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Godmode War III: Secrets of the Game


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"Perhaps, but I wouldnt put it past him" said Troezen




Adam was driving around, when his phone starting ringing. They had hidden their number. Adam answered.




A strange voice spoke to him. It was feminin but at the same time menicing and evil.


"If you want to find them, go to Washington D.C. They have made a bunker there."


"Who are you?"


"I am, at the moment, just a friend. Let's keep it that way. Shall we?"


"How do you know this"


"I know because I must know"


Adam laughed at her. "Do you know how cleched that sounds?"


There was silence for a few seconds and then a bullet hit the wing mirror of his car.


"I have the potential to kill you where you sit, now - go to Washington D.C. i will meet you there. If you do not go, then know that everything in your plan - which, yes, i do know about, will be destroyed instantly and you will go straight to prison and that will be the end of Adam. So I suggest you do what i say."


"Why should I trust you?"


"You shouldnt. Now go!" And then they hung up. Adam started to drive. A few minutes later he spun his car around and made a small convertable sports car stop. He put a gun to the driver's head and of the passinger and made them get out. He then got into the car and started driving at full speed to Washington D.C.


"I must be crazy!" he kept repeating to himself. He noticed that a black car with darkened windows had been following him for a while. "Great" he said and sped up.

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((hi. I suppose that this rpg is dying slightly and im not going to help it at the moment. Im leaving the forums and i dont want the rpgs to muck up if i leave. I have sorted out the RPs im in except 2 - this one and SW in our galaxy. I dont want you to loose the only bad guy, so i guess that I should give the roll of adam to someone here.


I suppose that the best person to give it to would be Curt.


Troezen I dont know what to do with - I think im just going to leave him for the minute and let you somehow write him out. Dont kill him, because i might want to come back at some point - but it will be confusing if hes there but im not.


Threadmaster is WJ.


PM me if this doesnt work - ill be on for the next week perhaps. I doubt after that))

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