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Who Will Win The Console War


Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Nintendo Revolution
    • PlayStation 3
    • Xbox 360
    • Other Console (specify)

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Ok, right now all we know is that the top 3 consoles this generation will be the Nintendo Revolution, PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360. They will, obviously, compete, as they did last time around. Im not asking for personal favorites, but who you really think will win the next time around.


Heres my personal analysis, I'll break it into sections:


Release Dates


Xbox 360 (1st Nov.-Dec. 2005) PS3 (2nd 2006) NRev (3rd 2006)


Most likley the Xbox 360 will rule until the ps3 comes out, because its new and no one has had a new consoles for a while, so they will rush out and buy the 360. Plus, its Christmas time, so a lot of kids will bug the parents for the newest and latest console. The XBox 360 will be expensive however, which will hurt sales. The PS3 will be released 2nd, so a lot of patient customers will go out and buy that, stealing a portion of the market away from M$. The PS3 is going to be really expensive, so I think that will hurt its sales a bit aswell. The Nintendo Revolution comes out last this time, which will really hurt its sales. A lot of people will buy the first new consoles they see, but unfortunatly Nrev is last. However, the lower price and new controller has generated a lot hype, and so it could severly damage the other consoles sales.




The PS3 will lead in the specification category, because of the Cell processor, which is being heavily advertised by Sony. The Xbox 360 will be the 2nd most powerful, while the Nrev is last. On the other hand, Nintendo claims they don't need high specs to run modern games, so, do the specs really matter? A lot of people claim that the other consoles couldn't run a PS3 game because they don't have a cell processor, my question is, how do we know that the cell processor is even needed? The PS3 and Xbox will feature High Definition output, and DVD Playback. The Revolution will have a revolutionary controller, that can be tilted, and read with censors placed on your TV. Nintendo expects to draw in a lot of new gamers with its simpler controller style. They all have wireless controllers.


All the consoles look nice this time around. In my opinion, the black revolution looks cool, and sleek. It would blend in with almost any furnature and entertainment devices. The PS3 has a nice design as well (minus the controller) and the Xbox 360.. well... I don't like it. Looks like something apple made, plus the same controller format as before. No too creative (M$ took apple's "look" back in the 70s, and are doing it now...) :-\ So yeah, xbox loses in that category.



Game Library


Xbox 360 - More mature games. Star Wars games. Sports Games. Halo.

- If the Xbox was out of the picture the only loss would be Halo. Plus, I think Halo is starting to lose its effect on people. Halo 2 took a bad turn, and some people suspect Halo 3 will aswell. I agree. Oh, and Perfect Dark will be a big player this time around, and will help the Xbox, even if Halo sucks. Xbox live's price will hurt its sales as well, when players realise they can get online service for free with other consoles.


PS3 - Many, many, many exclusive games. Sony elminates competition by paying companies to make games exclusive. Excellant games too, such as MGS and Devil May Cry. (Soul Calibur III on PS2) The PS3 alone is worth it for a few of the games, like MGS 4, and the new Devil May Cry, and there will be more. Free online (I think)


NRev- When Nintendo itself makes a game, its high quality, and it sells big time! Classics like Mario, Zelda, and Super Smash Bros will sell millions. Also, the ability to download older games for a small price will help bring back a lot of old players, who want to relive the classics, as well as newcomers. Free Wi-Fi online.




Ok, so yeah, my guess, PS3 will be first because of its Cell processor, and most likley awesome library of games, NRev will be 2nd, making a comeback, with its new controller, free online (plus old classics, for a fee) and amazing library, and the Xbox 360 will be last, because... well... theres nothing new or exciting keeping players interested. (I mean, at least the PS3 has those awesome exclusives)


PS3>NRev>Xbox360. (Im not asking about personal favorites, but who you really think will take first this time around.)

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I'll post.


Uhm, who will lead, uhm ..... let's see .....

Oh, I don't know, I stick to my PC .... so, the PC will win! :D


Seriously though, with all the consol nuts (and I mean that in a good way by the way) that is on LucasForums, it's weird they arn't all over this.


Though it is weekend, and it seems fewer is on then, which is weird. :¬:

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EA sucks. The others are cool. And yes, the PS3 is a fad machine, the only reason I even want a sony console is because of the exclusives though... same with Nintendo (I like nintendo better)


Well considering Nintendo isn't even entering the supposed console war.


I think if you throw a console out, your in. They are competing right? I mean, they have no choice, compete or lose. By making a cheaper console is a way of competing against the other companies.

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They aren't competing against anyone, they're just doing what they do. And if you want to go by financial means, Nintendo will win.


What it is is Nintendo knows how to make quality machines at bottom level costs, they've been in the business for many years after all. Instead of pumping their boxes with useless extras they focus solely on the gaming and gaming quality. So far though they've taken no official claim in beating out their proposed opponents. All you hear from Microsoft or Sony is "We're going to crush playstation/xbox".


Nintendo just talks about what they have planned, for themselves.

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@ sithy: oh no, Sony and Microsoft take regular stabs at Nintendo as well at key moments, mostly when Nintendo has just shown a little bit more of the Revolution or have released the DS, etc, etc.

True, true. But not in terms I mean. Basically they're going after eachother, mostly Microsoft after Sony. They may take shots at Nintendo but mostly in terms like the bullies at the yard poking shots at the wimp, only to go back to their pissing contest.

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Nintendo isn't competing in the sense that Microsoft and Sony would do anything to be #1, they would do anything to crush the competition and they would do anything to make customers buy their console instead of the competitor's. Nintendo, on the other hand, will be happy if the console and games sell well, and if they make am interesting profit. I don't think they care if the customers also buys an xbox or a playstation, as long as they buy the Revolution as well.


Anyways, that's the way I see it ;)

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Yeah, it's hard to judge who wins... you could say units sold, gross profit, or cultural significance :p. I think the ps3 will ultimately have the highest number of units. But, nintendo will probably take the cake when it comes to profit since they actually won't LOSE money on every system sold. The xbox360 doesn't offer much beyond the original besides upgraded graphics in my opinion. Also, it doesn't seem to have any must-have titles at this point...



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Actually I'm wondering if Sony will do as well in the next generation as everyone expects simply because the PS3 and its games are going to be so damned expensive. Katuragi even laughed about how expensive the PS3 was gonna be, now that's gotta make some people worry, maybe not the tech geeks, but the normal folk, you know the rest of the world that doesn't come on web forums posting their opinions about stuff :p

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