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Star Wars BattleFront: Space War

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-The Story-


You are a Rebel Pilot. A space battle is currently going on above Tatooine, and you must help your side win the battle.


-The Rules-

You must be a Rebel

No Godmodding / Character Controlling

Keep the language PG rated

No one can be an Admiral


-Character Sheet-






Bio (Optional)


-Ship Sheet-

Heavy Ships:


Name: Hurricane

Type: Intradictor

Forward weapons: 3 Heavy laser cannons, 3 proton torpedoe launchers.

Port weapons: 3 Quad laser turrets

Starboard Weapons: 3 Quad laser turrets

Aft weapons: 1 concussion missile launcher 2 heavy laser cannons

Forward Deflectors: 3

port and ventral Deflectors: 3

Aft Deflectors: 3

Fighter Squadron complement: 5

Bomber Squadron complement: 2

Invasion ability: 8 landing/boading craft

Notes: Ability to create gravity wells




Name: Cloud

Forward Weapons: 1 Laser Cannon

Port weapons: None

Starboard Weapons: 1 Laser Cannon

Aft weapons: 1 concussion missile launcher

Notes: Ability to create gravity wells


I'll post my info later.

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Name: Jax Polara

Age: 24

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Equipment: blaster pistol

Bio (Optional): Jax is a pilot for the rebel alliace. he was once part of the legendary viper squadron, until it was destroyerd. He now comands Blue Group. It is thought that he and 3 other pilots fought against a bounty hunter called the phantom and they destroyed it but this is considered a rumour. Jax has skills is destoying star destoyers and is also a great pilot.


Ship Data:


Starfighter: B-wing

Name: Viper, V-4

Forward Weapons: 3 laser cannons

Port weapons: 1 ion cannon

Starboard Weapons:

Aft weapons: 4 heat seaking missiles, 4 Photon Torpedoes, 2 EMP torpedoes

Notes: has abiltity to carry over 30 missiles. heavy armour but faster than everage B wing.

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Name: Mira Kenobi

Age: Unknown

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Equipment: Prototype Clone Commando Armor



Name: The Renegade

Type: Warship

Forward Weapons: 10 Heavy Laser Cannons, 2 Nuke Launchers (2 Nukes in each)

Port weapons: 2 Heavy Quad Laser Turrets

Starboard Weapons: 2 Quad laser turrets

Aft weapons: 2 Heavy Laser Cannons, 5 Proton Launchers(20 Proton Torpedos in each)

Forward Deflectors: 3

Port and Ventral Deflectors: 3

Aft Deflectors: 3

Fighter Squadron complement: 10

Bomber Squadron complement: 5

Invasion ability: 5 Landing/Boarding Crafts

Notes: No blind spots on the ship, Strong shields, weak Hull

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Name: Darc Meada

Age: 32

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Equipment: Twin Blaster Pistols, Bowcaster


Ship Data:


Name: Bloody Wampa

Type: Cruiser

Forward Weapons: 2 Particle Cannons

Port Weapons: 18 Laser Cannons

Starboard Weapons: 18 Laser Cannons

Aft Weapons: 4 Quad Laser Cannons

Forward Deflectors: 3

Port and Ventral Deflectors: 2

Aft Deflectors: 2

Fighter Squadron Complement: 8

Bomber Squadron Complement: 6

Invasion Ability: 4 Underbody Bombardment Cannons

Notes: Slow with enormous hull, but a powerful warship with several docking bays.

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"Captain My chip is in position, shall i release the fighters?"

"Go ahead"

"Red Group, Gold Group and Blue Group you have clearence to launch"

A cheer rose from the hanger. Jax Ploara was one of the few who did not. He was not scared but he has seen this situation many times. Young pilots so egar to fight but when they were out there they would be lucky to last ten minutes. Those who survived would never be the same again. He had been the same. At the begining, whilst in viper squadron he was cocky and thought he was the best. After that final viper mission he would never be the same. He had seen his friends blown to pieces. He had heard his cousin being shot and his best friend had died in front of his eyes. Jax looked at the pliots ready and willing as he got to his feet.

"Jax you ready?"


The pilot next to Jax was a man called Don, he had fought next to Jax during the phantom chase. Don was also one of the few not chearing.

"whats the situation out there?"

"well i saw the admiral about 15 minutes ago, he rekons about 7 star destroyers, all carrying god knows how many ties and one lancer crusier carrying heavy weapons"

"nice well your the master at taking out star destroyers"

"um...thanks i guess. i take no pride in killing all those onboard but it must be done...to make the galaxy free"

"Jax please don't give me that nobel crap, you're good at what you do, deal with it we all have to"

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"sometimes i don't want to deal with it"

Jax turns around and walks towards his B wing

"see you out there" Don mutered

Jax didn't want to argue with Don, Don was a good friends and Jax didn't want to loose him. Once in his B wing fighter he boosted the ignition and flew slowly out of the hanger. In the distance he could see some star destroyers. Following normal procedure he said into the comm. link

"all ships report"

one by one they reported in

"Blue 2, Blue 3, Blue 5, Blue 7, Blue 9, Blue 14, Blue 21 and Blue 16"

"command all ships acounted for, what should we do? go staright into engagement or go slowly and circle the star destroyers?"

