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Starwars in our galaxy 2 - the toren army


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((sorry WJ, I read it wrong. forget the sith are there then))


Troezen was quiet the whole journey back, he senced something from Alex and Endac. He wasnt sure what to think. When they got back he said a quick hello to Breia and Bryne, and then pulled Endac aside and spoke to him so that no one else could hear.


"What's going on?" he said to endac, he made sure that Endac knew he was holding his lightsaber. "I know Alex said something to you before - i dont know about what, but im a jedi, i can sence things, and i sence something from the both of you. Now, what's going on?"


((is the toren army going to get here soon? WJ, Curt, im leaving that one to you))

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"Endac," Alex called sharply. "Come."


Breia glanced over and said, "What you see here is how a subordinate is addressed in the Toren government." She smiled. "It's quite normal in our society... we're not being rude... which, I believe is how such a command would be taken here."


Alex and Breia turned to Byrne and Alex said, "Endac and I are tired. We'd like a place to rest, something with a tub for me and a fireplace for him. And Breia's not quite looking herself yet... some electricity would help her."

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"We can do the tub and an electric generator easily. The fireplace will be tougher, but doable. It'll just take some time." Said Byrne. He turned to Robert. "Get a generator, and some tools." Robert nodded, and headed down the stairs. Byrne turned back to the group.


"This way." He led them to what seemed to be an older suite. The fireplace, however, had been built over.


"There's a tub in the bathroom, the generator should be up in a moment, and we'll see what we can do about the fireplace."


Byrne and Greg left the room. A few minutes later, Robert arrived with a gas generator. He looked at the fireplace.


"All right, let's see what we can do about that." He picked up a hammer and swung. Part of the wall crumbled. He swuing again and again until the fireplace was clear.


"I'll get some wood." He said, and left again.

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Troezen looked at the 3 torenites suspisiously - Endac hinted that something was happening, he had to find out what it was.


he suddenly knew that something was wrong. He ignited his lightsaber - "SITH!" he called out as suddenly about 15 sith ran in and Gartoor came up behind them.


They had got through the base and had got through all the security. Gartoor moved foward and motioned for all of the sith to stop.


"so, we meet again. you know the drill here, in fact, it's getting slightly boring. So you surrender or we kill you all. You dont surrender so we end up fighting you"


he let the sith move forward and they started attacking everyone in the room. Gartoor just stayed back and let the others fight for him.

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The sith ducked out of the way of the flame - except one who got hit and slowly got burnt to death.


Gartoor sighed and stayed where he was.


Troezen started fighting them. He threw a lightsaber to alex and with the force threw the saber of the burnt sith to Endac.


Some sith saw this and saw it as their cue to start attacking them with their sabers.

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"good" Troezen called to them. He rolled out of the way of the electricity, which hit the sith he had been fighting.


Troezen tried to run towards Gartoor, but three more sith had got in his way. He started blocking their attack - he couldnt attack them - they were moving too fast.


Gartoor watched and nodded to himself. Just as he'd expected things to go.

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Troezen ducked under Breia's swings, "be careful with that! you could take someone's eye out!" he joked.


He managed to get a hit onto one of the sith and got them on the defence. He started to move them backwards and then he managed to stab them through the chest.


He was now in a posistion to fight Gartoor.


Gartoor smiled to himself. he really wondered if Troezen would be stupid enough to fight him when there are so many other enemy's in the room. He was quickly answered by Troezen's blade flying down to him.


Gartoor jumped forward and ignited the sabers in mid air. He twirled around his 2 double bladed lightsabers and stood ready to fight with them in an X form.


Troezen ran at him and tryed to attack - but Gartoor was parrying all of the hits with ease. Troezen was no match for him.


Then Troezen senced another blade aiming for him and jumped up just in time to make Gartoor slash down on on of the sith, killing them instantly.


Troezen took a moment to get his breath back once he had landed and Gartoor stood where he was. He did not care that he had just killed his own minion.


"Your move" he said to troezen.

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Meanwhile the base's crew evacuated. Greg and his father finished loading the last of the supplies into the helicopter.


"GO! NOW!" He yelled at Robert.


"Careful, kid!" Said Robert, and he took off.


"We need to set the self-destruct and get the others out." Said Greg. "Let's go!"

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"I'll hold them off, explosions and fire don't hurt me." Endac winked to Briea and Alex as he acivated the red saber.

"Lets groove boys." Endac was attacked by two sith. He specialized in melee weaponry at Toren, so he was good with a blade. He parried mostly everything, then pressed the attack striking down one with ease and engaging the other.

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Alex and Breia had finally gotten into a pattern of working as a team with their sabers when Greg started yelling to evacuate. Breia sent short bursts of electricity into their enemies, which allowed Alex and Breia to disengage and follow the others.

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((hi. as you can see from my sig, im leaving the forums. I dont want the rps to muck up because im leaving, so im going to give Jokemaster Gartoor to control so that you dont loose your bad guy and half of the story.


With troezen, write him out but dont kill him. I might want to come back.


Thread master is WJ. This is basicly the same as in Godmode war.


If this isnt ok or whatever PM me. I'll probably be on some point in the next few days - but then im gone. I'll assume no news is good news.



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((Bye, gonna miss ya))


Angry, Gartoor ordered them to follow the sith.


"COME ON!" Said Greg, and he dragged Endac away. As soon as they were clear, the building and tunnel entrance collapsed, killing most of the sith. The soldiers, Breia, Alex and Greg got onto a monorail. He spoke angrily to Endac.


"When I say get out of there, I mean GET OUT OF THERE!"


Gartoor and a few other sith had managed to get out of the building before it collapsed.


"Start digging!"


"Sir, there's too much wreckage to-"


The complaining sith was suddenly crushed under a piece of the building. Gartoor, who had dropped it on him, turned to the rest.


"One piece down, boys."

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Some time later the monorail stopped. The doors opened, revealing a hallway full of civilian refugees, all of them children. They looked up at the group, and recognized Endac, Breia and Alex as the rumored aliens who would help them. One of them approached them timidly, and looked up at them.


"Are you the ones who are going to save us?" He asked, in awe.

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