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Why so negative?

Guest DarthMaulUK

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I Believe you hath hit the droid on the head.


The day the CU came out, we left SWG (sold everything), quit EQ2 (gave everything away), and went and played Guild Wars.


We beat GW is a week, a month later were filthy rich and had done everything.


We went to my sisters house who still has played SWG from the time I gave her the game for her birthday.


Seeing that SOE turned SWG into Guild Wars, we desided to come back and start a new. Armed with only our old chars (even sold clothes) we are making our way back into the game.


I have to admit, the combat is better than the old way. Now you have to work at the kill, like it was in the beginning.


The bad thing is, more stuff is broken, than fixxed. geez I cant even use Adhiese mesh traps, they dont stick no mo. So stuff that wasnt broke, is now.


But its more fun than groundhog day, so we are here to stay. Still have GW and are waiting to see what their update is all about. But we thinks that its going in the wrong direction also, so cya in game !

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The only way to ask for a server transfer, even within Europe, is when Blizzard announces the service is active on my server.


Well, I don't know about all that. However, I do know that Blizzard allowed character transfer's to different realms a few weeks ago. I'm not to sure if it's still going on (I've been playing either Warcraft III on Battle.net or World of Warcraft the last couple of days, mostly). I have to say this, however, World of Warcraft was money well spent! ;)



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