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Jedi Knight Game for the Nintendo Revolution


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Hi everyone, I was thinking about Nintendo's new controller and the possibility of a jedi knight game on it. Here is a concept image of the game I came up with it. If the game designers of lucasarts are reading, please consider this idea.





Using 2 rev free-style controller would be best. Unless, Nintendo comes out with an accessory to allow you to attach a head unit. That way, you can do all the free look with your head, while swining with 1 hand, and moving with the analog attachment. Or have the 2 Wands as initially discussed, but this time, use them as dual sabers and use the head attachment for freelook. Too many ideas in my head.





With a far away attacker, the target symbol will be faint or not visible, as you get closer to the attacker, their target indicator will start to become visible before they even fire their weapon. This way, it gives you a chance to defend against up close attacks. The blocker does not need to be dead center on the target to block, but if they can do that, they are rewarded by reflecting the attack back at the attacker. The developer can also play around with adjusting the Target size. I would guess that on a harder level, the target indicator will be smaller. On an easy level, the target will be large with slower bullets flying at you.


Sniper Rifle attacks can be spotted using Force See. The indicator would then be completely opaque because their bullets are instant hits.


On a one on one game, I think small wrist twist attacks will do less damage, but big circular swings will have the ability to knock back blocking players. You can also easily parry attacks when a big circular swing hits against a small attacks.


Equal strength and area attacks should end up in a saber lock, where the player has to shake the controller in relative space. An onscreen indicator will let you know if you are winning the saber lock and tell you when you should start twisting your saber away from you. Basically, if you can shake faster and follow the timing of the twist indicator, you can win the saber lock.

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Using a saber hilt like controller would be a fine way to play. On the other hand it would still have problems (like say, getting physically tired from playing, so making battles much shorter). And would you require the special controller? The saber handle user might get exhausted while the guy on the other hand who just uses a mouse and keyboard would win simply because he's using fewer muscles. ;)


Anyway, it's always fantastic to speculate, but I honestly will believe it when I see it. Melee dueling games work best offline (or on a LAN) since Lag always screws with the physics and "realism." Still, despite all its flaws, I think the system in JK2/JA is pretty darn good, and sets the standard for saber fighting (and probably melee fighting too in the world of online pc-gaming).


As for this "amazing" new controller, I'll believe it when I see it (or try it myself). A "TV remote control" in your hand playing a game just seems ackward to me. If this turns out to be little more than a gimmick for a couple of games I'll be surprised...


Don't get me wrong I'm all for a good remote control for a console capable of say, movie playback, but for actual gaming? I'd rather something more egnomical or something that puts me into the game a little more (like a sword or a gun type thing). Right now it looks like a stretched out NES controller (and those things made my hands hurt!) spray painted silver.

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