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They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!


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greeeeat... now I have that tune stuck in my head :eyeraise: hehehe...


Yea me too


I just wish it was an mp3. That way I could burn it to a disc and play it at work...... hehehehe

Yea, I'm evil.


I guess Ill just have to sing it.


*hits replay, repeatedly*


I don't think LOTR will ever be the same. Anytime I watch it now, this song will pop in my head.

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Yeah I love taters too, though that flash movie is a piece of crap.


Unlike here where both are great :] Here's the MP3 for those who can't get enough of it.




Im going to put that on a disk and play it over and over at work.


If I'm really adventerous, I might even do the Hobbit dance on my desk.


They are going to hate me by the time I get off.......hehehe

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