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The Official AHTO "Cool Stuff" Thread :) (56k warning)


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I quite like the director's cut, but I still think it's not at its 100% potential...I still haven't seen the Special Edition yet, I wonder if that's the one I want to see.


Partly as the result of those complaints, Scott was invited back in mid-2000 to help put together a final and definitive version of the film, which was completed in mid-2001. During the process, a new digital print of the film was created from the original negatives, special effects were updated and cleaned, and the sound was remastered in 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound. Unlike the rushed 1992 Director's Cut, Scott personally oversaw the new cut as it was being made. The Special Edition DVD was slated for a Christmas time 2001 release, and was originally rumored to be a three-disc set including the full international theatrical cut, an early workprint with additional scenes, and the newly enhanced version in addition to deleted scenes, extensive cast and crew interviews, and the documentary "On the Edge of Blade Runner". But Warner Bros. indefinitely delayed the "Special Edition" release after legal disputes began with the film's original completion bond guarantors (specifically Jerry Perenchio), who were ceded ownership of the film when the shooting ran over budget from $21.5 to $28 million.


After years of legal disputes, Warner Bros. announced in 2006 that it had finally secured full distribution rights to the film. They planned for three stages of releases for the film. First, a digitally remastered single-disc limited re-release of the 1992 Director's Cut was released on September 5, 2006 in the United States and on October 9, 2006 in Ireland and the UK. Second, Ridley Scott's new "Final Cut" of the film is scheduled for theatrical release in 2007. The third and final phase, a multi-disc box set including the two previously mentioned cuts, the U.S. and International cuts, and bonus features, is also scheduled for 2007. Warner Bros. has plans to release this box set not only on DVD, but also on the HD DVD and Blu-ray disc formats.


That looks quite promising...

I own the limited edition of the re-release of the 1992 Director's Cut, but I'll probably pick up the Special Edition at some point, and I might even go see the Final Cut in theater.

Me thinks Ridley has spent too much time with George Lucas lol

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My fiancée got the 3 versions of the single today, it kicks ass!


One's just a regular radio edit plus B-side, the other is a maxi single with another B-side and two live tracks, and the last is a DVD single, with the video and some live footage.


Hanson ?? They're still alive ??


You'd have to kill me before entering into my dark realm house with that stuff ... METAL TIL YOU DIE :rock:



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thats right, i play pokemon.

Hey, I just turned 20 this past Saturday and I'm expecting my pokemon game to come in the mail either tomorrow or Wednesday, its not just for kids I say!!! I foresee some trades in our future DM.
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I got this about three months ago, but finally got around to posting it here. Logitech G25 Racing Wheel- It's awesome. 900 degrees rotation, force feedback, six speed and reverse gated shifter, and clutch pedal.



The Wheel Itself, Aluminum paddle shifters, real leather.



Wheel and shifter and console.



The top view of the shifter and console. The switch allows me to select between slapshift sequential mode and six speed standard H-pattern manual



That's right, it has THREE pedals! Clutch, Brake, Gas, like any real car should!


And the game to maximize the wheel:


GTR 2 Racing Simulator.

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Metal/Harcore mainly.

Are you talking about metal and hardcore or metalcore a la Unearth, ATR, Caliban, etc?


I just picked up the Jedi Academy trilogy by Kevin J Anderson the other day

I've yet to get the last book in that series lol, my first paycheck is due soon though, so I shall pay a virtual visit to amazon for that :)

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