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Guest DarthMaulUK

I am going to email Lucasarts next week with a list of complaints from the SW galaxies gaming community. I am giving YOU the chance to post your thoughts.


I want to know what you do and don't like about the game. Please include in your post how long you have been playing the game since. Are you a veteran, who has gone through the CU and hated it, or did you like it?


Has publish 22 been the last straw for you? tell us all!


Please be constructive in your post and I will send in the best complaints!



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I'm a veteran of SWG and have played more then 15 months.


At first I thought the CU was just an upgrade to combat. Boy was I wrong it was a complete overhaul of a system that I had enjoyed for almost a year. I though maybe this CU would be cool but without awaiting the feedback of many vetern players like myself Sony pushed the CU into live. Because of this many vetern players left the game. Only recently did I attempt to play the game again. I thought that the game couldn't get any worse. Then Sony decided to slap publish 22 on me and my fellow gamers. Now Xp is so little it's hard to go anywhere. This made a fun game go down the drain. Nobody likes grinding out Xp and now Sony has compounded that problem making the game super boring!!!! That's not how Star Wars should be. This move hurts the game and everyone in it. No one's impressed with this move and I'm sure before long more people will step forward to voice there opinions. The direction of this game is going down hill! Put our XP back to where it was before and do something cool with the publishs. Like more dungeons. Add to the game stop taking away from the game we all love.



GIVE US BACK OUR XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You do know it was LucasArts Idea to implement a new and easier Jedi system, and to make Jedi more accesible to a new player to increase sales? SOE has screwed up plenty of times, but when the original dev team was starting to turn things around and make progress, they fired them and hired an even dumber group. LA has to take just as much blame as SOE for this kind of stuff. Maybe if LA made there own SWG2 things would be better because there would be no second people which they restrict and mess with.


That was not part of your mail, just my thoughts on why not to bother sending anything to LA, they only want money, they don't give a **** as long as people keep playing...

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I believe that the devs need to fix a few things, the combat upgrade i thought was actually cool. They made the combat upgrade based on grouping and now thats what we do until publish 22. Now that publish 22 is live the combat upgrade blows because you can hardly get any xp by soloing anything. You have to be a combat medic or doctor to grind by yourself with the combat upgrade or it just takes too long. It is now impossible to get jedi, now that grinding is so difficult. It would take years on end to get a good jedi. It also doesnt help that they switched the combat xp at the village from 3:1 to 30:1. Combat xp cut the time of grinding the village in half. Thanks to them screwing that up like they do everything else it takes twice as long to grind the village and now with publish 22 its impossible. SOE really needs to hire a new staff of devs or get someone that knows what they are doing. I have not noticed one good thing the devs have ever done for this game. The game came out 2 or 3 years ago rocking the world, and ever since it came out the devs slowly brought it down. This is the list of things i think they need to fix.

1. group xp back to what it used to be

2. xp giveout from npc higher

3. Not so much work at the village (atleast back to what it was like 3-4 months ago before publish 22 and the combat xp nerf)

4. Lower the difficulty of the most popular areas such as the dwb. Now with the combat upgrade it is very difficult to do anything there. Ive played this game since launch and ive never seen a mandalorian helm. (or crafted bh helm what ever u want to call it)

5. improve the combat. (make the game more like kotor and it will be way more popular)

6. Requirements for branches way lower. (you shouldnt need 450k xp for 1 box and a million xp for a master box)


If u fix these things the game would be way better. PLEASE DEVS DO SOMETHING RIGHT FOR ONCE

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This is a copy of my posting, found under



Hope it helps!




This is a serious post.


I open a new thread because the pub22-thread is running out of control.


1. SWG is planned to be continued by SoE - then read on

2. SWG is not continued by SoE - then dont bother reading




The current state of the game is apparently not (at least SHOULD not) what was targeted.


For the customer/player, this game should be fun and a place to recreate a few hours from reallife stress,

worth to pay 15$/month.


For the operating company, it should be a cashcow, justifying and covering the costs, better: earning money.


This title earns money, when a huge amount of players/customer consider this title worth the fee and subscribe

(and important: stay)


There are two ways of advertising to make the title magnetizing more customers, on a regulary and stable base:


1. Commercials, printmedium adds, electronical adds (so called banner/internet)

2. Spreaded word


#1 Requires the operating company to prepay financials which must be regained

by the hopefully sucessfull advertised/gained new subscribers


#2 Requires satisfied customers advertising this title to friends, collegues

and familymembers (spreaded word).



#2 "overrides #1":

As good as an commercial could be, the truth gets you always. With the current state

of the game, advertised potential customers will not subscribe if/when:

1. Their "inbox 30 days-free period" expires - the current bugs and technically

problems of the title are to obv. to see in this amount of time.


2. Other customers keep reporting in public medias (internet, forums, reviews) about

the state of the game and the customer service quality.



So the #1 way is a hopelessly waste of money and effort, if the basic conditions

are not existing (a good functional game and operating company).


