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So what happened while I was out?


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So yea, I started playing JK back in 1997 when it came out. I played online on the MSN gaming zone for quite a long time. I recently notcied that it no longer seemed to exist. I was thinking of starting to play JK again ,and this made me very sad as I am far better at JK than I have been at any other game, including Gunz, and I would love to kill.. I mean play with people again.

JK just holds so many memories for me, I would love to be caught up.

is Massassi.net still the place for mods and levels?

When I left SBX3.1 was the newest mod, is it still current or are they on SBX 5 now?

Did they make a new Guardians of the Galaxy mod after Master Edition?

Any new levels worth picking up?

Where can i find people to brutaly slaughter and show off too... I mean play?

Thanks and I cant wait to get back into the gaming arena


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