"well we don't want to rush this bu-"

"shouldn't we just go straight in so the Tie's don't get in the way?" said i lively young pliot (Blue 21)

"If you want to die go ahead kenny, if not stick with me"

over the comm. kenny stutters "no Jax i didn't mean....i....ok sorry"

"don't be sorry Kenny, and remember it's blue leader"

"yes blue leader"

"thank you, to be honest i have no wish to see your ship blow into oblivion but if you wish to er...be a "hero" by rushing in and dying with no reason what so ever behind it be my guest"

"no Boss i didn't mean...."

"I know you didn't Kenny calm down, and don't call me boss"

Jax didn;t like to be called "boss" becuase his friend rezillo used to call him that...before he died anyway.

"Ok boys this is it, all wings in attack formation"

The B-wings in blue group went into attack position, the Y wings also in blue group readied their cannons

"Ok guys....when i-"

An explosion ripped the vacum of space as Blue 21 was completly destroyed

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ok no one seems to be posting on any of the role play forums any more but i will continue


"Damn it, Kenny is gone, we've lost kenny, Blue group evasive manoeuvre 12!"

Blue Group split and at that moment a Tie Phantom appeared infront of Jax

"we have Phantoms, i repeat phantoms"

Jax fired at the tie, it's weak shields gave way and it exploded.

"Gold group and Red Group contniue to target i will take out these Ties"

Jax turned and saw a Tie Phantom appear close to Don's ship, Don blew it out of space

"Good shot Blue 2"

Jax readied a tracking device and fired it onto the last phantom which disapeared, On the radar it showed it heading towards the rebel crusier

"Blue 16 take it out"

"yes Blue leader"

Blue 16's Y wing chased after it, it appeared and Blue 16 destroyed it

"good work guys"

"Jax we have a problem"

"what is it Don?"

Jax turned his ship and saw exactly what it was. three star destroyers had just exited light speed and were bearing down on the rebel cruisers. As Jax watched Ties were released from the hangers.

"Command have you given Green Group the signal to go?"

"yes about a minute ago"

"patch me through to Green Leader"

"yes Blue leader, patching you through now"

"This is Green Leader whats up Jax?"

"Zion three star destoyers have just come out of hyperspace, i need you to take them out"

"er...ok were are they?"

"im sending you the co-ordinates now"

"copy that Blue Leader, Im on my way"

"Good Luck Green Leader"

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I'll try and hop in.


Name:Jason Crookwing



Equipment:Second Issue Space Techni Kit, Fusion CAT mines

Bio: Second wing to the 21st Red squadron leader, one year out of the Academy



Name:the Headhunter Sivera

Class:Short Range Mission/Infiltrater

Forward Weapons:Plauge Blaster Gun

Starboard/Aft Weapons: Deadlock Missiles

Notes:Burst Sheild


That is everything, no?

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"Dangit, Hurry up!"

The Red squadron was supposed to have taken off three minutes ago. But a lucky bomber shot had grounded half the squadron. Three minutes was an eternity in space combat. "Are you done YET!" Rooitus yelled at his pilots. But heckk, Rooitus was always yelling. "Just about done, sir!" "Good!" Rooitus turned to his right wingman. Which, of course, was me. "You ready, kid?" "You bet I'm ready. And please, stop calling me kid." "Got it, kid." "Sir," Jaxon yelled from across the hanger, "we should be able to make an emergency takeoff now." "Stand by. Alright, in your fighters. At this rate, we might even blow something up today." Rooitus finished and turned on his engines. I flipped on my speaker. "Red 2, standing by." The other replys came. "Enter combat space at zero-zero-three, Delta formation." We finally were out of the hanger.

"Jason, I'm sendin Laary and Cruly after you. Get into that star destroyer at the right and help blue sqadruon detonate it." "Copy that, Red leader." I broke off from the fighter formation, flanked by two x-fighters. "This is where the fun begins, my freind."

We were being met by a group of TIE fighters. I switched on my missiles and tailed one of the TIEs. Brrlrlrlra! There went one. My missiles locked, and I flew out two of em. "We got the rest of em for you." My wingman said. "We're gonna- holy cra-" then static. "What the-" What happened to Laary and Cruly? Dang, guess I'd have to go it alone till I hooked up with the Blue Squad Demo team. Bzk. Bzk. A couple of turrets were on me. I flashed my Burst Sheild and made for the hanger as fast as I can. Which, unfortunatyely, is a little too fast. I won't go through the details, but I was lucky I didn't combust. I was a little shook but I was in.

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