Since the forums and ingame "mood" of the current playerbase reflect clearly all the

problems with SWG®, essential changes must take place here before an ongoing operating

and advertising of the title should be an issue. We call this "root handling", curing

the root of problems, not covering the cause.



We have to see a few essential "mechanisms" of the current SWG staff/organizing:


1. Developers

2. Tech department (QA and customer service)

3. Producer and management

4. Public relation



To #1:

Without going into detail, the result of the developers work is not the quality of coding, this

complex title needs/requires. Without going into detail WHY this is the way (cutted times of testing,

lack of skills, poor choice of employes) the ROOT of their bad work should be investigated and cured.


To #2:

The QA is practically non-existant. Publishes with major bugs, untested code and gamemechanism-breaking

coding is pushed to live, worst case was P22, partly published after 16h of "testing", causing account

cancelations again and a horrible "disturbance" within the playerbase. The damage of THIS is harming the

reputation of the title, the company and hard to repair.


The completely structure of the QA must be investigated and changed. Personal changes included.


To #3:

According to #1, it is a possibillity that the developement is simply not "allowed" to develope the code

in the needed way, due to timeissues caused by the current management.

The current timetables and "directions" of developement need to be investigated and "adjusted" to the

wantings of the paying customer (aka player).


The paying customer is the heartbeat of the whole SWG staff. His money is keeping up this title and paying

every single salary envolved with this title. If the paying customer is displeased in a way making him

consider to cancel, the whole work of the management has failed. This is to avoid under all circumstances.


The management is not "allowed" to decide what is "good" or "bad" for this title. It is NOT the management's

task, to change the game in such essential ways, displeasing the customer, without previous notfication (forum)

or even polls, investigating the WANTING of the customer. The management NEVER decides, if the customer

is right or wrong. The customer is ALWAYS right. As long as his CC is charged.


The essence of this is to make sure, this title is developed WITHIN the givings of the Lucas Art contract, but

in a way of pleasing the customer.


In example of P22, there was the so called "Experience nerf". If this is a bug or intende was unclear to the

community for several hours. That it is an intended change, was official stated last night by "Tiggs", Comm. Dir.

of the SWG Title.


The projectmanagement has lost sight for Star Wars.

The process of grinding/leveling a toon is a way, a goal. It should never be a pain nor a burden.

A hard level process CAN be introduced at the beginning of a game, but should never be introduced,

when a game is established and HAS already maxed out characters.

The word-of-the-year ("balancing") becomes ad absurdum (meaningless) when the original creator of the

balance-concept (SoE) suddenly turns 180 degress, making new players not able to grind out in an "usual"

timeframe (other games, succesfull titles should be looked up), discouraging them to play by injecting

the feeling of "i suck" or "im such a noob" into them, caused by the gemamechanic.

Such decisions are never good and shouldnt be made by a competent management. Personal changes are needed here.


The way of Star Wars is grinding up a profession in an usual timeframe to gain access to high-level content

(DWB, Corvette, Necrosis, Nightsisters, Akkuans, Dathomier and much more), making them able to support their

guild, giving them the feeling to be a "usefull" part of the community.


To avoid Jedi grinding up too fast, this could be solved (and SHOULD be solved) "isolated".

Punishing and harming the levelprogessions of the whole game is an "unsensitive hammermethod" and prooves the lack

of creativity of the repsonsibles. Personal changes are needed here.


Furthermore, it is displeasing the majority of the players in a great way. According to the above paragraph,

a displeased customer means cancellation, means cutted bargain, means (at a certain point) firing of staff etc etc etc.


Note the word "all": This implicates NO EXCEPTION.


This leads to #4:

The current community responsible (Tiggs) needs to be "redisposed".

Mrs. Diane "Tiggs" Migliaccio is a dedicated onlineplayer. I dont know her personally so i cant (and i wont) say

anything personal here. But she wasnt hired for our personal pleasure, she was hired to fulfil a role.

The intention of SoE paying her money (the customers money) for that is, that she is doing the task/job in a

satisfactory way.


I am sure, Diane is a loveley person, mom, petlover and boattriplover, but unfortunatly her personal attitude

of disrespecting the playerbase is shining to much through her postings the last time.


The way of communication is not well trained, she suffers in her choice of words, in the amount of communication

and in concentrating on important topics.


A publish-22 posting like (partly paraphrasing):

"If someone can please post full details of what you are seeing exactly rather then OMG you nerfed XP!!!11

it would really help us to see what you are refering too."


is definatly the wrong (and very unwise) choice of words, and caused offending within the playerbase.


An example:

If you are in charge of handling insurance issues and a customer calls, asking you to pay for damaged

transportation goods, you can say:

"The good wasnt packed the needed way, we are sorry, no pay for damage, have a nice day".


This will cause the customer to cancel his contract and spread the word of how bad this insurance agency is.

This is not costing one customer, it is costing 5 customers (4 who will NOT subscribe cuz of the spreaded word).


