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The Official AHTO "Cool Stuff" Thread :) (56k warning)


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Just finished my Vista Media Center(RC2 Build) - and have chucked it all in this pretty piece of metal. Mirror finish on front, snazzy VFD, silent and great media center oriented functionality(Viiv mainboard etc)..




After hearing that The Greatest RPG In The Known Universe had been remade and released on the DS, I went and got one of these:



Even though it isnt available in Australia, I got my copy of The Greatest RPG In The Known Universe from Honky.



Great to see one of the FF Classics in 3D Grafx...very similar to FFIX(PS1). It just looks GREAT on the DS, and it fits in your pocket - so you get that FF fix on a plane, train or automobile :)



yay! [/KUPO]


*rides off on Chocobo*



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I wasn't so good with graphs, but graph paper is one hell of a thing to use when making home improvements, modding, or designing something for Sims 2.


As for something delightful and cheap? Well, the initial payout for a PC copy of a game is steep, but mods not only jack up its replay factor, it's so nifty to see how it all works under the hood.

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I had a rather fruitful X-Mas, I'm not going to bother posting pictures, but I got the following:

Nintendo Wii w/ Wii Sports - bowled a 279

Wii- Zelda - Twilight Princess

Wii- Madden 07 (don't like it, can't get used to the Wii controls)

Video IPod 30G

PS2- Final Fantasy XII

PSP- Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

My sisters old digital camera (she got a new one)


Also I recently bought my PS3 along with:

Resistance: Fall of Man

Tony Hawk's Project 8

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Well i got quite a few things this year...

72 inch Widescreen TV

New Compaq computer

19 inch widescreen monitor

BFME 2 Rise of the Witch King

Xbox Live 12 month card

A girlfriend that absoulutely loves me

New cologne that drives my gf crazy ; )


Life is good.


I'll get pics when I find the damn camera

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Here's a few pics of our newly decorated cupboard that used to be full of stored stuff...


Music Maestro!



My collection of lead SW figurines (not finished):



SW chess!!!







Mod note: Merged thread with Cool Stuff thread since it seems to fit the topic of that thread fairly well. :) ~M

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