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Hallo! and how is everyone?


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Hey Guys,

Just thought i'd say hello and see how everyone is doing?


My life has changed quite drastically over the past month or so. I'm studying hard at my PC engineering after passing my high lev English and Maths exams :), and also packing to move! I am going to live near my Mum as she is quite ill with cancer and I want to help out as much as I can without being too under her feet :) kinda weird as my Gran is moving near her to, seems my whole family is reuniting, shame its under such horrid circumstances :( I think living back down the west country of England will do me good as thats where I am from.


Hopefully in a year or so I will be going to Canada to live. A good friend of mine that I worked with for many years in London has moved back there to run an Organic Farm and Winery. He wants me to be his Marketing manager and wine tester LOL! I will get my own place on his land and possibly my own brand of wine hehe :) This is also great for me to catch up with my US friends. My BF is on his way over here soon for a visit for christmas and my birthday, which should be a fun family thing.


As for gaming, i dont have much time anymore. SWG is now removed from my pc, but god i do miss the old times. i frequently think about reinstalling, but after the beta test of RotW I just didnt feel it was the same place anymore :( I still play WoW now and then, mainly to help out my guild in a few instances with my 60 warrior, but apart from that i play games that dont waste me so much time hehe.


Anyways, would be great to hear what some of ya are up to.


have fun and take care guys


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Heya girl :) I still play swg, hehe, cant quit cause I really like it now. Still got my 3 characters, so thats cool too.


In RL Im now 25, still with my boyfriend, Richard, we are renting a house, we both have a job that we like, and we just got a kitten, she is SOOOO cute, but she can be really bad too if she wants to, hehe :)


Else then that I dont think there is anything.

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hey ya Leemu :D still flirting to ya best abilities? hhehe or didnt the ingame missus get ya tied down at last? :p


Congrats on 25 Tebs :) and aww a little kitten.. how cute! my cat is still a pain in the butt but hes still lovable lol.


Glad your enjoying the game lil dude :)


and well the bombings.. hmm.. i was ok but my x hubby was on one of the trains :( hes ok, thankgod, but was a close call. the second set of bombs that thankfully didnt go off, the bus one, was just outside my best mates house in hackney.. so glad they failed. she has a 9yr old daughter and they couldnt get home for the night and im just releived they wernt home and it didnt explode. Not nice times here right now, another attack is expected at any time, and i never knew we had so many armed police here. seems like a gun is being weilded on every street corner, something us Brits are not used to. Feels like there is an invisible war going on :(

Thanks for your concern tho :)

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hey xan. we havent spoken in ages. nice to hear your live is sort of picking up. sorry to hear about your mom. get her some dutch licourish (sp?) :)


uhmmm well im still in SWG.... still LOVING it... much like mcdonalds. :p


im in the guild ISF... im a militairy advisor there... and uhm.. apparently they still see me as a leader cause i get harrassed like constant :) its a tradition there to harras the leaders ... i love it there tho... we have a lot of imp allies.. one of em is .... NOVA ... LEEMU !!! WHY ARE YOU NEVER ONLINE WHEN I WANNA KILL REB BASES!! :p


im doing great otherwise. hope everything works alright with your mom.


latah all.

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Hey guys, just thought I come by see how things are going. The fourms look good. heh, I've heard the game is good glad your all still having fun. I START School tomorrow will be the first time I've been to public school since 2nd grade. I'm now working on Eagle scout as well. Well have fun with that canada thing Xan, and the job. Sounds like a good deal :-D.

Later all

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