But you also can say:

"Oh, im so sorry to hear this, of COURSE we will call the insurance company, you have a contract

to cover this, i will call you back Sir, no doubt. Again, this is ugly what happend, but we will do all

possible to help you here".


3h later you call the customer back and tell him:

"The insurance company told us just they cant do anything cuz the goods werent packed the needed way which

exludes the payment for the damage.

But i spoke to our boss and since we want to have you satisfied/happy, he told me we will pay 150$ of the

487.-$ damage out of our own pocket, that your loss is not that much and your pain is lowered a bit.

This payment is not covered, it is made on OUR decision, please note that."


This customer will feel:



Taken care off

partly satisfied



Answer 1 (a bit above) is causing the customer to cancel his contract and badmouth about the agency

in future, everywhere he can.


Answer 2 is causing the customer to feel good, and spreading the word what great agency he has, they

once payed him a damage out of their own pocket even, when the insurance said "move along".


Answer 2 will gurantee the continueing monthly 34,-$ profit from his insurance payment (so the 150.-

are payed off after 5 month, instead of loosing the profit from this customer in total) and most likely

serve you with 3 more customers, which his spreaded word will cause.



Tiggs is following mostly answer1. This isnt the right way for a communication director and happend

too much already, it should lead to personal changes.



SoE responsibles (TH eg.) promissed the community per written word, to NOT add content the next few publishes

rather then focussing on bugfixing and eliminating essential problems from the game.


This promisse became broken after one patch, when pub-22 was adding more NEW functions/things to the game,

but 90% broken/not working, even breaking/nerfing so far correct operating gamemechanisms.


I dont know who signs responsible for this, but the effect of it is easy to see:

The paying customer feels lied at. His trust in SoE is "decaying". This is not an endless process. When the customer

is losing finally ALL trust in SoE, he is "vulnerable" to cancel his subscription (refer to: Avoid under ALL....)


The pub-22 was pushed to live in a most incompetent way:

Most of the changes werent even in the published compilation

Most of the announced functions arent working

The announcement itself was published AFTER servers were rebooted (Resp.: TIGGS)

The communication is in a state of "panic", the response from the officials (TIGGS) is poor.


Whoever pushed this live, whoever was in charge of "QA", the very REASON for non working gamecode are

the Developers (they code it, period).



The whole chain of processes involved in this was a general failure, showing and prooving the horrible

state of the whole SWG department:


1. The coding is beyond sloppy

2. The QA is worthless, its not doing their job

3. The communication (TIGGS) has failed, the community is in panic in lack of facts/statements

4. The handling of this whole issue is not "appropiate" for a company like SoE



The problem here is not that anyone will say "Tiggs or TH or the Devs failed ago 2 yrs" (when SWG is history),

the problem is that SoE!!! as a company is really taking damage in a huge amount here. Players will say

"I dont buy/play the game XXXXX (when new released), it is an SOE TITLE...this company who ruined SWG 2 years ago".


The very same happend to "Electronic Arts" a bit ago.

They had titles like "Motor City Online" and "Earth and Beyond" and "Ultima Online".


These titles were riddin in the dirt and shut down except UO - which still exists, but in a minor role after

their horrible revamp catastrophe (comparable to the so called "CU" in SWG). The reasons are very much the same

like you can see here:

• PR bad

• Devs not listening

• Arrogant company attitude


The games suffered, a huge loss in subscribers (E&B dropped from 40K to 10K in NO time) was the result of displeased

customers, the sunset of these titles where the "natural cause".


Customers said then "Never again one cent for any title from EA".

EA today is not the "big bro" in this business anymore, rather a low light after these catastrophes.



The interessting bit in this:

Tiggs and Gordon Walton


(Gordon Walton is the "Studio Manager" in Austin, also for SWG®.)

(Gordon Walton was VP and Executive Producer of The Sims Online at Electronic Arts/Maxis,

(and before that he was VP online services for Origin Systems managing Ultima Online.)


where employeed and partly involved in these titles at "Electronic Art".


Taken from TIGGS letter to the community:

Some of you may remember me from my previous positions held at Electronic Arts with the Ultima Online Volunteer program

and The Sims Online Development team.


Taken from Gordon Walter's letter to the community:

I have worked exclusively on massively multiplayer games for the last 9 years, working at Kesmai and Electronic Arts

before joining Sony Online Entertainment. I've been working in game development almost exclusively for 27 years

(yes, I'm darn old for a game guy!). Former players of Ultima Online might know me as "Tyrant", and that remains

my online handle.



Dont get me wrong, im not saying that TIGGS or GW are RESPONSIBLE for the shutdown/loss of the above title

(god beware, how could i even), im saying that both where "learning" in a company which failed in sucessfull

operating of these titles.


I must also admit that onlinegaming was a BRAND new thing when EA operated these titles, and mistakes and

failing was almost preprogrammed due to the lack of experience in this new market.


