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Assault on sector 64: Part one


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The rebels had learn a secert base for the imps, this base is were the Dark Troopers were made. The rebels need to shut down this base inorder to stop this new threat. But first the rebels need to get past the massive swarm of star destoryers protecting the planet. So here's the what you need.


Class( primary field postion)

Side: Imps, Rebels



Avaible Ships:Rebels x-wing, y-wing, A-wing, b-wing, Assasult craft(transport ship)

imps: tie fighter, tie interceptor, Tie bomber, tie defender, Assasult craft(transport ship)

(bio later)

Rule: no going downto the plaent, we need to take out those star destoryer first.

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Name: Don

Class: Pilot, Blue Leader

Side: Rebels

Ship: Custom B wing

Weapons: 2 laser cannons, 1 ion cannon, 4 heat seaking missiles, 4 EMP missiles, 3 Photon torpedoes

Bio: Don was promoted to Blue leader after the previous leader (Jax Polara, see the Phantom r/p's) left. Don had been a pilot for the rebels for many years. Althogh young he has risen to the rank of squad leader. He is a good pilot and knows what to do and when to do it.

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(( Hey, Jedi. What's up? Man, so I assume Jax never comes back or what? ))


Name: Gus Kenobi

Class: Pilot, Gold Squadron Commander (Former Spec Ops, see Phantom RPs)

Side: Rebels

Ship: Modified X wing

Weapons: Red Lightsaber

Ship Weapons: 2 Heavy Laser Cannons, 1 Proton Torpedo Launcher with 5 Torpedos, 1 Turbo Laser Battery

Bio: Gus Kenobi was at one time a Rebel Pilot and Jedi. His best friends, Jax and Stu, were at one time lost. Gus feared they'd never return and he decided to leave the Rebels. His girlfriend Kaitlyn followed (See Phantom RP)

She ended up finding her home planet and she is now staying with her mother and father on Onderon under the rule of the great leader Queen Talia. But Gus on the other hand, found his home planet destroyed by his own anger. He went back to wandering the galaxy until Kailtyn's parents said he could stay with them until he finds a new home. He later moved to Dantooine to fulfill his dreams of being a Jedi Master. He never saw Kailtyn again. Then, he was drafted to become a Pilot again and lead Gold Squad in a new war.



Gus awoke to find himself floating in a Kolto Tank, bobbing up and down as the ship he was on shook violently. The hum of the engines was no more and wires spat sparks from destroyed conduits as far as he could see. The only light was the glow from the blue water in the tank. Gus closed his eyes and concentrated. He screamed and the breathing device smashed. The glass cracked and shattered and Gus was pushed out on the floor. a metal desk was off to the side of him. On it lay his lightsaber nad some sort of key and a datapad. Gus picked it up and read:


Entry 104.23848.0060-183.84750.4230


hThis Jedi is a curse! He dissapeared during training one day and we found him unconcious in his ship. The ship looked torn, like a rock or something with a large mass had hit it. He's still in the Kolto Tank an-

Oh no! The lights have just gonme out! I can barely see so I'm going to end this ent-




The datapad ended there. There were scorch marks all over the bottom half. He looked at the detroyed conduit. It must have fried the circuits in the datapad. But who set it off.... and why?

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(Oh Jax will return...some day)


The Rebel cruiser "Ghost Town" shook violently. Don was having trouble standing. He was being thrown around like a rag doll.

"Blue group! Meet me in the hanger!" Don yelled over his intercom

This was crazy! If the rebels hoped to take area 64 they would have to fight like they did back in the day's of Viper Squadron. Don managed to reach the hnager without too much trouble. He saw his friends Dave (Blue 4) and Carlson (Blue 12) with Jay (Blue 2) right behind them. The new recruits looked nervous. Some where trying to act tough but Don knew it was just an act. He had seen their kind before. Don put his helmet on and turned to Blue Group.

"Right Guys, we have to take out those star destroyers before we can get to the planet below. Or create a big enough distraction while the ground assualt team do their stuff"

Don looked at his squadron. This would be hard.

"Get to your ships and good luck Blue Group!"

