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Episode XX: The Jedi, the Sith, and the Hunger


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Jack and the rest headed to the Fable. Orlov was there in the hold, guarding the ship. Farther inside was Kayla, packing her stuff out to move out, and the Captain was speaking to Skywalker. Kayla saw Elron and waved cheerily. She was happy that the crew had accepted the job, she'd see them often. Orlov, however, wasn't too happy with their new form of employment.


"What do you want?" He asked Elron, ignoring the rest.

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"What did you find out?" Said Orlov, putting aside his suspicion and dislike for the moment.


"They were sent by Berg Soz." Said Jack.


"You've got to be kidding me. He's not real." Said Orlov, annoyed.


"He's real enough. Not exactly like the stories say, but he's real, and he sent them."


"So, what do you want?"




The prisoner finally saw the coast was clear. He worked his ways out of his stun cuffs. The only way Berg would let him live was if he brought him the girl. He qucikly left the room and began searching for Tysyacha.

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"I see...." A pause. "You need a ship."


"Yes, we do. The Academy ships are mostly marked." Said Jack.


"Well, you shouldn't ask me. You should ask the captain. He's the one making all the decisions." He was clearly upset at the choice to work for the academy. "He's off negotiating the job with Skywalker."

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Alyssa was on her way to see Master Skywalker when she passed the escapee. She was rather startled to see him out of his cell and he was able to overpower her before she could respond. Unfortunately, Gavin Starr saw him. Startled by seeing Alyssa so easily overpowered, Gavin held back. Briana was walking next to him and frowned at his hesitation.


"What is it?" she asked, finally looking up from whatever she carried. Gavin frowned.


"That guy just..." he gestured vaguely to where Alyssa lay unconscious. Briana stared.


"Oh," she said mildly. "Shouldn't we stop him?"


"I... I guess so," Gavin said uncertainly. "But he caught a Knight off guard. Do you think we can?"


"If you spend any more time hesitating, he'll get away," Briana said impatiently. "If you won't stop him, I will!"


Gavin nodded slowly and the twins moved forward to follow the stranger, keeping just out of his sight and waiting for the perfect place to trap him.

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"We should wait. If he's speaking to skywalker he'll be back soon enough."


Without Alyssa, Skywalker and Reynolds had agreed on a price. Reynolds began walking back to the ship, counting their first payment. Orlov would be eager to get his hands on his own share. He stopped when he saw Alyssa unconcious. He drew his blaster and looked around cautiously.

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