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Need banner!


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Hello everyone,I need a banner for a friend for his series.I have all the pictures and the background which is a star background I found.The title I would like in the center which one would be Exile's Voyage.


This is a pic I want him in the front under the titleMainGuy.jpg



This pic I kinda want him on the left side kinda behind the main guy in the front but to the left side.



And these a group of pictures I kinda want em to look small.But I want them on the left side behind the first picture at the top of this page.I want this group of pictures to be in a group sorta close but positioned differently so they aren't looking toward eachother.





Here is the background image.It's the stars background I was talking about.



Please if anyone has expertise and is really good with photoshop help my friend and me out! We would be forever grateful for anyone that can.

~Thanks in advanced!

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