Don turned and ran off to his B wing. He clambered in and shut the hatch. He sure wished Jax was here. Jax was probabaly the best B wing pilot in the galaxy, maybe even one of the best pilots in the world. Stu and Gus didn't ever seem to be on the same level as Jax. They had completly different styles of flying so it was hard to judge. Don took off. Once outside the hanger he could see the fleet of star destroyers surrounding the planet. Well, They had once destroyer two of the most powerful Imperial ships in the galaxy (The Emeperors Slave and The Emperors Servant) so this should be easy. Following normal procedure Don said;

"All wings report in"

"Blue 2 standing by"

"Blue 4 standing by"

"Blue 12 standing by"

"Blue 3 standing by"

"Blue 5 standing by"

"Blue 6 standing by"

"Blue 8 standing by"

"Blue 10 standing by"

"Blue 14 standing by"

"All wings in attack formation"

The B wings in Blue Group all changed into attack position. The Y wings continued as normal.

"Ok this is it boys, stay together and remember the plan"

"Got it Blue Leader"

Don swerved and dodged as Tie Fighters opened fire.

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Don heard Gus's voice

"Gus...Jax is gone....it's just me" He said soflty

Don looked to his right. A group of Tie fighters was coming there way.

"Blue group you know what to do"

Don shot towards the group of Tie's and dived. Two tie fighters talied him. Excellent his plan was working. Don lead the Tie fighters towards a star destroyer. He dodged fire and ducked as a heavy blast was directed at him. One tie exploded. The other bounced off the flaming wreck of the other one and hit the side of the star destroyer. Don smiled but immediatly he knew it was a mistake. There were swarms of Tis fighters everywhere. And the star destroyer was relentlessly firing at him. He dodged and ducked but he was in trouble. He managed to swing his ship around and re-grouped with the others.

"Blue Group, lets take out some star destroyers!" Don yelled into the comm. link.

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"Oh... well... Umm..." Gus gave a long deep sigh and dodged a TIE's torpedo. He fired his laser cannons and the TIE fighter exploded in a ball of flames. He headed towards the Star Destroyer and opened fire as a TIE Interceptor tried to stop him.


Name: Elena Hemphyre (Pronounced: L-N-AH HEM-FIRE)

Species: Twilek

Gender: female

Class: Bounty Hunter

Weapons: Heavy Blaster Pistol

Ship Name: The Venom Fang

Ship Type: Vampire Gunship

Personal Droid:

Prototype Assassin Droid

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"Hands up!" yelled the prison guard, his blaster rifle raised at Elena's head. elena stumbled back.

"Yeah, right." Her assassin droid jumped out from behind the pillar and activated his duel flame cannons. The Battle droid caught fire and exploded. Elena and her droid opened fire on the guards. Two fell to the ground under the heavy blatser fire of the assassin droid's Blaster Cannons. elena's heavy blaster pistol took down three more and the last one was killed when a droid beside it exploded. Elena picked up the guard's assassin dagger and she ran down the path, her droid close behind. "So Master, Who is our target." They both stopped in the woods for a quick brake. A hologram of a 14 year old boy with his lightsaber ignited appeared above her wristband. "Gus Kenoib. Jedi Knight and Retired Pilot. if we can capture him, we can lure Jax and the other Rebels into our trap. That way we can easily invade Sector 64 and steal the Imperial's stash of weapons."

"A perfect plan, as always, master."

"Thank You." She said as she stood up and started to walk towards her ship. she and her droid hopped in and the gunner just barely lifted off the ground and hovered. She slammed her finger on a small, blue button and the ship started to fly out of Dxun's atmosphere. she had just escaped from a Heavily Guarded Mandalorian Prison and made it out alive. That took some skill.

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(Damn it i hate assasin droids! lol)


New Character!!


Name: Kenny

Class: Soldier, Scout

Side: Rebels

Ship: A wing

Weapons: Custom Sniper rifle (double for quickfire), Blaster Bistol, Electro Staff, 4 thermal detanotors, 2 EMP grenades, 4 mines

Bio: Kenny is a well trained scout for the rebels. Not only is he an excellent marksman he is also trained in the martial arts and is good with a melee weapon. He favours a electro staff but can use what ever is around. Kenny's main strength is his eye sight and hearing. He possese jedi like abilitys to sense when someone or something is near.


