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gonna get overworked

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yesterday i went to pizza hut and decided to fill out an application, since they're remodeling and the place is closed down til end of august...anyway, the dude calls me while i'm working at walmart, on my cell, and i let him leave a message...lol and anyway i got set up for an interview today...and needless to say, i got the job. :D it's one of the fancy pizza huts where nothing is pre-packaged, so imma work mornings there part-time and work at walmart from 2-whenever XD yeah leemu guess u were right u biatch. XP heh the main reason they hired me cause my experience, then they're like 'forget everything u learned about prep' cause that's what i liked about the last pizza hut, so this one it's all fresh and i'll get to learn how to be a real cook, so it'll be kinda cool. hehe plus since walmart cut my hours and i don't feel like biatchin to them about it, this will even out my overall hours and i'll be makin at least 40 hours a week from both. pizza hut will be paying me 6.75, and there are raises based on performance every 4 months i think. XD so it should be ok, and i'll make u all a pizza and me and my sister will eat it for u all, and i'll get a picture and put it up on the net. XP hahaha


tomorrow is the big day, parents are bringing some of our stuff up, prolly just the beds right now since they were unable to get the uhaul my dad's bringing his truck up. and we'll move our stuff from storage into the place, and hopefully be able to move in on sunday. XD


uhmm...i've been forcing myself to stay awake til 2 am and wake up at 7 am, so far i've managed not to get sick from it, so hopefully...i'll have about 3 hours a day at least (this ain't counting when i'm not at walmart/pizza hut) so i'll be able to get galaxies on about every day. XP also, i may get a second account for myself if i have a decent surplus of money at the end of each month. XP


well cya all soon!!!

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im 21. XP wednesday is 1 year from me being neither honorably or dishonorably discharged from us army! :p


heh moved in to my apartment....the tires on my car are being lame, like this morning i went to get in my car and noticed the front passenger tire completely flat, drove on it anyway to the nearest air station. :rolleyes: hope it doesn't hold me up too long hehe.


gonna get my compy next week, and set up the cable and i'll be on. :D waiting for my dang visa check card to arrive in the mail so i can set galaxies up. :p


uhm...i work today 2-11 after i fill out rest of paperwork at pizza hut italian meistro lol.


so far, everything is going good. I'm gonna tell my manager today that i can no longer work before 2pm. wish me luck/pray for me lol


cya all in a few days!!!

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