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Postlude to Holocaust VI: Strangers - Part 2


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Vidar: We know how we are going to die, but do we truely understand? No...one cannot understand a thing until one experiences it. Just as one can know how to fight, how to kill but doesn't understand what it means to kill till they have taken a life.


Watch us if you can, and you will see regardless of our level of understanding we do know how we will die...


*Idona turned and and faced Elaina*


Idona: Elaina, control your emotions. Letting them take control will cloud your mind, make you vulnerable. Ask yourself if it really matters if Ker considers you a fool?

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Elaina closed her eyes and took a breath. "Thank you, Idona." She opened her eyes and looked between Idona and Tanara. "And I'm sorry. That... outburst should never have happened."


A smile came to her face as she glanced at Ker. "If Ker wants to think of me as a fool, it is her problem. Not mine."


"Anger and frustration are natural emotions," Tanara offered helpfully. "It's how they're dealt with that makes all the difference."

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*Elella scowls, indignant. Gortick remains neutral. Orthos chuckles bitterly*


Gortick: I am what I am. If I am branded a fool for accepting my inevitable fate, then so be it. Least somebody will give a !%?& once I'm gone. Can't really ask for anything more.


Orthos: Wow. I haven't being saying that I don't understand to every immortal being I've ever met, and recently that's been a fair few. What does it matter how I die? I can't stop it. Maybe make it mean something, but I can't stop it. But what about you? How are you going to die? And who will really care?

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((Scar, my point was that if you want to participate in the RPG make your characters do something besides faint. Obviously you have time to be a peanut gallery so you have time to do that as well ;)


Okay! If we're all ready... Time for stuff to happen! :p))



Ker: *laughing* Elaina, I hardly called you a fool for your ignorance, and Gortick, nor did I call you a fool for your acceptance of an imagined death. I said I believe you will die fool's deaths. And do you think I asked my question to help you? I asked you my question because I wanted to.


Orthos, I do not owe you an answer to my own question, yet I will give it. I am no immortal, but I will not die until my world itself is dead and gone. And then there will be no one left to care. Now go!


*Ker points her finger at the group. Behind her, the immense field of electricity-strewn blue forming the tear in the planet seems to move. It rushes towards the group until they are engulfed in it for split second...


The blue clears into white. The group is surrounded by infinite white, standing on what appears to be nothing. As the blue light fades, the floor becomes just barely apparent; somewhat resembling marble, translucent with milky, slightly metallic impurities flowing through it. On all sides the atmosphere is nothing but white.


K'Warra, Cody, Chere, and Jeramine have all vanished. Jeramine's binder rack hangs empty, standing on the white floor.


In the place of Ker a man stands in front of the group, hands behind his back. The man has pale skin and lavender-colored hair, and wears a dark trenchcoat. He is smiling. Somehow, his face gives the impression that underneath the carefully controlled expression he is positively bursting with glee.*


Lavender-haired Man: Greetings... Champions.

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Orthos: *Wearily* Right, we know the drill by now. So, are you the mocking herald of whatever we've got to fight to move on, or the thing itself?


*He draws his sword*


Elella: Orthos, it's probably not smart to **** this thing off.


Orthos: Right now this whole planet is ****ing me off.

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Lavender-haired Man: Oh, this isn't a planet, Orthos Starkiller. This is an immigration checkpoint. Seems that you're trying to jump borders without a passport.


Guy: Wait. I know what this place is.


Lavender-haired Man: *shaking his head, ignoring Guy* I have to admit I'm excited to finally see you here. I really thought Gotterdammerung would finish you off, even if Hel dropped the ball with those stupid drakes. I was a little miffed that I couldn't watch. Like missing the final game of the World Cup. I didn't think I'd see you again... and yet, here you are.


Guy: You... you are Sakara Asrogeth.


*The lavender-haired man looks a little surprised.*


Lavender-haired Man: Okay, color me impressed.


Guy: Be on your guard. We're going to be attacked.


Sakara: Oh, you could have guessed that on your own.


*Sakara extends his arms in a cross position. Energy flows from them into the translucent floor.


The milky white threads running through the floor begin to move, gathering around the energy linking Sakara's arms to the floor, then moving up along the links. Misty white creatures emerge from out of the energy flow, dropping out and standing on the ground. They solidify into creatures with bladed arms that appeared to be made from liquid metal.*

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Orthos: Figures. Well, I could show you my passport picture *Draws sword*, but then again, you dragged us here. I've crossed plenty of planes before, why's this one different?


