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More KOTOR III Possibilty News! (KOTOR MMO Confirmed?)


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Same was for Kotor 2...


We thought it was released to quik, but they actually started working on it before part 1 was even released...


But they still weren't given enough time.


LA had already got a KOTOR3 team and they were working, even before KOTOR2 was released, maybe they picked up were they stopped?

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I found this


In an interview, Bioware gave a few details about their new project that, according to them, will certainly rattle-up the market the way their past games did like Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. Gamers will have to wait till E3 though for more information regarding this game. Here's an excerpt of the interview:


FiringSquad: What other hints can you give us about upcoming projects at BioWare?

Ray Muzyka: We’re looking forward to announcing details about our new MMO being developed in BioWare Austin in the near future. We also have an unannounced surprise or two in the works which we will also be sharing at E3 2006, in addition to showing Mass Effect there. The Dragon Age team is hard at work and we’re very excited about how the game is looking so far.


What could this game be? Another KOTOR game perhaps? Since Ray Muzyka is a KOTOR developer, this title could be another Star Wars installment; however, LucasArts doesn't seem to be too keen with the idea of developing KOTOR3. Another guess would be a Jade Empire MMO since the first game had tremendous impact. PC users still demand a PC version of Jade Empire. I also like to see a new preview of their upcoming original fantasy role-playing game, Dragon Age. Now E3 is getting hotter and hotter with these kinds of annoucements popping up.











This isn't a rumour, but just some recent news about Kotor III. Enjoy any way.

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Team Xbox


It seems that according to this rumor, LA will be developing a Darth Vader Game. With SW Lego 2, Iniana Jones, and this Star Wars DV game, Lucas arts may not be up to publishing KOTOR3.

that would be highly unlikely. i seriously doubt that LucasArts would lack the financial prowess to publish more than 5 games at a time. not to mention that LucasArts would have a difficult time turning its back on a franchise that is already very successful and is one of the most highly decorated series they've ever published.
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Hey, I just read this on SW Tactics, What do you think, is it authentic or what? I can't get any verification on it! It was only posted today.


"As a leading representative of Bioware Corp. given the mamoth task of publicising the next in the series of Knights Of The Old Republic games (KOTOR 3), I have permission to confirm that this title is now several months underway.


This may come as a surprise to those who are currently reading this, as it was previously believed that the KOTOR staff had been cut from the LucasArts project. I can also confirm that the KOTOR 3 team is now officially on LucasArts budget and eagerly developing what we hope to be a 'must have' title on as of yet unconfirmed Next Generation platforms for 2006.


Here's the link http://www.swtactics.com/forums/showthread.php?t=743

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It seems that according to this rumor, LA will be developing a Darth Vader Game.
That has been rumored for a long time now.


With SW Lego 2, Iniana Jones, and this Star Wars DV game, Lucas arts may not be up to publishing KOTOR3.
Also, they don't have have a bunch of potentially very popular games all coming out at the same time. They'd want to stagger releases a bit.
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Sorry it took me some to post this...


I'm a member of the #1 Game magazine of the Benelux, named the Power Unlimited. They had an interesting post on their site. You guys can't read it, so i'll (desperately) try to translate it.





Bioware has something up their sleeves


Is Bioware Canadian? Yes, we were shocked too, but that isn't the big news. The fact that Bioware has some surprises waiting for us at the E3* (* personal note: It's written as statement!), and will reveal them to us, is!


Other then the announced Mass Effect and Dragon Age, Bioware has confirmed to be working on TWO other games! What kind of games? We will have to wait until the E3.


So let's speculate a bit. Bioware has already released certain information regarding a mmo they are making. Because if you don't hype, the big kids will start bullying you at school* (personal sneer from the writer of the article to hyping. He hates it). So be it. We don't get shocked from mmo's anymore, but this game could be on of the two above mentioned. After several hours of calculating, you will realise that there's one space left. Maybe Jade Empire 2? Or is Bioware picking up the Kotor franchise again? Maybe they will leap back in time and revive Baldurs Gate? No probably...maybe they....would they...



These guys are never of. Never. They have exclusive deals with developers, and their facts are always bound to be true. For example: in one of the old magazines, it was mentioned that Nintendo was experimenting with touch-screen technology. The DS wasn't even developed. And what do we have now? A touch-screen handheld.

I;m not trying to brag, or impress. But if these guy publish facts, they are true.


Why i posted this? Simple: Now there is an actual CHANCE k3 will appear on E3.

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Jae, you are too funny.


Sounds like speculation and wishful thinking to me. However, I do believe, for good or bad, we'll have our answer at the next E3.


Know what's really funny? My spelling error wasn't intentional. :D


I sure hope we hear something at E3.

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