But what i DO say is, that SWG® is, without any doubt, not going very well these days, loosing customers,

and in urgently need of help.


There is a community out here, full of experience, full of suggestions, full of reports.

A community is a "reflecting instrument" which could (and should) be "used".


You, SoE, can safe your dollars spend/spent in huge amounts (in)to marketing companys, finding out how your

product is. You should not believe in statements like "The guys on the forums complaing are not the ones

playing the game in happyness, so dont pay attention to them" (out of free mind, but similar to this meaning).


Peoples posting here in the forums are the average player, posting here BECAUSE they feel the "need"...the URGE

to voice up. It is like a demoscopy: Its is the representive amount of players voicing out, what the majority

is feeling. This has been (latest) prooven by/with the CU:

The forums "mood" was EXACTLY what thousands of players felt on the SERVERS, without posting in the forums.

But their moods was identically.


And sorry, we DO know this. Because WE (players) are in the forums AND the game. YOU NOT!

So you better believe and not even TRY to argue and "pink talk" it, you have no room for that.



And here is the message of this posting,it is directed to YOU, Kurt Stangl:

Kurt, please call this URL in your browser:



This is your letter to the community. Dont say "I know it, wazzup with it", please READ IT again.


Let the Main theme of Star Wars run on Winamp and READ your letter again, get a feel...melt with

the community.


It is the community where you came from. It is the community which brought you to where u at today.

The community you once called "sisters and brothers".

It is the community paying this all.


You have a task Kurt...take this letter, take the essentials, extract one message and pass it to the



THE GAME NEEDS HELP...from the customerbase.

And the ones in charge stop "thinking" on their own too much,

rather then taking advises.


SoE has a new song, first verse:





And now go out...and pass the message...before it it is to late my friend.

You are the Sheriff on the "mainstreet" of Dodge City, High Noon.

You are the one asked to act now - Its in your hand, Kurt.

Please show where you come from, for the sake of the game.


Thank you for reading and taking the time to do so.



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I have been playing for just under a month now so i was here just as publish 21 was settling in. During this time i focused mainly on space and artisan grinding, and i relative success n both. Around about the second week in august i decided to start on my combat training properly. I did so and gained about a dozen levels in a few days with relative ease, then publish 22 came out and that was it. I was about level 40 and didint notice anything until i started trying for my second master proffession. Having to group with level 70+ groups was the only was for me to get good xp. I didnt really care at the time, i was having fun seeing as fighting was new to me. Then i got the rediculously easy "glowy" status. Then i started my jedi grind, and the glory of shared xp hit me like a wet kipper. I would grind all day on level 82 lairs and get about 50k fs xp. I dont really mind the amount needed its just so friggin boring to get it, the fighting system is soooo tedious, Kage had a great idea by making it like KOTOR, but even that wouldnt save this game for me now. With hotfix after hotfix making things worse, we even had happy happy no xp for any combat profession day yesterday! Thats right after hotfix 23 there was no xp for soloing a giant lvl 75 malkloc or even aoeing a lvl 80 lair! so obviously the devs are not worth the money WE pay for their wages (i realise im still in trial period but ive already booked the next month).

Ok so what do i think should be changed


1 Combat system, either a more actiony style like Jedi Outcast or a more formal method like KOTOR, which would be better for an rpg. Xp should be like it was prior to publish 22 full xp for every member of the group that helped out.


2 Jedi system, the xp needed is fine in my opinion, but gettin fs should be harder, i only had latch onto a level 80 from my guild and it was only 2 days until the oldman was following me, maybe make it so you have to do a hard jedi-esque lair that you can only go into by yourself, or have a bash with vader and manage to escape. Also instead of a grind i think jedi related missions would be better to get your fs skill boxes up to initiate then the grind could start but with xp similar to other combat profs.(i could actually go on all day about the jedi xp, see other posts by me)


3 missions, oh yes please change the npc missions! in any way just dont make them in the format drive, kill 3 and lair, drive back. Maybe little outposts or camps would make all the difference.


4 this one is to the devs, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING, MAKE THE GAME FUN THEN GO SHOVE THE REST OF YOU'RE PUBLISHES AND HOTFIXES! im just getting used to one style of play then they go change it! I cant imagine how you 2 year vets have put up with this constant change in gameplay, ive only been here amonth and was yea close to unistallin the game.


Thats about it for me, theres a lot of minor stuff but they are the main issues ive had in my month in farstar.

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Whatever you do, don't, and I cannot emphasis this strongly enough, but don't do anything more to the Jedi system. In fact, if it was at all possible (which I at this time doubt), get rid of them as a player option.


This was supposed to be a game about OT (Original Tirlogy, as in 4, 5, and 6). If you go by Mr. Lucas, there were no Jedi left but 2. If you go by the rest of Star Wars, there's only very few real Jedi left. Right now, the biggest obstical in making this feel like Star Wars in the period you have set this game in, is the abundance of overconfident and visual Jedi running around. Remember the core that won over the Empire. It wasn't the Jedi, they weren't around to help this time. It was the ordinary men and women who fought and won against the mighty Empire.


