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First of all, I love the fact that all the tools are assembled in a nice clean post, thanks D-Trips :p, but I was reading through them, and I didn't see any links to Hex Editors, maybe using a hex editor is out-dated nowadays, but I like using them, I'll search for some and put some links up for someone to check out and see if they are worthy of being on the list :)


This one is pretty good.


In general you can find good ones with a simple Google search, I suppose that's why there isn't a hex editor listed :xp:


Added. Never hurts to add free tools, thanks man! :D ~ ChAiNz.2da

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Thanks for the tools section, staff! But, if you guys could add one thing, I would greatly appreciate it, as well as all 56k'ers. Could you guys put the filesize next to the link? It would be helpful in deciding whether or not a certain tool is feasible to dl. Thanks!

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