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Improve the Bots

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Okay. Let's be honest with ourselves here. While the TABbots are superior to the default JKA bots, the fact is they still suck tremedously. I can see multiple areas of possible improvement:




1) Their aim is horrendous for the simple fact that simply aim straight at you. This does not work in Jedi Academy. If possibly, have the bots aim in the direction you are going, basically shooting a little ahead of you. HOWEVER, also have they ignore this if they're packing the disruptor.






1) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP THE KATA SPAM! I feel like I'm in a newbie FFA server with 0 force regen.


2) To address 1, I have two suggestions. Is it possible to program the AI with basic combos? Like, approach, then go: 'moveup; moveright; attack; movedown; moveleft; attack;' and loop that three time if they are using yellow style for example? If programming specific combos for saber styles is possible, tell me and I can suggest some.


3) Drop katas... And make the bots Pull-Throw. Basically, make it so that they throw the saber, then when they sense an enemy is near that thrown saber, make them Pull the target into it. I know the bots can do it, JO's Luke bot did it rarely.


The Force


1) Well... Make them start using it might be a start. Heh.

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1) Agreed. I'm still trying to determine the best way to do that. It seems like a algerbra problem but I haven't been able to wrap my brain around it yet.




1) What's wrong with bots kata spamming, isn't that what players normally do anyway?


2) I suppose we could do something like that but I don't really see the benefit. Right now the bots just swing in random directions.


3) I never really do anything basejka specific with the bots because I figured that they needed to be custommake for OJP Enhanced anyway.

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But isn't that how you normally get kills with the saber other than using the special moves? Or should they only kata when the other person is using a saber as well?


Bah, only bad players spam katas/specials... There's only a few notable strategic exceptions to my general scorn:



Kata Countering Lunge

Jump-In Counter Kata


But then again bad players are the majority in JA.

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I think bots should be good. There is really no reason to make "crappy" bots. OJP allows you to use the (horrible) basejka bots anyway, does it not? So if people want "easy fodder" bots they can use those.


Basically bots forget they have this huge arsenal of powers and moves at their disposal. They use the blastech pistol FAR too often (ie: all the time). If they are using the BlasTech pistol they should be charging up secondary headshots with it (which many players are mastering the art of, so it's not "inhuman" btw!).


Some moves they should use are Pull+Saber Throw (saber throw and pull at the last second so the person gets drawn into the attack) for one. Moving Forward and strafing to the side (diagonal movement) while slashing rapidly with the Staff (to do a quick left and right cut) is a good move they should have.


Also they never use Twirls or Butterflies... only the two attack buttton Kata... at least mix it up a bit! The only other Special Move that seems of any use in open combat is the Fast (blue) "Lunge" move, which btw is an excellent counter to many saber moves.


The bots could stand a lot combat improvement I must agree with that assesment... every little bit helps. Right now they are just far too predictable. I know it's hard since they have so many things they can do, but little by little they can improve.

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Honestly, I think top priority for the bots should be getting them to use the secondaries on certain weapons. They include:





Thermal Detonators

Disruptor (snipe at long range, spam primary close up)

Rocket Launcher (just alternate)

Concussion (same as rocket)


Honestly, once the bots start using Force and secondaries, they will be at least viable opponents. Right now they are only terrors when they get their hands on either the rocket launcher or the disruptor. Just yesterday I turned around as the Jedi Master on Korriban Tombs and I went 'holy ****!' as no less than five rockets were coming at me from a single bot. I died soon after.

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Wait, just use lock-on rockets? That assumes they have good aim to do such a thing... but if they could, wow, that would be great!


Secondary Concussion would be good, but only if they have great aim.


As Lath said that would overall really improve the bots. Also they need to start using inventory items, but I'd put that second to making good use of the guns/explosives.

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JA has a taller order for Bots, because you have sabers and force to worry about. BUT, that said, they should at least use their basic FPS capabilities first... then start worrying about improving the jedi abilities of bots.


But every little bit helps! I'm just a little sad right now, because at least the basejka bots could use Force powers (not just Speed and Jump)!

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