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Micheal turned to Sienna. "Look, I know there's nothing I can say that'll change your mind about this guy, but he's offering help. He's offering us a chance to stop running, a chance to learn how to control our powers. And I didn't sen-" He caught himself in time. He didn't know if that power was real and he didn't want to advertise it and later find out it wasn't. "I don't think he was lying." He finished.

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((i'm going to be leaving the forums now. This is probably going to be my last post in this RPG (for a long time anyway). I'm going to take Troezen out of it, so that there is some ending to it. ))


Troezen was in his room and he wondered what he was doing. In the last few days he had gone to another country because he felt he should, he hung on the side of a plane and he was going around with total strangers on the run from the police.


He got up and went out of the room. He got some paper and wrote on it:


i dont know what im doing at the moment. I need time to think about all of this. I just need to get away and think over what I'm doing. Don't expect to see me again - donnt try to find me.


Im sorry and I think under other circumstances we might have been a good team, but for now, I just can't do this anymore. I want a normal life back.


Again, I'm sorry and I wish I was able to say goodbye properly.





He went to sarah's room and slipped it under the door.


Troezen hesitated by the door, but then walked away. As he walked out of the hotel he saw Kyle.


"Goodbye Kyle" troezen said as he walked off. Troezen didnt explain himself and he just walked off. He didnt know where he was going - he'd probably go home, but for now he just kept walking.




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Sarah saw the note, she read it and went to where Sienna and Michael were.


- "Troezen's gone for good, he left this note" - Sarah said and gave it to Sienna.


((I'm going to be away for like the whole week so you guys can exercise character control over Sarah just to keep the story moving for the week please and merry xmas and happy new year to all :D))

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Sienna laughed, but it was a short, harsh sound. She wasn't happy. "I was hesitant to group up, but finally agreed. Now, the guy that missed the first flight, held onto the wing of a plane, was the main reason we all actually came together, and was a total jerk about doing things I said were unsafe... now he decides to leave?"


She swore in both English and Spanish all the way back to her room.

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Char sheet:


Name: Sara Fingerman

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race: White

Power: Hyper senses and I use 1% more of my brain than most people

Equipment: utility belt

Appearance: So plain I'm invisible. Think the female version of Clark kent.

Bio: (make it short please) I'm mute and fade into the background. Independently wealthy like Bruce Wayne, because I can't talk I communicate with written language. I was the inventor of fasttext.t9.com and nobody knows it. I'm not telepathic but I read all of the text messages and email messages (I've tapped into the web) so I know when a crime is gonna go down. But I'm not a super hero-I'm a villian that is dead set on stealing a voice-but from who?

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