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Niaj Qad Keep

Fate's Decision

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Zion smiled at this new comer

"I take it you're not a fan of my work?"

Zion laughed

"A man with no training in the ways of a sword against a sith? Hmmmm this will be interesting"

Zion's smile flickered. He was taunting the man. The man anger would explode and then Zion would attack.

"Your friends all died in what they believed in...A pile of Jedi crap. The Jedi have destroyed many civilisations and now I have destroyed theirs. And now you wish...or hope to kill me"

Zion's smile faded slightly. He twirled his blade infront of him. He looked over at the dead Jedi body and then back at Dyce and grinned

"heads up" he murmered

Zion flung the body at Dyce using the force. The body hit Dyce but Dyce did not seem to care. Zion's grin faded

"Lets begin" He said in harsh voice. He spun his blade and attacked....

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Dyce parried with Zion's dual-blade, cautious of the other end. An image of his friends appeared in his mind, and flashbacks of training with them for all those years formed. Dyce's anger swelled and he went into a raging blitz, throwing blows with his dark blade. He cared not if he died, only if Zion did.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw another grand starfighter land. It was Ronin, on his search of Zaran and Scur.

Dyce caught Zion off guard and threw a saber blow. Zion blocked it. It was then that Dyce realized that Zion was too powerful to destroy. He was blinded by vengeance, and now he would have to fight his way out or die trying. Dyce fought as hard as a force-less Jedi could. But it wasn't enough. Zion was far beyond Dyce's power. He was left with only one option. Ronin boarded his ship with two Jedi Masters and took off. That was Dyce's chance. He reached into his armored garb for a grenade just as Zion let forth a jab with his saber...right through Dyce's chest.

In his last breath, Dyce attempted to throw his grenade at his starfighter but failed. Dyce died right as a huge fissure of light erupted behind him and fell toward the core of the devastation.

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(ok I'll do it after this post. Which part of time are you in? Os Zion evil or is he still a Jedi?)


Zion watched Dyce fall to the ground. His job was almost over.

But he found himself asking

"was it the right thing to do?"

Zion turned and stared into the sky. The ships out there would all disapear. All of the men would die. The ground beneath Zion was crumbling. He turned in time to see a massive hole appear. He fell through it but managed to grab onto a small ledge. His saber dropped in the lava below. The lava was rising. soon this planet would implode. Zion tried to hoist himself up but he couldnt. He didn't have the strength. He had lost the will to survive. The lava was inches away from his legs. Suddenly sense snapped back to him. He hoisted himself up and began to climb. He was quite a way down and the hole at the top was widening all the time. Zion reached the top but a Jedi stood there.


Phinus looked down upon him

"If your in there...I'm sorry master"

He ignited his blade and sliced off Zion's hands. Zion screamed Phinius then force pushed Zion back into the hole. He plunged into the Lava below and did not re-surfice.....

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((This is right when you planted the bomb jediofdoom. I'm doing this because i haven't been on in a while))


Scur quickly thought for a moment after Zaran(If Zaran is still with Scur) showed up and asked what to do. As Scur started to open his mouth an explosion was heard in the other room and the hallways lit up in flames. Scur quickly thought about the sake of the others on the planet even though they were enemies to let them live. "Zaran!"

"What Master Scur!?"

"Use Force Barrier on the explosion except try and keep everything from escaping instead of getting in."

"I shall try that Master."

"I'll help you." as both Jedi started concentrating on keeping the explosion inside the area and keep it from breathing(like fire) and starve it, making it die out and keep from growing larger.


((Present Time Posting))


The Bluish glow from the Force Barrier started fading out as the explosion started to grow larger. "Concentrate!" yelled Scur as he started sweating.

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The 86th division were speeded out right before the captial ship started blowing to pieces. The imperial fleet were retreating and the 86th division took the chance and sped towards Tatooine. Yet, Bac Rueben couldn't help but think of all the people on the planet. He knew it would mean his life, but he decided to risk it anyway. He turned around and sped towards the planet.