Kenny sat in the hnager cleaning his rifle. He looked at it lovingly. He looked out of the hanger and obsereved the battle raging on outside. He was waiting for the signal. As soon as the first star destroyer went down Kenny along with others would get in the landing craft and scout ahead on the planet surface. Kenny saw Blue group attack a star destroyer. It went up in flames. He jumped up. The others had seen it too. Kenny jumped into one of the gunner seats and manned the gun. When they got into the atmosphere they knew they would come under heavy fire. The ship left the hanger and made it's way towards the planet...

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Name: John Landcaster

Class: Special Forces Marine Commander

Side: Rebels

Ship: Whatever he can find

Weponds Standern Special Forces Gear ,dual blaster pistols, dagger,

Bio: John is was one of the Special Forces Marines.He is does a lot of jumping out of ships in space to infultrat them He also a master of stealth and infultration.

I was doing my gear check, when the they came a voice on the intercom.All special force marines get to hanger 4 now. Well it party time, I say as i start running down to the hanger.

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Gus felt the shadow. It moved around in space until he could no longer feel it. Jax was going to return. Jax was coming home. But he felt Jax in the force. As a ripple in time. But... where was he? and why did hisf aint signal feel so powerful? Gus was prepared to fight Jax if need be. He was worried aout his old friend, but at the same time confident that he was okay. He couldn't tell Don yet, it'd distract him. So he continued to blast away at the star Destroyer until the soldiers finally detonated their bomb. The Destroyer went up in a ball of flame and Gus focused in a group of Tie Fighters attempting to flank him. Two went down and the others just scattered. EEEEEEHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BBOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The proton torpedo hit Gus's engines and his fighter went down and fell towards the hangar. It exploded and he fell out into space, floating. His oxygen supply in his suit was low and a gklass shard had breached his arm. He closed his eyes and waited to die.

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He dodged fire from the nearest star destroyer and fired a missile. The missile hit the birdge and the explosion rocked the star destroyer. The missile was so powerful it completly destroyed the shields. The fighter chased after a Tie Fighter and blew it to hell....


Don watched dumb struck as the fighter destroyed a whole group of 18 tie fighters with ease.

"His flight style....it's so much like....Jax's..." Don muttered

Don glimpsed the ship on the side it had "Viper" written on it....It couldn't be


Jax glimpsed at Don's fighter and smiled. He was back alright but not as they knew him. He was not evil....but he had matured alot. His was extremely powerful and he knew it. His power was only matched by his piloting skills. He destroyed another Tie fighter and dodged as a Tie Phantom appeared. He quickly took it out and went towards the star destroyer....

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Suddenly, Gus felt light fall over his insides. It was Jax. He was no longer evil... But why? How?

"JAX!? WHERE THE HELL WHERE YOU!? IT'S BEEN THREE MONTHS!" Gus fired a rocket at the Star Destroyer as soon as it's shields flared and the direct hit blew part of the hull to hell. The oxygen shields protected the troops inside. "I think we might need to destroy this one from the inside."

"No Problem," Replied Gus "I got... let's see... Three proton cores right here!"

"Good, I've marked three hotspots on the map of the ship. Plant the P{roton Cores there. Hotspot 1 is the aship's generator, 2 is the oxygen shield generator, and three is the toughest. it's a part of the ship mssing an oxygen shield and part of the hull. It's being cut off by Force fields and three minor Sith Lords are protecting it, be careful."

"No probelm. Jax, Don, you guys are comin' with me, we need to take this fight to the imperials."

Gus's ship sped up and the Force Field on the hangar explodewd. He landed safely and saw a Jedi Knight Strike team attacking sith Knights. They must've destroyed the force feild. While he waited for Jax and don, he helped his fewllow jedi.

