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What are you listening to right now?


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"Lights" - Journey


Uh, yeah... well it brings back memories... Let's face it: if you were a suburban rat in the 80's and wanted to score, you'd better have some Journey on hand at all times.


Honestly, I wish I'd gotten a chance to listen to a lot more Journey back then than I did... :(




P.S. - Def Leppard too...


Just thought of them cuz' "Bringin' on the Heartbreak" is playing now.


Conjours up a whole 'nother set of memories...

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Haven't posted here in a while. Well, today I got Evanescence's latest album, ''The Open Door'' and have been listening to it. Multiple times. What can I say? It's my favourite band.

Anyway, the songs are great, as always when it comes to Evanescence, but they have a bit darker melody than the previous ones.

Right now I'm listening to their ''All that I'm living for'' song.

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