*Gortick snarls at one of the creatures which is looking at him*

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*Heimdall and the other Aesir draw their weapons*


Heimdall *To Tanara and Eliana: Make sure you stay by us, if something happens and we get seperated make sure your around as many of the group as possible.


Vidar to Sahara: So you are the one who told Hel, her prison was open... I suppose we have no choice but to kill these creatures and then to kill you.

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Sakara: Your universe has an apocalypse in progress, and is under quarantine. No one, nothing passes from your home to anywhere else... without going once through me. *to Vidar* Unfortunately you can't kill me anymore than I can kill you. Which is why I went to Helheim in the first place. Them's the breaks, kid.


Guy: I saw this months ago in a vision. K'Warra and the two children were being held prisoner. Their captors arrived here. Now I know what that place was...


Sakara: Is that what's going on? Then I suppose we can skip the rest of the introduction. We are, as always, running short on time...


*He begins rising into the air.*


Sakara: These fascinating little ...things are here to kill you or drive you off, preferably kill you. I feel obliged to point out that this part isn't anything personal. Even if I was your number one fan, I'd have no choice but to do this.


*He stops rising, and levitates in midair in front of the group*


Sakara: Here's how it is. If you can get past me, you can enter this dimension. I don't get to use my full powers on you, though I don't think I needed to tell you that since you already think you can kill me as easily as a mortal. If you can't get past me, then you can either leave or keep trying until you die.


*Sakara snaps his fingers. The misty metal creatures charge towards the group.*


Sakara: Game on.

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((Okay. Ill try this one more time. the only reason why i at times want to 'drop out' is cus i couldnt quite find a good spot to find a direct string in the plot to fit in. I dont need a reply to this stating 'oh you didnt try' or 'how could you if you kept having them 'faint' and such', but ill just go ahead.))

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*Orthos drops back and draws his sword, slashing at a creature charging at him, and cleaving right through it, but the gap appears to heal*


Orthos: Living metal?! Damn!


*Elella meanwhile draws her lightsaber, and lets loose a flurry of blows, purely defensive, to keep the creature off of her. Gortick charges in at the one he snarled at, and begins to grapple with it*

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((Scar, see PMs. Oh heck, I'll just point out so no one thinks something changed: K'Warra is still no esta aqui.))


Guy: No one run or try to escape. Likely that will cause us to fall back to where we came from.


*Guy stands on his guard, though unable to see, listening to the slight hissing sound the creatures make as they approach. As soon as one comes within striking range he lashes out with his staff. The staff encounters a little resistance hitting the creature, but then passes through.


Raschel fires her blaster at the creatures, peppering them with holes that do absolutely nothing to stop them. She then fires her Aesirian-made blaster at them, to only a little more effect as a larger hole is made. However, the faster the misty creatures are damaged, the faster they seem to heal.*


Marin: Ansuz. Algiz. Henshin.


*Her armor covers her, reacting to the keyword command. But the creatures are already upon her. She cannot remember how to use her sword; all her training seems to have leaked out of her head at once.


The blows delivered by the Jedi and others using melee weapons only slow the creatures down, temporarily distorting the makeup of their bodies.


As Gortick tries to grapple his opponent, his opponent... simply passes into him.


Gortick finds his limbs freezing up, as the white glow of the creature matches his bodily movements. Another will presses in his mind - a will to escape, to leave.


A creature passes through Guy's staff and through his armor. The same thing happens to Marin, before she ever gets a chance to defend herself. Raschel falls victim, still blasting at the creature as it rushes her.


Guy moves slowly, resisting the creature, clearly in pain. After a moment he makes one step, then one more step forward. Marin stands mostly still, also trying to move. Raschel on the other hand begins to stumble backward*



((OOS: Okay, here's the deal with the creatures: Discussion Thread))

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*Gortick roars and begins to sweat profusely*


Gortick. GET. THE. ****. OUT. OF. MY. HEAD!


*Elella is hit by one of the creatures, and an overwhelming voice enters her mind*


I'm not cut out for this. I'm not my father. I can't save anyone. I only really hold the group back. I should go back.


