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I'm trying to find Goto and kill him for the Hutt but i just can't find him anywhere, whereabouts is he?


Also, i rescued some man's wife and he gave me a lightsaber.. bit weird..


You won't find Goto, he will eventually find you when you have annoyed or helped the Exchange sufficiently. Just keep playing and you will get to him soon enough. It's part of the main story line so you can't miss it. :)

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If you're really that desperate, sure... why don't you just make a save game and try it yourself? oO

If you've attracted the Exchange after some certain events, one of their leaders will contact you to meet him. After that you can't leave Nar Shaddaa for a while because then the main plot about Goto will be set off.

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Oh right ok, i've been all around and annoyed them loads but for some reason still not enough, shall i pay the small guy 2000 credits to tell them im waiting or whatever it is?


As a last resort you could probably do that, but I've never had to. My problem usually is the opposite, that the Exchange notices me before I'm done with everything I have going on. :)


Some things you can do to annoy the Exchange:

Central HUB

* Side with the Rodian merchant in the Duros vs Rodian "Trade Wars"

* Interrupt the drug deal in the closed compound right next to the duros merchant, and kill the exchange thugs there.

* Sabotage the Swoop Racer droid.

* Help the man threatened by Exchange thugs, but intimidate them to leave or kill them rather than pay them to leave him alone.


Refugee quad

* Rescue Asana (the feisty kid) from the Exchange.

* Kill Saquesh the Exchange Boss and his cronies.


Entertainment promenade

* Repair/Reprogram the Pazaak droid in the Pazaak den.



Note, however, that the Exchange won't make contact with you until you have reclaimed the Ebon Hawk from the Red Eclipse slavers. The Red Eclipse quest is triggered when you re-enter the Central HUB (where the Ebon Hawk is landed) from the Refugee Quad.

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