If Star Wars had really happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, this game would be a mockary to the men and women who fought and died in the war against the cruel Empire, by first of all being so overprotective of the Jedi players (who mostly care little about Star Wars in the first place, they just want to play a Jedi and feel powerfull, the rest has given up hoping this game getting to be what it was promised and joined the Jedi club), secondly that it's a player option. We all know, when players get full control all rules are out the window. So having such a big thing as the Jedi being a player option, just screams major continuity break.


Don't get me wrong, I like Jedi, I like playing Jedi (I'm not one in this game, but I mean in Jedi Knight series and KotOR for instance). But to be honest, this isn't KotOR, this isn't the Prequels, this isn't the New Jedi Order.

This is A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the (1) Jedi. The Jedi simply cannot help the people living in this time, not in the way they did in the past (KotOR, Prequels) or the future (NJO). This is plain and simple Star Wars, where you just gonna have to fight the battles on your own, and not have the Jedi fight it for you.


Other issues ...


Where's the war?

You see rebels and imperial NPC's roaming around, sometimes in the same spot. Sometimes they'll take pot shots at eachother, other times they'll leave eachother alone. And what's the deal with Moenia? A rebel city? Alittle over 2 clicks away from what you would think was the most well guarded area in the entire SWG universe?!?

Naboo should be the substitue to Coruscant: the most well guarded planet in SWG. Not saying make it impossible for players to walk and travel to the planet if they are rebels, but make it much more predominantly Imperial. Right now it feels more like it's 2 loose factions squabling over left overs.



As I understant it, the lead guy working on JTl was someone who had worked on such a juvel as Wing Commander? It sure is noticable. While I very much enjoyed Wing Commander III, IV, and (but not so much) V (never got to try 1 and 2), again, this is not Wing Commander, this is Star Wars, with a well established and working flight characteristic and cockpit HUD. Personally, I think the Star Wars radar are superior to the Wing Commander radar. It gives a much clearer indication to where the ships are and about how far away they are (the futher they are away, the darker the color), and it doesn't mix together rear radar with front radar. You always know where your target is with the Star Wars radar: Is he behind me? Is he in front of me? Sides? Below me? Is he 45 degrees low, 45 degrees to the left of me?

Basically, what I mean is, replace the current radar with the Star Wars radar, both for better orientation, aswell as the Star Wars feel to it.


Sliding, or ice skating ... I don't like it, but I've come to terms with it, so do what you like with it. :)


I miss the way you sorta roll to the left as you turn left. It sorta saves time when you currently in game have to first roll the ship, and then pull your stick back to make a propper left turn. After all, atleast in the case of the TIE's, you want to present yourself as small a target as possible, and if you are to do that when you are turning with a TIE, you have to first roll the ship 90 degrees, then pull your stick towards you. In Star Wars you would push your stick to the left and as you turn left the way you do in SWG, you also start rolling. Just by using 1 key. Combine that with pulling your stick and you have a good way to dodge incoming laser fire. Aswell as it's much easier to track a ship this way too. Right now I'm compansating this by pulling my stick in the direction I want to move, and pressing the left or right arrows on my keyboard to try and produce the same effect. This is silly, as I could use ,y left arm and fingers to something else instead, like selecting targets, or subsystems, or adjust speed etc....

Basically, more Star Wars like manouvering in general. Sliding is ok for me, I realise why it had to be introduced.


So not to rant too much, make the game more like Star Wars, less everything else.




Oh, and if you haven't already:

The Star Destroyer you have out as a destruction goal for the rebels clearly is a ISD mark I. Cudose one the awesome detail work on it, guys, especially actually being the first game to add the heavy turbolaser and Ion cannon batteries. :) Nice touches.

Just one minor thing about it.

It has the antenna array on top (the thing between the two globes) laying down as on the mark II. The mark I has it's array raised upright, not laying down. ;)

Other than that, great work on it.

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no way lol I totally disagree i love jedi, its the only reason i play this game still. Jedi is the coolest profession in the game. I think if they dont like the amount of the jedi they should change the time frame to after return of the jedi when luke trains a bunch of other jedi. So for instance screw the village, you would go to yavin and train with master luke. It would be a cool way to get ur way up there. Also instead of horriblely long grinding to get jedi you should do missions which take like a week each and u can do another one right when ur done with the last. I believe there needs to be many missions tho and that u must do them by yourself. Some should require you changing ur template so u can finish the quest. Also it should be way more difficult to get force sensative. Being force sensative shouldnt be aquired by getting badges lol. Image that lol in like starwars. " oh look han solo is a jedi, he got a badgle lol does that make him a jedi "? it shouldnt. Getting force sensative should require doing a quest that every time someone does it the source of that quest moves to another random spot in the galaxy. So for instance someone finds (say the old man) 500m away from fort tusken. After he finds him and gets the mission he moves from that spot to another random spot say dathmoir, nightsister stronghold. Once u are done with the quest, then you should have to find him again. after u find him again, you should meet him at yavin at the jedi academy and there he tells luke about the force within u and he trains u to become a jedi. This i think would be an awsome new way to become a jedi in swg. I think it would make less player jedi but it would be more accurate and fun then grinding at a village for 6 months.

