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Guide to User Made Stories, aka Fan Fiction

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Guide on posting your fan-fiction.


So, you've come up with a story of some kind relating to Star Wars or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic?? Well, what are you waiting for: share it with the rest of us!! Before you do, there are a couple of guidelines that you need to follow about your work.


  1. Your story can be a work-in-progress, an outline, a part of a larger work, or an entire story. Feel free to get creative (that means don't restrict yourself to just Kotor, but stay within the Star Wars universe). Also, feel free to post your stories on any subject you so choose as long as it remains Star Wars related.
  2. Just remember to watch/edit the language and don't post anything sexual-related beyond kissing. If you think its a bit 'racey', then pm it to me and I'll help you go through it to make it not so racey.
  3. The biggest rule here: don't plagierize. Copying someone else's work and calling it your own (especially copyrighted works) is strictly prohibited and can lead to a ban. If you're posting someone else's work, then make sure that it is clearly labeled at the beginning of the post, including the original author's name and copyright information, if applicable.
  4. Whenever you do post your work, make sure that it has a [FIC] label in front of it in the thread title. For example: "[FIC]Your title here". This is to remove confusion and add some organization since fan-art is also posted in this forum. Use other tags as appropriate, such as [Poetry] or [Lyrics].
  5. If you are commenting on someone's fan-fiction, feel free to post your mind. If you want to be a critic, then go ahead, but try to keep things constructive and positive. Nobody likes to have people spit in their face about how bad their work is, so don't do it. Posts like that will be treated like flaming.



Well, with all the rules out of the way, go ahead and start posting your stuff. Above all, have fun being as creative as you can. ;)

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