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SOTE MOD Recruitment

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The SOTE Mod is looking for more people to help out. We are making great strides, but we're not where we need to be yet.


With that said, we are looking for the following positions:

*Mappers Anyone with a shred of experience is welcome to inquire. We have some excellent mappers right now, but there's just too much for them to do.

*Modellers We have two very good modellers on our team right now, but like with other things, there is just too much work for them to handle. We have lots of character and vehicle models that need to be built.

*Coders/scripters Currently I am the only one on the team doing code, and my time is sparse due to the fact that I'm finishing up school. We need people with experience working with scripted events, and in game cinematics.

*Skinners/Texturists We have lots to do in the skins dept, and we currently have NO ONE to fill that position(s). If anyone is interested, this position is wide open.

Vocals We have some positions still open for vocalists for in game voices.


If you feel that you are at all interested in any of these positions, then come forward and inquire. We have a great team of people currently, and we all work well together. Help us finish this mod, and join the ranks of modding greatness!!

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