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Thats basically what i said but in more depth Kage, see great minds DO think alike. But i can see where Jan and DMUK are comin form, this isnt NJO, it the galactic civil war. I suppose you could believe it was NJO if you ust said the imps were remnant, however i just love sabres, i only wish it was more fun to get.

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I hate the current incarnation of SWG and find it un fun and unplayable, I urge you to cancel your subscriptions and not feed SOE any more money, or ever buy another sony product.


They have ruined a game that they could have made alot of fun. Its no fun and unplayable from my point of view.


Please refuse to pay for SWG anymore, there is no point in attempting to play, an un fun game.


I urge you to not pay SOE a single penny more. Only when they see the entire community and player base no longer playing and paying will they see they have totally screwed up.


Money is the only thing they see, as long as they are making money they will ignore you entirely. Afterall its there job to get you to buy it and pay for it, they have no care for if its fun or not as long as they make money.


Protest by not paying, and not ever again buying a Sony Product.

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Hello There.

I've been playing SWG now for almost two years now, some of that time as a dedicated crafter, more recently as a combatant in what passes for the Galactic Civil War these days. There are things that have come and gone in that time. Some of these things, I've enjoyed, others, I've simply been glad to be rid of. All of the points I will make are simply personal perspective, and no doubt others will see things very differently, but here's my take.

Overall, the CU was a neccesary and important change to the game. The previous system was overly complex in terms of trying to reach balance between different damage types (Health, Action, and Mind pools), and the idea that taking action could bring anyone close to death was a little odd to say the least. The new system makes much more sense to me, with a character becoming increasingly fatigued to the point that further action is impossible until that character has rested. So that's a big plus.


The graphics changes are not something I feel all that strongly over, and now that I've become accustomed to the combat user interface, I find it no more difficult to use than the old combat queue system. The icons still tend to blend in with each other a bit, but after again, some time with them, I no longer select unintended actions. I would can the UI a success also, though to a lesser extent than the change to a single health bar.


Unfortunately, there have been some less than desirable changes along the way as well. One of the stated goals of the CU, was to provide each combat profession with a unique place and needed (ie desirable) role within a group. This really has not happened to te extent that many players had hoped. The frustration felt by these classes that feel left behind by the CU is evident in the profession forums at Sony's website. As I understand the idea of "balance" the object is to achieve different, but equivalent results in terms of combat efficiency. This is to say, that a Master Commando, a dual discipline elite combat class (Brawler, Marksman) would be as effective in combat as a Master Bounty Hunter (Scout, Marksman), Master Smuggler (Marksman, Brawler), Master Squad Leader (Scout, Marksman), or Master Combat Medic (Marksman, Medic). Each of these "dual discipline elites" should certainly have a different role, and profession flavor, yet each should be equally effective within that role. Few, I think would argue that there is any instance in which a Master Squad Leader is as useful, and or effective as a Master Combat Medic.

This to me, is a major breakdown in the design process. Changes to profession roles have been implemented seemingly without any forethought nor any feedback from those that would be affected by changes to those profession roles (Commando: offensive powerhouse, or toolbox for others with no identity of it's own?). The original problems inherit to the old sytem are showing up again, with some expendatures of skill points yielding better comabt effeciency than others. The idea, I had thought, was to create an envirnment wherein players could take up skills they enjoyed using, and be as effective as anyone else that had spent the same number of skill points and had similar quality in their equipment. It is understandable that certain combinations would have better synergy, that is part of the fun of experimenting with character templates. As it stands currently however, the disparity in power levels between various character classes goes far beyond a simple synergistic mismatch.


My single greatest complaint with the game as it now stands, is that players have been left with exactly one choice, one path to follow to an "end game". That choice, is jedi. I feel it is far too late to try and stuff the genie back into the bottle as far as the current jedi population explosion goes. I would strongly urge however, that alternate paths should be put in place for players to work towards the status of a character 1.5 times as strong as a "normal" character. There should be a place for "legendary" or "heroic" levels of the current combat professions, and possibly, also for crafting professions. Was Han Solo "just another" smuggler? Was Admiral Ackbar "just another" shipwright? The star wars universe is populated by heroic, larger than life characters, and not all of these are jedi. I'd like to think there is room for more than one dream of what an "endgame" should look like.


I've gone on longer than maybe I had wanted, even so, there are scores of smaller issues that could be brought up. Plenty more large issues as well. The main thing, however, in my opinion, is the perception that Jedi is a favored class, and that all players are being funneled into the same carbon copy, cookie cutter, path to their destiny in the star wars universe. I don't now, nor will I ever want to play a Jedi. Should it become evident that I cannot be effective as a soldier in the GCW without donning a robe and carrying a lightsaber, I will move on, plain and simple.


