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Empire Night Club (JK1... looking for this map!)


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It's not on Massassi, and I've been googling for a long time. I used to play this map more than six years ago and I've been dying to find it again. Anyone who sees this response and would be willing to either host it, or send it to me by email (StarOceanDC@gmail.com) I would be eternally grateful.



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Okay, here's the info I was able to find. The file name is nightclub.zip (462 Kb) and it's by FlyDuDe (FlyGuyRy69@aol.com might no longer work). It apparently was released 8/15/99.


I just haven't had time to check through all my old cd-roms to find it though, admittedly.



Three sites list the file for download (but have broken links). Not sure if you could try contacting the webmasters (if they are not long vanished):








I wonder if it was ever crammed into one of those Level packs out there? (edit: it's not part of Massassi Level Packs 1-4, or the Ultimate Guns Pack or Ultimate Saber Packs at JKMAG...)


The search continues...!

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After searching through a dusty collection of CD back ups, I have found all my JK files. If anyone wants me to still upload this file let me know.



FlyDuDe (Ryan)


Holy crap yeah! If you still have it would you please send it to










Thanks man!

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Hey FlyDuDe, we need your assistance in the JK chatroom on IRC.


Come to irc.gamesurge.net, then join the #jk channel. We are in need of your Empire Nightclub level. We love that old level, and we have lost it!


An easy way to get into the chatroom is by clicking this link...



Hope to see you there!








If you find it, post it here if you would. I'll do the same if I come up with it. I'm actively looking for it too!


I thought I got lucky and found it here: http://www.angelfire.com/pa2/olj/club.html, but the downloaded zip is corrupt. (Windows, 7-Zip couldn't open it)

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Man, this was one of the most hyped maps in JK history (short of the many variations on Canyon Oasis). I ran through it a few times and it wasn't too bad, but I never played it with more than 1 person (making it just a cat 'n' mouse thing). Looks like an RPG level if I ever saw one, but I can't blame the creator(s) for thinking big.


Considering every website had it back in the day I'd have suggested the archive.org wayback machine if it couldn't be found otherwise. Admiral's Command Chambers is SP focused, iirc.


Frankly I don't think there's any reason for these files to die (JK/Mots forever!), so I suggest putting up mirrors in the future. Seems like I had every single file I ever came across for these games back in the day but they're lost in a sea of binders, spindles and CD stacks I no longer have at my finger tips.

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Flydude got back to me and send me a copy. I'll keep it on my Microsoft Skydrive, which is publicly shared here:



It also has a few other maps that are personal favorites of mine.


ENC and JHS weren't meant to be serious levels. . . but when me and four other friends of mine get together and play them, we play with grapple hooks and the gameplay is just amazingly fun.


Thanks for helping out guys. Enjoy the game!

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