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(Because Im bored Im going to continue the story as Phinius)


Phinius stared into the lava that had consumed his old master and friend. He picked up some soild. He blew it into the now gail force winds. His robe billowed out and he had to remain focused to stay up right against the winds. The planet was almost at breaking point. It was crumbling apart. The keep was no more. The only thing that remained was a lone Jedi start fighter that Phinius had used to get here. As he made his ay to the ruins of the keep he saw a dark shape. It was a terrifying sight. A man in a black cape. He noticed Phinius and stopped. Phinius grabbed his lightsaber. The man said in a cold voice over the wind


He knew who the man was talking about

"YOU KILLED MY MASTER!" Phinius yelled back

The man got out a saber and ignited it. The red blade glowed threateningly. Phinius gt out his blue saber and waited. The man snorted and lunged at Phinius. He blocked it. The man was powerful probably more powerful than Phinius. Phinius stumbled against the wind. The man laughed. Phinius jumped up and front flipped over the man and tried to strike him but the man blocked him and force pushed him away. Phinius landed on his ship. The winds were now so strong Phinius could no longer stand. His ship began to move. Phinius turned off his saber and pocketed it. He held on to his ship for dear life. The man had vanished. The winds were too srong. The ship lifted off the ground and was thrown away. Phinius still held on. He tried his hardest to make it to the cockpit. It opened. He pulled as hard as he could but could not fight against the wind. The ship plunged into a casmn it was falling woards the lava below. Phinius used all his strength and managed to get into the ship. He closed the cockpit and pushed the ignition the ship roared into life and stopped inches before the lava. Phinius turned and flew out of the Casmn. He felt the presence of other Jedi and knew he could not leave. But what could he do?

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Bac Rueben got near the surface of the planet and it looked devastated. Lava was now spurting up out of the chasm and the land was blown everywhere by the explosion. Also, he noticed the broken up keep was finnaly destroyed. He tryed everywhere to look for survivors, but he noticed none. Disapointed, Bac put his ship throttles to full blast and flew towards Tatooine.

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(Jedi Atomic just continue. The reactor has blown and the planet is imploding. So get out of there)


Phinius flew over to the cave. He blasted at the rocks that covered the entrance. It created a small opening which was big enough for Phinius to climb through. He jumped out of the ship and ran over to the hole in the rocks. He clambered through and ran down the passage.


He saw them behind a fading force barrier.

"Guys lets go! The planets going to imploded you can't stop it!"

He knew what they were trying to do

"COME ON! You can't starve it! It's getting out anyway it can!"

Phinius pointed at the ground. Deep cracks had appeared and the walls of the caver were crumbling.

Phinius backed away

"Don't be fools" he murmered

Phinius knew it wasn't worth it. He had to leave.

The planet would implode at any moment. He ran back to the rocks. He clambered through the hole and ran to his ship. The winds were now even stronger. He jumped in and took off. He sped into space.

(This story isn;t really going any where so I'll do the obvious thing now)

The planet shudered and just as Phinius entered hyper space the planet imploded

Phinius hoped that any last minute strugglers like Scur and Zaran had got off the planet somehow.....

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Bac Rueben looked behind him to see the planet start to implode. He knew that going back to look might mean his life if a black hole emerged. Bac just hoped for the best and pushed his thrusters to full power. At least he knew his battalion was safe.

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((I'll take control of Zaran until deamon gets back))


Scur noticed Zaran starting to faint and he quickly brought the shield over himself and Zaran as they were pushed away from the planet surface and into space, still with the shield keeping them alive from suffacation. A starfighter came into view and noticed a bluish glow from the force shield. "Must be Phinius." Scur thought as he looked at Zaran who was still fainted near death but Scur was giving some of his life to keep him alive.


((Deamonomic, just wake your guy when you get back on, sorry for controlling your characterbut but the story really couldn't continue without your character.))

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Bac Rueben finnaly landed on Tatooine. He gathered with his battalion in Mos Eisley, with new suits that didn't show they were an army battalion. They decided to hold a secret meeting outside the city so they went and pitched some tents. Once everything was set up, They discussed their problem and what they should do about it. With a nearly anonimous vote, the 86th battalion voted to gather voulunteers and make a comeback against the imperial army. They immediately started gathering weapons.

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