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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 information.....some spoilers...look if you like

Commander Obi-Wan

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is that it? Juggernaut? doesn't look so big. Not much bigger then the AT-TE any way.




This thread rocks, thanks!



The "Juggernaut" is actually an EU creation, based on an unused concept art for Empire Strikes Back. It was actually supposed to be a Rebel Vehicle used on Hoth, but they changed it (in the pre-1999 EU) into an "old Republic Vehicle." The Republic "Turbo Tank" that made it into ROTS is different than the EU Juggernaut.


Right now fans are retconning it as "the design changed over the years" (sort of like how they explain the differences between the Tantive IV and the in-construction Death Star in ROTS with what we eventually get in ANH) with the EU literature sure to follow.

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....................the Republic Gunship goes into space???? What the heck are those LucasArts people thinking!?!


Actually the "Clone Wars" cartoon was the first to portray them being used like this. Just close the side doors and suddenly it's space worthy! So like it or not, it's EU canon!


IIRC, the episode in question was from season 1, and it portrayed them being used as "drop ships." Ie: you had an Acclamator cruiser in orbit around a planet and then a swarm of gunships fly out from it and onto the planet's atmosphere.

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Id buy it if we had the dfisk space. Then again, if I had enough disk space, I would've installed UT2004 by now. Ill be sticking to consoles.

Just some infomation: If you are watching the ads, you can get a 160GB hard drive for $40-$20 (after rebate of course, but those rebates do work) which is cheaper than SWBF2. Ending about 5 minutes ago, TigerDirect.com had 300GB drives for $94.

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this seems to be the best official SWBF map of all times!

It has everything you know from the movie and it´looks so cool. So after playing this map noone will whine about Bespin any longer!


Main Hangar left side with the door where Obi wan and Darth fought


Right side with the Control room windows in second floor


Control room with view out of the window down to the Hangar


Lift shaft (no lifts but looks cool)


Prison Area entry with controldesks


Tractor beams


biggest cannon of all times firing (cool animation)


Tarkins conference Room


Tie Hangar


Where Vader meets Obi Wan...


Leias Prison room


in the Trash compactor with weight watchers animation Wink


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