I do not begrudge others the fun they find in playing Jedi, regardless of continuity problems. That's water under the bridge at this point. I do, however, take issue with the change in this game which has brought the player base to the point where they must undertake a very lengthy grind to master a profession they may not want to play, in order to reach a level of parity with other veteran players. This in my mind is unacceptable.

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SOE and LucasArts:


I am a vetern of the game.. I've been playing the game since launch. While I understand that in a game such as this many issues will arise. So let me start from the begining..


When the game first came out - though there were bugs - everyone worked together - There was alot of PVP as well as PVE... And the game was in the correct timeline..


Move ahead a little = the DEV's start to listen to the whiners and started to make changes to professions in the form of breaking them.. Creature Handler went from powerful to completely useless as an example... One by one they kept pulling at the threads of the game - ignoring the original bugs and creating more..


Move ahead a little - Player citiies then got put into the game. While this was an interesting idea - The DEV's never thought ahead to what large cities placed on planets would mean to the game.. Lag became a huge issue on alot of planets and the stability of the game started to come into question.


Move ahead - suddenly out of no where an announcement was made that Jedi could be implemented into the game... (Forget that in this timeline Jedi were supposed to have been killed) Again the DEV's never thought about what kind of impact this would make on the game.. The dawn of the Jedi was created - The majority if the players main game play now became the goal of making a Jedi... PVP and the GCW slowed due to players grinding out profession after profession in order to become a Jedi.. As Jedi started to pop up and PVP started to come back into the game - it changed.. Jedi were now a part of that... WS and AS became the hot credit maker - killing the overall economy. Regular players fought to find away to compete against Jedi in battle - No longer where there the pure combat classes - it became who can find the best combination to stack and who could buy the best weapons and armour.. As the Jedi community became the most heard - nerf after nerf kept hitting other professions... Doctor and Entertainers suddenly had a use in the game - but no longer was an actual player needed to play them.. Buff bots (which in most cases were Jedi alts)


Move ahead - As Jedi seem to have taken over the game - more and more gets geared towards them... Then the promise of the almight Combat Upgrade comes into view... It get talked about over and over again - without any real information given... A new expansion was also heard about - Space was finally being put into a game that should have had it from the begining..


The CU - finally gets put into test mode - No real Beta mind you - seemed the DEV's really didn't care about if it would work - just that they are throwing out what they promised.. Changing things to the amount that they did was more of a lets break a whole lot of professions and call it an upgrade. To stop the threat of buff bots - they made Doctors and Entertainers almost useless (at this point - since Entertainer get hit even worse later on) Crafters also get hit hard by this so called upgrade. Image Designers get stripped of their one thing that made them useful - No true balance was ever put in.. Smugglers, Squad Leaders, Rangers, Creature handlers all got shoved aside..


Move ahead - More changes get made to professions that seem to make them worse... BF gets taken away from Entertainers - giving them nothing.. Smugglers now have to loot their components - which seem to only drop off of high end NPC or buy them from players who sell them for tons of credits...


It becomes even more apparant that the only way to play the game is to become a Jedi... Majority of the community become Jedi - leaving the minorty to suffer with broken professions... So called fixes to professions get put up every now and then - but never get fully tested by the players who play that profession - only trouble is those profession seem to be broken so bad that the change get excepted (not that they have a choice) just because it's a change..


The latest and greatest change from the DEV's has been trying to slow down the rise in Jedi... They change the XP converstion at the village... Then the slap the XP change on the game... Now mind you - while there does need to be something done about the way players grind - the change they made was wrong in how they did it.. Other professions were going to suffer due to this change.. Granted it just got pulled back out of the game - But we need to look at what the DEV's did.. From the start the DEV's seem to make changes without 1 - Thinking about how these changes will effect the game as a whole.. 2. Fully testing these changes... Test Center is there for a reason - not to just test for bugs (not that the DEV's even listen to the bug reports - since most of the bugs that get noted on TC - still seem to make it live)


The DEV's have dug themselves a hole and right now they seem to be throwing anything and everything they can out to the community. And now an expansion is coming out - again geared toward the Jedi... I know that there is no way this will get pulled.. But I beg you - after it's release STOP.. Fix the game so it is fun for everyone.. Use the tools that are there.. Test Center.. The vetern players.. The correspondents.. Make this game good again or even the new people you have will start dropping - along with what left of the vetern community.

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Iarian Wrote:


The DEV's have dug themselves a hole and right now they seem to be throwing anything and everything they can out to the community. And now an expansion is coming out - again geared toward the Jedi... I know that there is no way this will get pulled.. But I beg you - after it's release STOP.. Fix the game so it is fun for everyone.. Use the tools that are there.. Test Center.. The vetern players.. The correspondents.. Make this game good again or even the new people you have will start dropping - along with what left of the vetern community.




