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Welcome to our forums, the best place to discuss and post your Star Wars and Kotor fan-art and fan-stories.. During your stay, please follow these guidelines which should hopefully make the forum enjoyable for all :)


Forum Rules/Code of Conduct


The general forum rules applicable to all StarWarsKnights.com forums, including this one, can be found here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=169078


In addition to the general rules, here are a few more guidelines that are specific to the present forum:


1. Artwork

Fan Art or other artwork should be posted in the The Art Gallery sub-forum.


2. Thread hijacking

Please do not post advertisements for your fic in someone else’s thread. Do not ask people in other fics or threads to review your fic. Posts containing this kind of advertising will be now be deleted or edited at moderator discretion.


3. No Posting In Threads Labeled With A [FIN]


Please refrain from posting in all threads labled with a [FIN]. [FIN] is used to denote threads of fics that are free of comments and are ready (or nearly ready) to be moved to The Jedi Archives by the moderators or adminstrators. Any posts other than the author’s in these [FIN] threads will be deleted. If too many posts are made by an individual, it will be considered a form of spam. Please see the thread "How to post your fanfic here?" for details on how to make your fic ready for the Jedi Archives. Thank you for your cooperation.


4. [FIN] threads are solely for finished works.


Do not start a FIN thread if you have not finished your story. If you start a FIN thread before you have completed work on your fic, the FIN thread will be deleted. Once you open a FIN thread, you must transfer your story to it within a week so that it can be moved to the Archives in a timely manner. Contact a moderator if you experience some unusual circumstance that would prevent you from completing it in a week.



Plagiarizing will not be tolerated. The definition of plagiarism is taking someone else’s art or story (in total or part) and saying it is your own. Using someone else’s work without giving them proper credit is also plagiarism. You must clearly identify your source when you cite it in order to give the author or artist proper credit. Posts containing plagiarized material may be edited or deleted at moderator discretion. Members who plagiarize may be banned.



And the last rule:

Have fun! :)

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