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how to protect against jamsgbof.cfg


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Hello, I am new with JO and running a dedicated JO on my computer.


WHat is this jamsgbof.cfg? Is it a means for crashing a server? I have been having trouble with players crashing me latley and I have recently changed to the DCmod 1.1 Can't seem to find Dcmod 1.2 that I heard about for JO.

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this jamsgbof.cfg is the file that is responsible for crashing the server, its normal clients that can crash the server without admin permissions.

One way to protect vs that is to log his ip and ban him, but cant help if you are not connected to the server.

I need help with that too.

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Hrmmm i made a small progress but i have been a bad jedi too.

Couple of day ago, i was wonder if there is a way to protect the server against ---> jamsgbof.cfg.

My server is being attacked by idiots ( sorry my language ) too many times now, so i downloaded the file my self and started an investigation.

Which server is protected vs jamsgbof.cfg.

Out of 20 to 50 JA servers with mods and none mods only 1 server did crash ( sorry again that i did crash servers ).

I made a copy and added more text in the jamsgbof.cfg still nothing, i tried the last time with the original, but nop. Then i tried it on my server with the original jamsgbof.cfg, well my server went to sleep very fast.

I actually found the owner of that server, i asked the owner if i could get a copy of this Server.cfg, I did, nothing special in it just pure mess in it, i suspect hes still learning about his JA+ mod server.

I Ask the owner of that stable server alot about his server and hardware configurations, he seems to understand what ram is and couple of other things, but not on professionel level. ( didnt get far with that )

Then i tried to compare his server.cfg and my server.cfg i used his on my server.cfg and i did the exec jamsgbof.cfg, what happen ? bad news my server crashed, didnt help.

I tried with Unofficial JAWinded.exe and with Official jamp.exe ---> Bad news again, didnt work.

I suspect its a hardware protection vs that buffer overflow, i simply need help to solv this problem, since there wont be a new patch on its way.




Thank you all for reading and supporting. :)

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Ill try to explain my self as good as possible.

It might be hard to find the file to fix it, but i found it in year 2004 when i stopped playing Jedi Academy and now am back, and i want to help, and i cant find the file on the www´s anymore, BUT people call me smart and intelligent because i burned that 10 kb file on a 650 mb cd and made double copies of that cd. One thing i didnt was to write the instruction, but that was the last thing i was thinking of, cause i was thinking of "YES I FOUND A SOLUTION TO ONE OF MY BIGGEST PROBLEMS" lol :p.

The reason i delay this message was because i had to find out how i did it, and now i know it.

So couple of dollars wont hurt if i got to post this message, but since this forum is free, ill add it here and now.

READY ALL TO HEAR HOW ITS DONE ? ( Not a smart move there and people calls me smart and intelligent ).

Of course everyone is ready, especially those none mod server, kind of like me.



The way to Protect your none mode server against buffer overflow, is to use a different way to patch the small hole that your server has.

You need to open assets3.pk3 and inside there is a file called jampgamex86.dll.

jampgamex86.dll is the bad file and you need to patch that file.

The patch file is alittle bit special, you need a call of duty message fix file which is only 10 kb large, thats the one you need to execute and select the jampgamex86.dll file to close the bug hole.

Then you move the file back into assets3.pk3 file and its fixed.

You can also replace the Jampgamex.86.dll with JA+ owns fix jampgamex86.dll, but thats not recommended.

If you have JA+ mods, then i have heard that you need to install it the right way for that fix works on the server. I honestly dont care about mode servers, cause i dont like mods.

There is one thing that might stop fixing that buffer overflow problem. That call of duty file cant befound on the web. It might be there, but i cant find it.

If someone else want to make it avalible public, then i can send the file to you, cause i have on cd´s.

You can also find me on my Powerduel Server, i might can help from there too. Just look for "Jedi-Guard"

Servername = Jedi-Academy-Server

Have a nice day all

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I actually finally found the page i learned to fix the buffer overflow.


http://aluigi.altervista.org/patches/jamsgfix.txt <---- this one.

The explanation is alot better there, then what i have added.


This is the patch file that is needed, right now, its working.


http://aluigi.org/patches/codmsgfix.zip <---- works now for me, hope it works for you too.


I beleave this case is closed now. :)

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I'm using 1.0 and i have downloaded ipatch, runned it and extracted jampgamex86.dll to the desktops, and mounted the jampgamex86.dll with ipatch, it only says "the data files is oncomplete or corrupted" what am i doing wrong? i really need help

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There are no lucasarts or ravensoft patch for the codmsgfix.

The link might be too old and removed.

I do have the small file to patch the jampgamex86.dll, but i would recommend you keep looking out there and type this filename codmsgfix.zip and press search.

May the force be with us all.

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Ok Jedi-Guard, thanks anyway.. i got it, adding new info



- download the codmsgfix


- open the following file contained in your Jedi Academy folder with a

ZIP program (like Winzip for example): (OR WINRAR WORKS FINE TO)



note that the number of the assets file can change if you have other

versions of the game, in any case get the file with the higher

number available.


- extract the file jampgamex86.dll


- launch codmsgfix.exe and patch the jampgamex86.dll.



- select the dll file you have just extracted, you will receive a

success message


- create a zip file containing only the patched jampgamex86.dll file.

the name of the zip must be assets4.pk3 (note the number 4 while the

other zip was 3) and must be placed in the same folder where is

located assets3.pk3.





- your server is patched and will no longer crash (or worst since this

is a buffer-overflow bug).



More news, I've found out that when you patch jammpgamex86.dll you can only play on patched servers, other servers will put up an error message therefore you can't enter. But I'm playing in 1.0, maybe in 1.01 they are all protected.

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