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Useless Suggestion: RGB Saber Team Colors

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Well, let's face it. For some very stupid reason that evades logic, OJP only has one major server, the Meatgrinder, while vastly inferior mods (...JA+ anyone?) have a couple hundred.


OJP also includes RGB saber code.


Catch is, I haven't seen a way to make RGB sabers show in team games. Guess what most of the games in Meatgrinder happen to be?


So, allow me to put forth a suggestion.


A cvar, name it, say, maybe cg_teamrgb or something.


If set to 0, nobody's RGB saber shows in team games.


If set to 1, your RGB saber shows up in the game, but no one else's.


If set to 2, everyone's RGB saber shows up to you.


Other mods have had similar things, I thought I should suggest it. As it stands now, RGB sabers are useless in a number of gametypes, which kind of put a damper on the feature. This would be clientside of course.

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Are you referring to them not working with or without the client side running?


Right now, I haven't released the lastest version to the public so most people don't have the client side for the server. As such, it will look like the RGB sabers aren' working when they actually are.


As for restricting them during team games, that's an interesting idea, but if I did something like that, I'd probably set it up so that each team could only use certain shades of the color spectrum. For example, the Light Side team would have the lighter colors and the dark side would have the darker stuff.

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Oh no, they work for me with the client in general (despite bad textures that are packaged in). However, they don't appear in team games which force your saber to a certain color, which I think is intended.


Also, the beta 7 client seems to work all right on Kurgan's server...


All I'm basically asking is to allow a client-side cvar that lets us see the RGB Sabers in team games where applicable (not including Siege, that'd likely be overkill).

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The thing is, I'd like it to be the individual player who decides whether or not to use or see others users' colored sabers in such a situation if it's possible (I know mods back in JO did it via clienside cvars... Then again, RGB sabers were a bit different back then.).


Some might prefer the default red and blue to distinguish team members, while others are astute enough to notice regardless of weapon color. I'm trying to please and/or otherwise placate almost everyone, heh.


EDIT: It appears FMIII has a clientside cvar to regulate RGB team sabers, with no server cvar equivalent. It uses (almost...) the same code for the blade colors, so eh.




-"0" Default

-"1" RGB Sabers allowed during team games

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This is a somewhat easy fix for the default RGB sabers. You see, many who look at the RGB sabers up close notice generally weak glows and square tips when they hold the saber up straight in red stance.


This mini-mod fixes that to a degree. What I did was take the defualt rgb_line.jpg file, copy it, rename it to rgb_core, and save it. That fixed the square tips issue somewhat. You see, to get a consistent core blade you have to have rgb_core and line match up, or so I've noticed.


Examination of the original JKA sabers reveals that there is actually a stray squarish tip as well, just not as prominent as in the original RGB Sabers. This is because of the glow of the sabers. Raven built in glow color to the sabercolor_line texture on top of adding a seperate glow texture, sabercolor_glow2. The glows on the RGB saber are weaker than that on the original JA sabers, and I attempted to remedy this to the best of my ability by greyscaling yellow_glow2. You will generally notice RGB Sabers being truer to default JKA sabers in shape and glow now.


- Lathain Valtiel (7/19/05)


Razor, please add this to OJP... woot!


(See attachment)


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