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Bon Solar

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Can't comment on the Micros and Action Fleet, but the figure's aren't worth a whole lot. Retail price maybe? If even that....


I am impressed by you having the backpack with Yoda on that Luke's back. When I was little, I could never get it to stay on, even if it was just sitting there. :p

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Well they are all toys i played with as a boy (im now 15 so not too long ago) and yer the backpack is a b**** and i secretly only have one strap in a hole and the other tucked under the arm :). I had another minature on a stand like the one on the black stand and it was a snow fighter (name?) but i've lost that. Also i have LOADS of starwars lego but i've lost lots of pieces. Im still looking for other SW toys as there are more.


I'm happy i've found my ORIGINAL metal Thunderbirds collection, i have them all and apparantly they are worth a bit but ill keep them for now :)

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Is it worth buying the modern SW toys do you think?


Don't ever collect something for the money. Collect it because you find it fun and enjoyable. I started out collecting right from the get go in '95 with my dad as long as getting dupes of the guys to take out and play with. I was only 8 at the time and pretty much loved collecting since. Well.... I've been pissed about Hasbro's SW line for sometime. My advice? Don't bother. It's become a chore for us veterans at times and it doesn't pay off if it's not worth anything.


By the way, I'm digging the new style of this place. Except the smilies. They such. Not using another for a long time.

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Katarn is right if you want to collect something do it for the love of it. I guess ive started collecting around 97 or something like. Ive got most of the POTF2 stuff, but kinda slacked down after POTJ came out. But ive collected all the TPM, AOTC and ROTS figures. Nothing much from that OTC line and power of the jedi line aswell.

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Ok thanx guys, I've found out the men are POTF2 figures and the others are MM. I was thinking of collecting the games but i was told it was pointless :S


Which games? Board games and video games are fun but probably worthless. The original SW Monopoly was worth alot for awhile. Not sure anymore with all the new versions made.


Or are you referring to card and miniature games? Can't comment on the cards, but the minis are worth quite a bit if you have a complete set. They just reprinted the first set, Rebel Storm. If you're interested, get those now while they're still out. Once they're gone, they're gone and prices for out of print minis are high. Clone Strike and Revenge of the Sith are outta print now. Very hard to come by (well, there's a few RotS things here and there but stores won't get more in after it's gone) and the prices on the secondary market are outta this world. I started collecting them for the fun of it. It's a bonus knowing how much they're worth....


If value and fun interests you, I recommend getting into that instead of the figures. The next set, Universe Huge, comes out in August.

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I just Ordered, From the Rebel Storm Collection


1 x 20 Wookiee Soldier

1 x 15 Rebel Commando

1 x 16 Rebel Officer

1 x 59 Twi'lek Scoundrel

1 x 57 Tusken Raider

1 x 53 Mon Calamari Mercenary

1 x 51 Jawa

1 x 45 Ewok

1 x 35 Snowtrooper

1 x 19 Rebel Trooper

1 x 18 Rebel Trooper

1 x 17 Rebel Pilot

1 x 8 Hoth Trooper

1 x 6 Elite Rebel Trooper

1 x 29 Imperial Officer

1 x 41 Bespin Guard


16 Figures for £20.50

13 for £1

3 for £2.50


Also for paying over £10 on my order i am getting a free figure from the collection so i'll have 17 pieces :)

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I'll see how i like them, if i do i'll go on ebay and pay for the rarer ones. I have money burning a hole in my pocket and i dont pay for living,mortage or anything cos im 15, woop.


Ebay does have a lot of stuff going pretty cheaply. Im waiting on one with a few days to go that is 67 RS Pieces (some repeats) all still in packaging with cards that is only a quid. If it stays around 10-15 quid ill get it. Im gonna collect RS for now despite Clone *cant remember 2nd bit* being my faviourite looking due to LS's :D

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Skip Clone Strike. This was the crummiest set when it came to quality and it's the most expensive at the moment. It's impossible to find boosters or anything of any kind for near retail price.


It's best to order cases when possible. You're guaranteed a R/ VR ration opposed to buying individual boosters. It's a bit steep in price, but totally worth it if you're going to really get into it. See how you like these things. Hell, you might like the game as well. I do and casually play it now and then. Mainly a collector though.

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