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Assault on sector 64: Part one


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"Done!" They had finally finished. The two ran to the tomb as fast as they could. They ran in to find Jax being bombarded. "JAX!"

Kait knew what to do. They kissed and she ran to the Sith.

"I'm the one you want."

"HaH! A little girl!?"

"Be afaraid, you mummified bitch."

"I'll show you."

Gus payed no attentiopn and instead stood back to back with Jax.

"Got a plan?" He asked, worried.

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(If you want could we make it more interesting so instead of killing him straight away she getting the hell beaten out of her but then she awakens her hidden powers when Gus gets hurt or something? Just an idea. If not, no worries)



Jax stood back. He was bleeding heavily

"Not as such. I didn't realise how strong he was or how anoying- LOOK OUT!"

Jax pushed Gus to the floor as a wave of Sith Corpses flung themselves at them. Jax hit the deck. The corpses turned and withdrew lightsabers that were starngely un-coloured. Jax jumped up

"Ready for a fight Gus?" He asked panting

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(( sounds cool, let's try it ))


"I always am..." He dodged a slash an jumpe dover Jax.

"Cover the rear, I got these ones."

Gus did a fancy strike and knocked a corpse to the floor. He flund himself ontop of it and his saber sunk into it's stomach. he tore it out and continued in a gorey yet amazing fight.

Gus's arm started to bleed. He was losing too much blood. He started tot urn pale as he stumbled over and fell on his back. "Damnit..." He rolled to dodge a kick from a mummy.

"Gus!" Kaitlyn saw him faint. Her darkness took control and unleashed itself. like Gus, she had controlled her darkness long ago. before she had met Gus.

"C'mon you wanna-be sith. is that all you got?"

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(In this post Jax is going to unleash all his anger and hate and fury so he will insult both Gus and Kaitlyn. Don't take offence or anything cus this is it)

Jax felt it


Jax tore at his tunic and rapped it tightly around Gus's wound

Jax glared at her

"You may think you can control the darkness but you can't! darknes can never be controled"

Jax struck at a corpse. He had to control himself. But what was Gus thinking training her? It would have been easier to get a more experienced jedi in. But it was too late.

"Kaitlyn stop looking at Gus and FIGHT!"

This is why Jedi should never fall in love Jax thought

Jax kicked a corpse away from Gus

Jax got out his other saber he clicked the ends together to form a double bladed lightsaber. One end was Blue the other Green. jax sliced through the sith like a hot kife through butter.

Jax felt his hatred rise. Jax stopped he felt something...something he had not felt in years...he hadn't felt it for so long he had almost forgotten. Jax looked at his saber and threw it to the floor. He looked at Kaitlyn and Gus and Zion and walked out of the temple. A corpse jumped at him but it bounced back as if stopped by a forcefield. Jax walked out into the sun shine. He smiled and collapsed to his knees. He had been stabbed in the chest. But his anger had disapeared.he smiled then collapsed. He was at peace....finally. He closed his eyes and let go....

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(this is going to be sooooo clich and weird but i like this idea and rennegade i hope you join me)


Jax opened his eyes. it wa over. Kaitlyn had one. But had killed herself. This had all happened because of the events of the last viper squad mission. That had led to the phantom missions which ahd led to Gus and himself to falling into the darkness. If only he could change history. If only...jax dug into his pocket and pulled out a red orb. He knew this could either change things for better or worse but he ahd to try and threw the orb down. It shattered and red light spread all over the galaxy and it was thrown back through time....


(Rennegade go vist the Viper Squadron thread)

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Im baack! lol just kidding but i forgot all about these so ill start off from the epilouge of the phantom posts...


Name: Stu Zandar.

Faction: Rebels.

Class: Admiral.

Strengths: Piloting, aiming

Weakness: Physical Strength.

Ship: Modified Firespray Patrol ship.

Weapons: Green Lightsaber, Standard blaster

Bio: Stu was part of an elite group of troops essential in the destruction of the 'Emperors Servant.' He went into exile but the Rebel Alliance called him and his team to get back into service.


Ill be posting my story later im a little busy.

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