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The Official AHTO "Cool Stuff" Thread :) (56k warning)


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Heya!! The swamp has a long continuing thread called "Very Good Things." basically people talk about/post pics about stuff they have, and new stuff they bought... I like checking them out, its sort alike the "LFN Shopping Channel" because you might see something you like and go and check it out, whether it be a game, t-shirt, cd anything !!!


Lemme go first :)


I have had an awesome week... I got a PSP a few days ago, which was partly due to selling my pocket pc and some bday cash :) So didnt pay any extra for it. Ive ebayed a 1 gig memstick. Im quite pleased as its a Japanese version PSP, which means its got the higher quality Sharp LCD screen and is region free for all games, meaning I can get asian/Usa imports for games that may not be released her for months, if at all :) I got a cool USB cradle/charger for it which is very handy.


To top that off, I renewed my compy lease a cpl of days ago so picked up my new compy and gave my laptop back... Because I got a deskie this time : I could maximise my $$$ so got one that ran:

*AMD Athlon 64 bit, running xp pro

*1024 DDR RAM,

*120 gig HDD,

*ALL mulitimedia drives known to man : sd, xd, memsticks, CF, firewire port etc

*Dual layered DVDRW with lightscribe

*geforce 256mb..will upgrade as reqd :p

and my fave :

*19" phillips LCD flatscreen monitor.... Ive been using 15" until now, and the difference is bewildering...


the amazing thing is Im actually paying less for this deskie than for the laptop...damn those things are expensive :(


see pic below


Im interested to see other ppls stuff though :)




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Ah yes! I often check out the "very good things thread" though I never posted in it. Glad you "imported" it. hehe


By the way, you might want to add "256k warning" to the thread title, as I'm sure people will post many pictures!(and some of them quite large, too)


Anywho, I recently bought a the SyncMaster 930b monitor by Samsung.

Heres link to best buy (where I bought it)

SyncMaster 930b


I also just bought this the other day!

Wacom Intuos3 Tablet

So look out Holowan. I might just have some new robes comming soon!

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I got a Dell Dimension 4600:

P4 2.8 GHz


2 HDD, one 40 gig and one 80 gig

GeForce FX 5200 128mb

Standard DVD

Standard CD burner

Dell Flat panel 19" monitor


it's nothing spectacular, but it does any thing I want it to do...


I am going to do some upgrades eventually, like putting a P4 3.6 GHz cpu in and upgrading the Vid. card and changing out the mobo for a little more flexibility and add more memory...

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Here's a Chad Johnson Jersey I got recently



Though not bought recently, here's my desk set-up, where I spend a lot of time at.



Here's all the star wars figures I found the other day from back when I was like 3rd grade or so. Well not the TPM ones, I was about 11 when that came out.

My mom hid them in the basement pretty well, took me a while to find them all. Actually, I didn't find them all. I'm still missing probably around 10-12 figures at least. But I couldn't find them anywhere. I'm considering getting back into the figure collecting.



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*falls over laughing*


Astro must be rich... must be nice. Japanese PSP, sounds neat, I hope you can read it!


Dont really have anything super cool to show off. I do have a modded keyboard. I saded off all the letters and then wrote the Japanese kana in the places where they show up on the standard jis keyboard. Its also sharpie-coloured pink. :D


If I could find a place that sells japanese keyboards that are 80$ Id buy one...

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...Astro must be rich... must be nice. Japanese PSP, sounds neat, I hope you can read it! ...


No richness involved Aash :) I sold my pocket pc for slightly more than I paid for the psp. With the left over $$ I put it into 1 gb memstick duo :) The pc is a lease, Ive just updated it, so it doesnt really belong to me until the end of the lease ;)


sithy, there actually is a "pet pics" thread somewhere on p2 or 3 :) But cute corgi. Queen Lizzy is also a huge corgi fan :)


@ET....did those CDs come with free pink muscle shirt and leg warmers :p JK



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My new Nano(Yah, I'm bad at taking pictures, I know)


and my computer


3200+ AMD Athlon XP(2.21 GHz)

ATI Radeon 9550 256MB(AGP)

1024 MB RAM

160 GB HD

5 USB ports

17 inch monitor

DirectX 9.0c

48x max. read CD-ROM

DVD+/-RW 8x Double Layer DVDRW

NVIDIA nForce Audio


sorry about the image sizes I forgot to resize them

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Being a fan of the novels featuring Drizzt Do'Urden(see av and siggy!!) I was quite excited to learn that they are *finally* making a graphic novel of the *awesome* Dark Elf Trilogy, where we read about Drizzts birth, training and exile, and those evil drow elves :)


I have pre-ordered a signed copy from the authors website, check it out if interested(scroll down page a little) http://www.rasalvatore.com/esign/default.aspx



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As an ex-conosiuer, I have to ask you how many of those lego sets you've actually deconstructed and played with, many appear to be original construction, either that or mine have been in storage to long:D


My personal favez were the old west.


Those are mostly the original set. I've deconstructed them long ago but to make them pretty and nice on a shelf, I've reconstructed all of them.

Only the bottom shelf contains original creations which is a few houses and a ship.

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I got the 500th figure today at K-Mart. I got lucky, it was the last one. I'm basically just starting to get back into figure collecting, so I'm wondering whether I should open this or not... Anyways, here's a pic of it. I know the glare makes it look bad, but it really looks sweet ;)



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