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The DEV's have dug themselves a hole and right now they seem to be throwing anything and everything they can out to the community. And now an expansion is coming out - again geared toward the Jedi... I know that there is no way this will get pulled.. But I beg you - after it's release STOP.. Fix the game so it is fun for everyone.. Use the tools that are there.. Test Center.. The vetern players.. The correspondents.. Make this game good again or even the new people you have will start dropping - along with what left of the vetern community.


Just rename the game to SWG: Clone Wars, switch out some of the NPC's (stormtroopers with clonetroopers etc...) ... or simply scrap it.

Then start all over from scratch with SWG II: An Empire Divided, time start: A few months after the first Death Star is destroyed (pretty much what you tried to do in the first place in other words).

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My single greatest complaint with the game as it now stands, is that players have been left with exactly one choice, one path to follow to an "end game". That choice, is jedi.


I only found out about Jedi about 3 days before i got the game and thought, ooh goody. After a very quick but ever increasingly boring grind i got to cl80 and thought, ok, now what? Ah jedi. If there was something else there, just something cl80 areas or a higher plane of advancement in a prof, maybe i wouldnt of bothered. To me cl80 max is a joke, when there are krayt dragons out there at lvl90 that should be solo-able to a maxed player. What im trying to say is this game has no depth. like DMUK said its just run, kill, return, repeat. After a month of this i was adamant get jedi, after a week of that wholly borin and tedious grind, i was adamant to unistall. Luckilly i found space and that has kept me entertained for at leats another 3 weeks. If sometin isnt done about this games depth/mission system/overall fun level i will scream. the only fun in this game comes form the other players, and i have made a lot of good cyber friends on this game, but 8 ppl can still get bored whacking a dead log for an hour. I worked hard to get my comp up to scratch to play this game and im a bit depressed i did now. At least i can play a hoard of other games when i unistall if nothing gets done about this game.

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To me cl80 max is a joke, when there are krayt dragons out there at lvl90 that should be solo-able to a maxed player.

That was actually a good thing.

One of the biggest gripes is that people were able to solo krayts eventually, wereas in the beginning it took a whole group just to kill the small ones (not talking about the ancient one, man those were killers :D )

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That was actually a good thing.

One of the biggest gripes is that people were able to solo krayts eventually, wereas in the beginning it took a whole group just to kill the small ones (not talking about the ancient one, man those were killers :D )


Thats what i mena though, there should be somethin other than jedi, as much as i like jedi, there should of been somethin else to do, like become even more powerful, or get prestige points like pilot aces. I had nothing else to do but theme parks when i got cl80 so i decided to become jedi for something to do. Man this game can be borin!!

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I've played this game for 1 month.


It started out ok, until I hit level 6 and there was a patch release (I think it was publish 19, not sure), My Combat-XP wasn't moving much...I got help from some guildies...now two weeks later I'm level 15 and still working my ass of fleeing from alot of the critters that are just one level lower or the same as me, they still kick my butt, I have to spend most of the times in the fights just healing myself to stay alive. And when I finally kill them? Yeah, I get 29 more XP for my Carbines (Is that a bug or something?), only 69 971XP to go...before I can begin my way to become a novice carbineer.

Fair enough, the creatures I kill aren't big by a veterans standards, but i still fight them for a pretty long time, for a very tin amount of xp. The guns i loot if any are for people at level 50-something, and no-where am I able to find weapons or equipment that are effective to me, they are either to high level req. or they are to low to be any big help.


If I hunt any of the animals I have to watch my back real close because any time the group of lvl 25 scyks or whatever spawning right next to the critters I'm fighting (that are my level) might aggro me and come flying at my throat at any second, and they run fast as hell, they all do...at least compared to me.


If I'm lucky some people in my guild are online and able to help me grind, does it help much? Sure, but it's not me doing any killing, and I only feel like I'm being a fifth wheel slowing the group down or being a burden, I don't want to play as a burden, I want to be able to help my team, and the latest upgrades have only made that task more difficult by dragging my grind down to a halt.


I'm a "n00b" I know, but I know when a game needs to be fixed, I don't want to be punished just because the devs found out that the Jedi-population is breeding out of control and will soon escape their cages...









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Well Ive been back 3 days, and all I see is belly aching about CU.

Its here to stay.


He is my broken problem and I need as many ppl to write into SOE and tellem as possible.


Im one of the few life long rangers still left. Ive been on Kettemoor from day 3.


We rangers have put up with a lot of broken stuff for two years now.


After the CU, Adhesive mesh traps no longer worth. This is one of the main stay traps all scouts use, they managed to fix the worthless dizzy trap.


As a Master ranger I have used only two traps, glow-wire and Ad mesh.


I showed hunters last night how I can pull ONE creature from an agro herd at a time with out the rest stampeding us.


The ad mesh is used when two creatures are attacking one can be stuck in place until the other is kilt.


Thanks for your time


Nadya Popova

Master Ranger

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