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name:Name unknown,carries the title of Assassin



weapons:(assassin)DC-17 rifle and attatchments,dual pistols,grenades,detpacks,com,trando heavy repeater,tracking devices,concealed weapon,modded armor,(ship)lock on missles,heavy repeating blaster,60 bombs,stealth unit,stealth detector,hacking unit,secondary fire missles,secondary temporary freeze missles

ship:ship unknown,it appears to be colored pure black with the symbol of an eye(one from mind trick in jedi academy) tattoed on it,made for stealth and fast as hell



an unknown fighter joined the battle,disappearing very often and blasting thin air-which turned out to be invisible targets.rebel fighters wondered who he was and why he was helping them.a few tried to ask through the com,but failed.the ship seemed to speed up and disappeared from sight.he reappeared,slowing down, over a downing imperial repair shuttle(very large but not the size of a star destroyer) and hit a switch,four bombs dropped in differant places on the ship;the bridge,engine room,barracks,and power core.the ship exploded nad the fighter flew off.one rebel(not any of you guys or it would be char-controling) followed him.he claimed he actualy saw a figure in pure black armor(gothic,arent i?) step OUT of the ship and start blasting fighters out of the sky with a large machine gun.then an imperial interceptor started following him,already locked.he flew at a nearby moon and started spinning around it.he escaped its orbit and flew right through the interceptor,guns blazing."planetary slingshot" he silently said to himself."oldest trick in the book." another ship flew after him,this time an odd type of shuttle only he had seen-the imperial tie glider,one tie wing right above it and a small,stuffy cockpit.it laucnhed missles for primary and dropped bombs secondary.just then four other fighters,almost similar to his except the fact that they were yellow,green,orange and red.same symbol,same weapons.they flew everywhichway,blasting the tie glider due to its advanced sheilds.it went hurtling into a star destroyer after a lot of shots.they all joined in,a mass of colors and eyes painted on the sides.they sperated in time to avoid the easiest tie yet-an imperial Tie x1.slowest thing with the worst weapons,lately.went down easy.they seperated,coms buzzing.then only the black and red shuttles were talking."we could have got more of em if you werent such a control freak!" the red pilot yelled."well maybe it was becouse some idiot with a bad temper wasted almost all of his ammo-and only hit his own allies!" the black pilot yelled back."hey knock it off!" the green yelled suddenly."keep this com clear you two,we dont want to lose the only allies we have!" wow.they flew off attacking differant fighters,with the red an black ones occasionally aiming at each other.

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I made it the the hanger and notice my team standing in attention. I looked at them funny saying, what the hell you guys doing we got a war to win. They all starting going on there desinated transport. I got on mine and turn around to look at my home away from home, hopely not for the last time. "Welcome abord sir, my pilot said as he fired up the engines.

"Lets lock and load people."

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Jax heard Gus over the comm....but did not respond. Instead he went towards the star destroyer. He heard Don say;

"He must be crazy, taking it on single handed"

Jax laucnhed a missile...the star destroyer's bridge exploded. Jax swerved and dodged wreckage.

"How the hell did he do that?" Don said amazed

Jax did not reply, he did not say a word to either of his two best friends. He just continued to fly and blast Tie fighters out of the sky...

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Jax did nothing.

"what are you waiting for?" Don yelled

Jax's ship lurched and disapeared

"JAX? He's....gone"

Don's ship jerked backwards and he was flund into the hanger of the Ghost Town. His ship collided with anohter and they crashed. Don's head hit the controls and all was black.....

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The landing ships had managed to get past the baracade. An unknown fighter had destroyed on of the star destroyers with a single missile and this had distracted the imperials. The ships had made their way towards a landing area but they had come under attack. Kenny mas manning one of the turrets and he could clearly see how protected it would be. The imperials were using anti aircreaft guns to take them down. Two landing craft had been hit already and now there were only three left. Kenny fired and and took out a AA gun. But while he was searching for a new target his gun was hit. The ship jerked. Kenny was thrown back. His gun was colpletly wrecked. He had an idea. He lowered the ramp and the back of the ship and set up a machine gun. He fired out of the back. Now the ramp was open he could hear how loud it was. One of the landing ships was hit and spiraled out of control. It hit a large tree and broke into two. One part landed and blew up and the other crushed an Imperial look out post.

This was getting dangerous....

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