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Is this good or what?

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I got to late 70's. I'm at rank 82 now, and I'm still trying to get the last one figment in Gloria's Theatre, the last one figment in the Milkman Conspiracy, and... yeah.


Wasn't there a bonus movie clip if you get to rank 100?


Yes there is, it's not overly important to watch, but still highly entertaining and well worth getting the rank (or getting a bink viewer off the internet to watch the movie yourself like I did :p )

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Although I am wondering whether you can complete the game without levitation and pyrokenesis, which you certanly need to get a higher rank for.



The bit with Oleander in the tank


Yeah. I just rememberd I need invisibility

to enter the Rainbow Squirt house

and telekenisis

for the nightmare

to get through The Milkman Conspiracy.


I'll guess I'll have to cave in and get to level 30 before I can continue on.


(Did you mean telekenisis and pyrokenesis, cause you get levitation from Milla)

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I just tried to use the door on Boyd, and got this message from Agent Cruller:


I'm getting the feeling that you won't get too far with this fella until you earn the power of TELEKINESIS. You'll earn that power at RANK 20. Do you want to jump in and try?


They thought of everything.

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