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Questions on the scale (answered)


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Why clean it up?


Just stop arguing. :rolleyes:


But all right then.


J, I see nothing wrong about Luke's post. All he was saying, does it really matter that much if the game isn't accuratly scaled in the end?

To this date, I don't know of any Star Wars game that has gotten the scaling right (that includes X-Wing: Alliance, though it's the closest one), and this game will be no different I'm sure. And do we really want the game to be to scale? If they were to scale it propperly, TIE's, X-Wings, and other fighter crafts would be just small black dots buzzing around most of the time.


And that's the end of that.

Resident Mod has spoken.

Heed my words. :)

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As long as the scale isn't completely ridiculous like a rebel soldier in the same size as an AT-AT or bigger, i think it should be fine because as people have said Gameplay is more important than scale.


In Space it is always hard to get scale right as if you did it would compromise on game play. Many games shrink the size of planets so they don't take up to much of space. infact the only game that i know of which has gotten the size of planets right is EVE Online (An MMO) and in that you could fly strait through the planet as they weren't solid which allowed them to take up less memory on the hard drive.

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Haha sorry luke


anyways back on topic once again this post IS answering the scale questions. So yet why are some ppl in this thread talking about the scale and the ridiculous sizes etc.

People are discussing the scale just because we all love debating and saying what we think lol. Just because we know they are fixing the scale, we still dont know as to how they will fix it.

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