*Elella begins moving back away*

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((moving this up, so it makes 'sense'))



*Sir-vin picks himself off of the floor in Guy's ship. He quietly moves slowly out of the craft and throws his hood on. He walks up to Guy.*


Sir-vin "Sorry it seems like I've surcame to exaustion, I've been up for what it seems a week. What did I miss?" *before Guy could answer* "Oh! This is a pretty place."


((*munches on a taco* Mmmm... Tacos... ^_^))

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((I should have put this in the PM I just sent you, but oh well.


As soon as Sir-vin wakes up he has only a few seconds before he is attacked by creatures. I'm willing to stretch things and allow the post to pass, but it requires assuming that Sir-vin is massively stupid for not noticing all the creatures rushing at him, or for not noticing what is happening to the rest of the group.))

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((*done with the tacos*


well, im not going to control your characters reddie-boy :)))


*As soon as Sir-vin makes his statement, he notices the creatures begining to advance upon him. He parries the first one by spinning around it...*

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The sisters fought back to back, Elaina pressing forward with Tanara continually backing up to remain back to back. But as with Gortick, Raschel, and Marin, their efforts merely delayed the creatures. They struck Elaina first and she staggered backward, knocking Tanara to the ground. While she was down, they caught her and she froze for a second.


We have to fight this, Teri encouraged Elaina from within. Keep pressing forward.


Slowly, Elaina got to her hands and knees and began pushing forward again.


You are a weakling, little girl, Kira mocked Tanara. Were I in control, we would be past these... things by now.


Determination flooded Tanara and she rolled, twisting to adjust herself to move forward again, and started after her sister.

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*Orthos dives into Elella*


Orthos: NO YOU DON'T!


*He charges toward Sakara, carrying them both across the line and disappearing. Gortick, his veins nearly bursting, stomps past*


Gortick: I'M COMING TOO!



*The three appear in mid air above a dark chasm. As they fall they can see a huge floating landmass in the distance, and a dark shadow below. For a split second they seem to float in mid air*


Orthos: Ah, sithspit...


*They fall*

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*The Aesir fought like the others and managed to delay the creatures for a time, but their actions were just as futile and the creatures merged with their bodies. Vidar feeling that further fighting would only drain, lowered his sword a little*


Vidar: Forget about fighting, just push forward.


Gerd: Ok.


*Gerd sheathed her sword and began to walk forward, a little hunched over like she was walking into a very strong wind and occassionally staggering side to side. She quickly passes the group and the line disappering.


The other Aesir moved forward slowly, their faces blank as pain coursed through their bodies, their joints cracking with each painful step. Raschel stumbles past Viddall, who reaches out and grabs her arm and begins to drag her forward with him, Ragnar grabs her other arm to help pull her along.


Heimdall rest a hand along Marin's shoulder and pushes her forward, while Idona reaches to help Tanara to continue to advance, Valda does the same for Elaina. The Aesir move at a crawls pace*

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*Sakara watches near-impassively, hovering in the air silently.


Marin, after being pushed, begins moving forward slowly on her own.


Guy struggles forward, veering towards Viddall, Raschel and Ragnar. He grabs Raschel's shoulder, holds it for a moment, then pulls his hand away. With his hand comes away a silvery white substance, appearing to be made of quicksilver and mist at the same time. He stands still as Raschel is dragged forward, and the creature is ripped away from her body.*


Guy: Raschel - run!


*Raschel breaks free [or Ragnar/Viddall release her] and bolts. She gets halfway through the remaining distance towards Sakara before more creatures are released and mob her. Another quickly gets past her defenses, and the one held in Guy's hand seems to melt away back into the floor. Raschel falls to her hands and knees. This time, though, she forces her way forward, gritting her teeth.*


((Everyone feel free to have your characters pass the 'finish line', btw.))

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((seems like everytime i attempt to post here LF breaks down... *tries again*))


*Sir-vin continues to feint his way, but it was getting harder as he progressed, pain starting to subdue him. He glances over toward the Aesir as they stop fighting and progress foreward.


Sir-vin grits his teeth and pushes on.*

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Thanks to Valda's help and Teri's encouragement, Elaina pushed forward and crossed the line. Tanara saw her sister finish and almost gave up, satisfied that Elaina had succeeded. But Idona did not let go and Kira tormented her with images of failure and death. It was too much. With a boiling rage and a yell of fury, Tanara threw herself past the line.

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