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Do you Want to mod SW-KotOR? List of other useful threads

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This thread links to various older discussion threads dealing with specific modding issues. Please browse the four tutorial forums to check if a newer tutorial exists before using the links contained in this thread.



Original thread opened for discussion: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=124284


Last Updated January 22, 2004 If you know of a thread you have found helpfull PM me and I'll add it. All recently added threads will have


I decided to compile this list so that people will have easy access to what I think are the most important threads in this forum to date.


I hope this helps new and veteran modders alike. Mostly I want to keep the really informative threads from being lost amongst the chaos.








Editing Items Using KotOR Tool - Tutorial

Achilles' Lightsaber walkthrough

Module and Dialogue Creation in depth Tutorial

How to Make your Saber Upgradeable

Introduction to SW:KotOR Modding with Fred Tetra's Kotor Tool

How to add journal entries

A guide to "new area" creation

Tutorial for changing models

Tutorial for adding retextured NPC armor as new items.

Tutorial On Creating Custom Items

How Lightsabers were built. OR the chaotic Saber genesis :)

Want to make a custom Lightsaber

Removing Item Restrictions

Turn Clothes into more than just a fasion statement

On texture editing and adding new reskined player heads

Adding new item properties (The combinations are almost endless)

Can I make my own item?

Creating Custom Load Screens

Giving your custom modules their own names


3D modeling



KotOR model tool Extract and decompile KotOR models.


Texture Reskinning:


Texture overlay defining a pattern and using layer effects

step by step for a white saber blade

step by step for a black saber blade

Photoshop Tips


Making textures transparent useing Photoshop

PS tutorials: Texture_Preparation, Texture_Extraction



Scripting: I have not tried all of these scripts so if they won't work for you don't blame me :)


NEW How to create your own Padawan mod?

Extending force power time

How to use HazardX's .nss compiler

A couple usefull links for scripting functions + Tutorials

Useing globals with dialogs

A script to initiate a new dialog

A script to change the player model (could be used to disguise the PC at a plot

Earlier post of the same script with some more useful info

Tired of your party members? Want more Jedi?

Playing as Bastila

Function to teleport you to another location

Question about romance mod..

How to plant player made items in the game


more of how to plant items

A script to make an npc attack you when attached to dialog



2DA editing:


Numbered animations in Animations.2da and their effect.

Adding New selectable PC's

Spells.2da column descriptions

See Gleaner’s post (6th down) on featgain/classpowergain.2da editing

Editing classes.2da to add more Feats

ON classpowergain.2da feats.2da

Editing forceadjust.2da

Editing Appearance.2da to replace PC models with NPC ones (Darth Bandon body)





how do i make masks invisible

Play a new game with the inventory from your last game (Warnning I advise you to remove all the plot items from INVENTORY.res before doing this)

How to get the HotG and MotF Early in-game

A discussion about models

Texture editing

Useful features in swkotor.ini

Holowan CloakWorks (I thought I would add this)

A level in taris that you can't get to in the game, but can warp to.

Deconstructing the yuthura mod



Web links:


Lilac Soul's NWN Script Generator is designed for NWN,But it may help you get started Scripting and point you in the right direction.

NWN scripting functions

Biowares NWN script Forum

Bioware Dev section. Very useful


This is a great site with many Tutorials For Apps like Photoshop(5.5-7).



Mod Ideas:



Armor creation project

Adding Yuthera

A Story concept


If any of the links are broken please let me know. And remmber there many more informative posts that are here. So the search function is your friend. :)

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