hand, after that he gives the dagger to Idona who also cuts her hand and gives the dagger back to Vidar who gently cleans it with a cloth.


Idona and Heimdall then press the cut hands together, The family crest on Idona's armor changes into Heimdall's with the original crest being shurken and incorporated into it. Their hands fall away with no sign of the cuts, they married and bonded until death. Before they could do anything else the Asgardried dropped out of hyperspace, reorientated itself and engaged the slipstream drive.*


Vidar: Asgardried, what are you doing?


Asgardried: You said make a few random jumps so I'm making random jumps.


Vidar: We said random hyperspace jumps..


Asgardried: Details...details.


Asgardried: Lounge


Asgardried: I have a secret that the Aesir don't want you to know about. I'm willing to tell you all if you ask nicely.

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