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Best websites for buying pc parts...


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Im in the US for a year and want to build a pc....which are the best websites....in the UK we have websites such as overclockers.co.uk and ebuyer.co.uk....what are available over here?


Also, because I am only here for a year, will I be able to ship it back to the UK when I go home??


Thanks guys!!

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Compu-U-Plus Direct (alot of cheap OEM buys):



Newegg (duh.. ;))








And of course, the "honorable mentions" for finding good deals










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newegg is certainly very very good......to my second question, will I be able to ship it back to the UK in a years time when I leave the US (obviously I need to know this before I build it), do any of you have any experiences doing this, perhaps selling big items on ebay etc??


Another question, what do you all think of the voodoo pcs/laptops??



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Alienware sucks.


Quoted for emphasis.


Anywho. I use newegg for videocards and memory and stuff. I go to my local Tigerdirect outlet for stuff that I don't feel like paying and arm and a leg for shipping.


Barebones from Tigerdirect (forget the rebates, they ain't coming) and memory, harddrive, proc, and video card from newegg is a good thing to do in my experience. But If you don't live near any computer outlet, just buy online and wait for free shipping on stuff.

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I don't see why not. The only problem I could see is taking it with you on the plane because of security reasons.


You should be able to ship it by FEDEX or the like. (I know FEDEX ships internationally, but I'm not sure which other ones do.)


My dad brought the computer I am using right now on the airplane he traveled on. They don't worry about computers cause you know, they're just computers. But if you bring it on a plane pad it! Protect it, make it so you can't damage it. Cause the box the comp was in was tossed in so that the back panel of the case crushed inwards a little bit.

But when he opened the box the wireless card was knocked out of its plug and some of covers for the extra PCI slots were knocked out and the Mobo wasn't flush with the case. It still ran but it scared us :p

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