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"Exactly. But if they left their cell phones behind they're paranoid about being tracked. Your phone is probably bugged by now, and they'll suspect that." Said Miguel, seeming calm, but panicking inside. "But they should call soon. I don't think either of them wouldn't. Even if it's just for a few seconds."

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((Oh, forgot that.))


Micheal drove wordlessly to the next hotel. He parked. "Hopefully we'll be able to spend the night here."


He left the car, and went to the front desk. As always, he gave a false name, this time Dan Garcia.


"Ah, Mr. Garcia. Your friend is waiting for you at the cafe." Said the clerk




"I said your friend is waiting for you at the cafe." He repeated.


"Oh. I see." Said Micheal. Slowly he walked back out.


"There's a guy waiting for me.....well, not me, I checked in as Dan Garcia, and there's someone waiting for me." He sighed. "It could be a coincidence, but we can't run now. The clerk knows that I arrived, if I don't meet the guy, the guy'll ask the clerk and the clerk'll tell him I've already checked in."

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Sienna had a smile frozen on her face. It remained for several seconds... and then vanished as rolling thunder covered her quiet swearing. "Well... he's gonna know you're not the Dan Garcia he's here to meet. Just go and see him and the mistake will correct itself."


She walked in and checked in as Allison Grant.

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Micheal went to the hotel's cafe. He asked if anyone had been looking for him and was pointed in the direction. There was a middle-aged man sitting at a table reading a newspaper. As Micheal sat down, the man spoke.


"You're early."


"You've got the wrong person. I'm not who you think I am."


"I know exactly who you are, Micheal Gallardo." He set the newspaper down on the table. "Along with the rest of your group."


Micheal's eyes widened. He hadn't expected that. "What do you want?"


"To help you."




The man sighed. "When I was eight I began having visions of the future. Among them was of a group of young people running from hotel to hotel, and eventually getting caught. As the years passed on the number kept decreasing, until six months ago it finally stopped at five. And I finally got a specific time, date, and place. You weren't supposed to get here until tomorrow. However, the future is a fickle thing, and I arrived early just in case."


"How can you help us?"


"I've been preparing for this since I was 17, Mr. Gallardo. I have money, I have a safe remote place where you can hide and learn how to use your powers. "


"Why are you doing this?"


The man sighed. "Because when I was your age, no one did the same for me."


Micheal mulled over it. The man seemed trustworthy.


"Think it over." Said the man. He handed Micheal a paper with a phone number on it. "If you decide to accept my help, call me here."


The man stood up and walked out.


Micheal headed back to the group, and told them what had happened. He gave them his room number, asked for Sienna's at the desk, went up and relayed the story to her.

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Troezen got a room - again under his real name, Antonio Starr.


"I say go with it. It cant hurt and he clearly has powers too and we already aggreed that people like us should stick together. And besides, what have we got to loose? If something happens we can get out - together, we have got powers over everything - weather, nature, sarah and I can fly and micheal can hear things that we cant. We can fight our way out of it if something happens. And besides, I dont sence anything from him - but i dont know quite how these sences work yet - but it seems ok to me."

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Micheal picked up the phone and dialed the number. The phone was picked up almost immediately.


"All right." he said. "We'll trust you."


"Good. I'll pick you up tomorrow, let you rest at the hotel while I finish preparing everything."


"All right."


They hung up.


"He'll pick us up here tomorrow"

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Micheal sat down on the couch and muttered. "****."



Miguel pulled the car he and Megan had driven to the mall back into the driveway. As soon as they left the car a man approached.


"Megan Holland?"


"Who are you?" Interjected Miguel. The man flashed a badge at him, too quickly for him to see exactly where he was from.


"Miguel Cervantes. What are you two doing together?"


"We met at the airport. We were both waiting for our friends." Lied Miguel.


"We need to ask you some questions."

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"If the cops have found them.....Miguel's got a bit of a temper.


"About your friends." Said what seemed to be the senior agent.


"What about them?" Said Miguel, on edge


"If you've seen or heard from them."


"Does it look like we know where they are?"


"Maybe you've heard something."


With every question Miguel's temper seemed to grow shorter

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