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Hi, i'm new here :)

I've started making my own mod (well, admin and fun mod), have started with a fresh copy of the SDK and i've noticed that people sometimes get "stuck" in animations, and since i know there are already mods wich do not have this bug, why shouldn't i just ask here, if anyone can tell me how to fix this?


Short description of my mod:

People often complained about some mods having wrong damages, or wrong gameplay, i wanted to have our server run a "base" game with some admin commands, and i've added some fun stuff too. (Doesn't make it better than other mods tho ... but i love coding =) )

I add nearly everything the guys from the clan want, except "big" stolen ideas like grapple hook, or useless things like amprotect, (what's the god cheat for, eh? :p)

So far i've made it have admin accounts with user and pass, "easyer" kick, ban, and slaying commands, drop stuff, place models, teleport, boost (by either Z, or front and Z, or X Y Z direction), locking teams, redirecting damage, and calling Q3_Set with just the same arguments as the function really has :) )

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ICARUS scripting, hmm

it's usually while fighting, the animations are stuck, it looks like the animation runs normally, but the model is just updated once a second...

ok so how can i fix that?


The set: just for fun (setting animations, invisibility, solidity, ...) but also for other things like resetting duel health if for instance the other guy suddenly opens the chatbox, i hit him, and it's the first hit in the duel i reset the health...

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hmmm no need to use Q3_Set for all that, u can do it directly open up g_ICARUScb.c and you will see thats where Q3_Set is.


as for the models (thats not icarus) its a timer bug most likely... i think that was fixed in OJP lemme go look up the bugfix list.

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No i mean the animation bug, i've thought that it's something with timers already but since timers in Q3 are rather complicated (at least when looking at them for the first time), i figured it's best to ask because there are already people who fixed it, so a description:

It mostly happens while fighting, it just suddenly starts messing up the animations, when you move you are stuck in one frame of the moving animation, when you attack you see only a few frames of it, being stuck in each for some time.

I guess it somewhere messes up some timing vars?


And what do u mean with doing the Q3_Set directly - i mean, there are so many things you can set with it that writing a new command for each of them is a little bit exaggerated :)

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Uh well yea, dunno how it came into my server.cfg...

Maybe i've switched it on to see what it does and was lucky that the bug didn't appear then...

and forgot to switch it back off?

Why does it exist anyway if it's just "switching on/off a bug"? Or is this "being stuck in animations" done on purpose....

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