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just about on the line between north and central America...

Deep South Texas.


we have sunshine, and lots of it. ...It snowed last year, for the first time in over a century. It was a first for me, and the novelty wore off quickly.

@D333- holiday spirit? lol very festive.

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@insidious, that comes under Europe.

Michigan, USA. State with the worst economy, highest unemployment rate, worst roads


sorry, bro, but Bahrain? i swear, if you live here for 5 months then go back to michigan, youll consider your place as heaven.

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Since i'm making a fool of myself all the time, it can only mean one thing:




A Long History lesson:


I live in the Northen part by the way, that doesn;t fit all the sterotypes foreigners know. My village (Meeden) is 'strange' and country-like, with strange accents (many oah-sounds en unfisnished words) and the same people compared to the rest of the country. We actually live 1,3 meters above sea-level, so i'll be safe :)


The main use for the land is farming around here, so we in the middle of enormous fields full of crops and nature etc. It's beautiful if you'd ask me.


Years ago, they called this region the 'Veencolonies' because it was so far to the North of the land, an a particular groundtype 'Turf' was around this parts.

They then used it to fire their fireplaces, so we got almost below sea-level.

They quitted it after a while, and the turf became 'veen.'


A place it went wrong is Amsterdam. They used up so much turf, the lake next to it became bigger and bigger and threatened Amsteram's excistence.

So they quited, and started to utilise other recourses.


Myself, i'm offsrping of the original founders of this village (Meeden), and so my name is translated: Meedendorp means Meeden Village.

We have much more names like that, like Miller, Watermiller, Beanfarmer. (Free translations)


This is the old home of the major:



A typical image of the lands surrounding the village:



This is an old panting how Meeden looked 100 years ago:



Although it doesn't seem much, the people here are great. They are loyal, straight-out with their words, and friendly to all.

'Famous' people from my region:

-Arjen Robben (Bedum, small village next to Groningen)

-Anthony Winkler Prins (One of the sources of Microsoft Encarta)

-Multatuli (Famous writer, lived in a farm near me)


Sorry if i bored you :p

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