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Hey im new in the Forum but i thing i would have a Great Idea.

Iv just compleated reading the First ST:RC Book and i liked it.

Maybe the Missions could be more like Real.

Not just go in, Destroy evrything and kill evryone.

More like u were set up somwhere with ur team and some Ressources.( Ammuniton, Granades , Maybe some traps. ) In your Bag pack and u have like in real just a limited Strenght to carry the Equipment with you.

Like uf u have much i will go slower and some other things.

And there would be a big map ( Like 10 kilometers or like you would say 9 or 8 Miles. )

on which the target ( of course ) and some other things are.

You would be able to decice like would u go to the Target dirrectly or would u go more Stratagic, would u gain informations about the enemy like observating how much they are , where the Patrouls go often , or maybe u would find an old Fabrik where some Experimental Weapons somre or something like that.

I would LOVE somthing like that :).

Just like the Real Live would be or like the bock is made.

And as a Bonus there could be a Charackter maker be in it :xp: .

I hope you could understand me , im german and my english is realy bad so i hope it will not be to difficult to read this post :).

Ohh and a Happy new Year to all of you and LA :shades2:


MFG Daniel D.:):)

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Im happy that u like my idea :D.

And i thing the Render Sequences were awsome :drama:.

And whe shouldn forget about the Droids :cyb2:.

Maybe a new AI ?

Or if they are not planning now for a 2 part :( ,

then they could make an Official lvl editor for it.

Or maybe this will gona be in 2 Already :confused:.

Would be cool to make your ownl lvls.

But in some Huge Areay would propably come some new expiriences.

You could snipe the enemy from a tree :snip2:.

But fighting like a real Commando would be awsome :uzi1:.

Ahh i like those Smilies :shades2:.

Maybe they would make Better Defenses for the Enemy bases so that we will have to thing before an Attack ? :lurkblast

At the end could be a Bonus for collection some Speciel Targets or somthing other, that u can play the Game as a Jedi Commander :wan:.

?? Or as the Real Jango :jango:.

I would Prefere both.

How that would be cool :D an maybe u could Specialize your Unit.

Like for fighting vs 10 Droids at once ( in real it would be hard )

U will get an Medal.And that will bring u like an Black Stripe.

Than u can Costumize you Trooper with a Black Stripe or maybe even somthings for the Dropship ^^ like a Flame. <---- I wrote mistakly Drop**** xD lool ---->

Or the last Secreat the Original Skin from the Series :D.

That would ROCK and lol again so much xD

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Maybe with kills Expirience points which could be used To get an Airstrike or somthing ala World in Conflickt.

Or there would be an World editor like in Far Cry 2.

Charackter class Editor maybe too.

But i thing this all would be better in Battle Front 3.

So i thing the Multiplayer would be ike he is.

Just with Bigger lvls.

Upgradable weapons and some other stuff.

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i think for multiplayer that, like in a lot of games these days, there should be ranking servers, and the higher rank u r, the better weapon upgrades u get. i also think that there should be a radar thing added to ur HUD (Heads Up Display). i also think that u should be able to place stationary turrets, automatic or manned


p.s. welcome speedfire


p.s.s. speedfire, try to stay on RC, rather than talk about other star wars games

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Hehe ok.

And that idea with the Rankning servers NO WAY.

I hate somthing like that.

There gonna be people wich are playing all the day to get better weapons ect.

More better would be that u gain Points with like Capture the Flag and other things.

Than u can Spend them on Items.

That would be more Fair.

But Back to RC, ( SinglePlaye ) maybe u should be able to chose at the Beginning of the mission from some Squads like would you like to Play with the Dealta or with the Omega sqoud.

( Multiplayer ) Better Team Balace.

But i on Multiplayer there is often the Problem that the Servers are automaticle changing teams.

But that could get Annoying because u lose all your points.

So i would make a Points transfer too.

So that u can Contiue there where u stoped at the other team.


( Off Topic ): For all those who gonna say me Hallo too :D

HI ^^

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